A Healthy Brain Leads to A Healthy You

When we think of the brain, we are using it at the very moment that we think about it. It is what powers our thoughts. The moods of people and their emotions are very determinant of how well the brain is functioning. In addition, a person’s cognitive abilities and ability to remember things well rely on certain nutrients being present in the brain itself. The brain is arguably the most important organ of the human body. It is basically in control of the nervous system and many of the body’s most important functions. Thoughts, memory, movement, and emotions are dependent on a healthy brain. Unfortunately, many people do not receive enough of the required nutrients to keep their brain’s health in check. Certain circumstances can cause a lack of these important things that need to be maintained on a regular basis to establish good memory, moods, and overall well-being. Also, it’s difficult to find something that has all the essential nutrients in one product. Until recently, many people have made their lives difficult by going from store to store, wasting their hard-earned money on so many different things to ensure all the required nutrients for great brain health are stored properly in the brain. However, this is the year that people have made the decision to make things easier on their brains by not having to use multiple products. St.

Augustine’s Fountain has individual products that cover many of the needs of people that relate to their brains. From better memories to better moods, they’ve got you covered.

Essential Functions Related to the Brain


Oftentimes, we take for granted how important our memory is to our very existence. Memory is a cognitive ability. Without our memory, we would not be able to carry out essential tasks of the day. For example, it is our memory that reminds us of something extremely important that we must accomplish on a certain day at a certain time. For example, a parent who must take their child to a baseball game must remember what time of the day they are supposed to take them. Some people can automatically register it in their brains, and it stays there in memory. Other people might have to write it down. In that case, their memory enables them to recall that their child has a baseball game. However, it does not allow them to remember the specific time. Since others may be able to keep the time that their child needs to be at the game, that shows that some people have better memories than others. It is true that everyone’s brains are different. Regardless, most brains benefit from the same type of nutrients. Another thing that is also common among most people is the decline in maintaining a good memory as one gets older. There is an amino acid known as homocysteine. Loss of memory, as well as a drop in cognitive levels, has been greatly attributed to high levels of this. Having high levels of homocysteine has been shown to be an indicator of low levels of essential vitamins like vitamins B6, B9, and B12. It’s good to keep the supply of these specific types of vitamins well-stocked in the body.

Cognitive Abilities

Besides the process of remembering things, one’s cognitive abilities relate to how a person thinks, learns, pays attention, reasons, and makes decisions. These are extremely important functions whose success certainly is dependent on how well one’s cognitive health is. Just like remembering things, paying attention is very important to aspects of daily survival. We must be very attentive when doing something we sometimes take for granted, such as driving a car. While it does become common knowledge for people after a while, there are still aspects of driving that require our utmost attention. When driving along the interstate and busy highways, it’s important that the powers of the brain enable us to pay attention to everything that is going on around us. Without this capability, one could end up losing their life on the road or causing the loss of other lives. Paying proper amounts of attention to things, though, is something that is arguably an important quality throughout one’s life. When one is just a child entering grade school, they must use whatever attention skills they have, even at such a young age, to learn about letters and numbers and, ultimately, learn how to read. As someone grows up, if they wish to continue their education, they must be able to pay attention well to grasp all the information that is being presented to them so that they can pass courses. In addition to the learning processes and memorization related to cognitive abilities, decision-making is another aspect that should be mentioned. This changes throughout one’s life. Just like how the ability to learn different things improves as children get older, the ability to make rational decisions is the same way. Once the brain gets closer to being fully developed in one’s young adult years, the act of making the right kinds of choices has a better foundation. The fully developed brain thinks things through and makes much better decisions than if it were the brain of a teenager.

While it is certainly true that everyone’s brain operates differently, a lot of people generally share the common trait of experiencing a loss of cognitive abilities, which includes memory, as they age. It varies among individuals, but it tends to be widespread. It’s up to people to make sure that they keep a high level of cognition. Vitamin D is an extremely important nutrient for sustaining good health. Various studies have shown that high levels of vitamin D in the body contribute to higher rates of cognitive abilities. In addition, it helps lessen cognitive decline as one ages. Vitamins B6, B9, and B12 play a huge role in keeping one’s cognitive abilities going. The reason is that they are needed for keeping brain cells healthy as well as the production of neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are used by the brain cells to send messages. Another specific type of ingredient that can greatly benefit one’s cognitive performance is coffee fruit. It’s been shown that coffee fruit helps boost brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). One’s cognitive abilities are positively affected by BDNF.

Wellness Magazine Master Club


The one aspect of someone’s brain conditioning that is perhaps the most visible to other people relates to one’s mood. If someone shares a room with another person over a certain period of time, they can eventually become aware of aspects of that person’s cognitive abilities and even their memory. However, with someone’s mood, there are various indicators that can immediately make it apparent to another person, even if they are a stranger, what kind of mood someone is experiencing. As people, we strive to be in a good mood as much as possible. However, that’s obviously easier said than done. The stressful lives that most of us have had leave us with a fluctuation of different moods throughout the day. Parents have so many responsibilities taking care of children that it oftentimes leaves them feeling discouraged and anxious. This is certainly accentuated if someone is a working parent. Being able to juggle both parenting and a job is quite a challenge. There is arguably just as much stress associated with going to school, whether it be college or high school. Besides being stressed and anxious, many people experience depressive moods. This can vary among individuals and, like anxiety, is a result of different circumstances. Regardless of the circumstances, it is important to know that, just like one’s cognitive abilities, one’s mood is also greatly influenced by the number of certain types of nutrients that are in the body. In addition to improving one’s cognition, vitamin D also plays a huge role in decreasing depression. When one has a high amount of the chemical element known as selenium in their systems, there are generally fewer signs of depression, anxiety, and just an overall bad mood. Curcumin is a chemical compound that also has the same type of effect on one’s attitude. Interestingly, piperine (black pepper extract) helps increase the absorption of curcumin, selenium, and even vitamin B6. On the other hand, other studies have shown that the element lithium can have positive effects on one’s brain by helping relieve worry and irritability.

St. Augustine’s Fountain

St. Augustine’s Fountain was founded by Patrick and Julia Quinn with the belief that the human mind is a person’s greatest asset. They wish to provide adults with a fuller and more encouraging picture when it comes to the health, performance, and longevity of their minds. St. Augustine’s Fountain hopes to educate and empower people to preserve, better care for, and get the very best of their greatest asset, all by sharing publicly available research about something that is often overlooked.


  • Helps Improve Memory.
  • Helps One Have Better Mood
  • Helps Decrease Mental Fatigue
  • Helps with Overall Brain Health
  • Contains Vitamins D, B6, B9 and B12
  • Contains Selenium
  • Contains Lithium
  • Contains Piperine
  • Contains Coffee Fruit
  • Contains Turmeric Curcumin

Experience the Power of the Brain in All Aspects of Life

Taking care of one’s brain just as much as the rest of the body is now a huge priority among people the world over. The year 2023 has seen millions of individuals become knowledgeable about the very organ that enables them to obtain knowledge in the first place. The functions of the brain are extremely indicative of how well one’s memory, cognitive abilities, and overall mood happen to be. If one does not take care of their brain health properly with specific kinds of ingredients, there can be a lot of setbacks. Whether you are already experiencing problems with your cognitive abilities or not, it can apply to both scenarios. For those that are experiencing these problems, the lack of care for one’s brain will only accentuate these issues. For those that don’t, there’s the likelihood that these dilemmas will rear their ugly heads soon.

Do you want to experience the greatest moods you’ve had in years and help increase your memory as well as all your cognitive abilities? Don’t you want to keep up the practice of being able to apply rational thinking to your everyday life so that your personal decisions continue to be good? You are in the right place reading this if that is the case. Now, you won’t have to worry about having to venture out to so many different places to get all the required nutrients that your brain needs. With the help of Aquilegy from St. Augustine’s Fountain, you have all the necessary ingredients to maintain a good memory, have all your cognitive abilities in line, and keep a steady flow of good moods on a daily basis. Your brain does so much for your life. Without it, you wouldn’t have come as far as you have in anything in life. Now is the time to pay the brain some respect by honoring it with something it needs.