Don’t Forget to Add Vitamins To Your Coffee

Drinking coffee is very popular among a lot of people. One could argue that the very act of drinking coffee is both a popular method of people obtaining energy and one of socializing. The caffeine that is in coffee is supposed to give people enough stamina to properly carry out daily tasks. There are millions of coffee shops around the world. They are a place for communicating with other people while one drinks their favorite beverage. Lots of students go there to study and complete assignments. People frequent coffee shops at various times. Many coffee drinkers around the world have different preferences for the time of day in which they consume it. Certain people prefer it as a morning wake-up drink, while others consume it in the middle of the day to keep them going. Drinking coffee at dinner after dessert is also a custom among some people. Certain individuals can simply just drink coffee at any time of day. Regardless of when and where one drinks coffee, one thing is certain, until recently, the coffee that has been readily available in stores and coffee shops has lacked the proper vitamins, minerals, and additional substances needed for people to obtain the right amount of energy they need as well as maintaining memory, heart health, and overall nutrition. 2023 is the year that has seen person after person finally getting all they need from what they drink.  VitaPerk has coffee and items to add to coffee that provides people with all the vitamins, minerals, and substances they need for better health and stamina.

Unhealthy forms of Coffee

Before getting into all the benefits of coffee that one needs, it’s very important to address all of what we don’t need from coffee. There are many items that people purchase to accentuate the flavor of their coffee. Whether it’s a creamer or an artificial form of sugar, these are, by and large, not good for one’s health. Many coffee creamers are super-processed and contain so many harmful preservatives that are only hurting people, rather than just simply adding a unique taste to their everyday coffee. Artificial sweeteners, on the other hand, can increase the chances of heart disease and weight gain. There are also many unnatural ingredients in artificial sweeteners that can contribute to serious diseases. Besides the harm of the additional things that people frequently add to coffee products, another thing to consider is the form of the coffee itself. The popularity of coffee shops has brought about multiple flavored forms of coffee. Frappuccino drinks are very popular during the hot summer months. These are loaded with high amounts of sugar. Don’t get me wrong. It’s ok to treat yourself with one every now and then. However, the problem is that these drinks are very addictive, not to mention very expensive. The high amounts of sugar, along with the added flavoring, influence the taste buds and make people want to drink more and more. Besides the sugar and bad ingredients of these types of coffee drinks, the amounts of caffeine in many of them are much higher than is necessary. People do consult coffee for energy. However, one does not want too much energy or even too little energy, for that matter. It’s a healthy kind of energy that is just enough of what you need that should be contained within the coffee you drink.


Getting proper amounts of energy is arguably the most common reason people drink coffee. That first cup of coffee in the morning is needed by many people just to get their day started. They may also need another cup in the middle of the day to give themselves another pick-up. While people may have received a certain resurgence of energy, it is not enough for someone to maintain their stamina for more than a few hours. Since so many people have encountered this problem after regularly drinking coffee, they have resorted to very unhealthy measures to obtain enough energy to get through the day. For instance, high-sugar drinks with dangerous amounts of caffeine are heavily purchased by people. The amount of caffeine that is in these drinks is hard on one’s heart. Also, the high amounts of sugar, or in some cases fake sugar, do not contribute well to the processes of the body. Ingredients like guarana and green tea extract are healthy substances that play a huge role in giving people the right kind of energy that is needed to fulfill all their daily responsibilities. Also, vitamins B6 and B12 are strongly recommended for someone looking to get energized the healthy way. Since most types of coffee have not had these substances added to them, many people have resorted to wasting their money on hard-to-swallow pills to make sure that they maintain enough energy. It’s much easier to have something simple that one can add to their coffee that has lots of vitamins and minerals already in it.


Maintaining one’s memory is a huge priority among a lot of people, especially as they get older. As one gets older, aspects of their cognitive health begin to decline. However, any person can start having problems with their memory at any age, even if they are young. Just like with energy, it’s important for people to keep their memory sharp so that they can operate properly throughout the day and take care of the responsibilities of life. Certain studies have shown guarana to be beneficial in improving one’s memory. The problem is that a lot of people have trouble with vitamins that are in pill form. They can be a huge inconvenience. Both finding the specific vitamin itself and the process of consuming it are equally challenging.

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Weight Loss

People do drink caffeinated beverages to help themselves lose weight. They can contribute to someone having a high metabolism. However, much like how people drink unhealthy energy drinks and end up getting too much of the wrong kinds of energy, they also drink these types of drinks to tackle their body weight, and this is certainly not the way to do it. A drink that has green tea extract is a healthy way for someone to lose weight. One could argue that more effective results result from the help of green tea extract in drinks.

Immune System

One may not associate having a high immune system with drinking coffee, but, in fact, if coffee has the right kind of ingredients, it can help boost one’s immune system to a very high level. One’s immune system is responsible for shielding the body against bacteria that cause viruses and disease. Whenever someone gets sick, it is a huge inconvenience for them as well as all the people that are around them. People are forced to miss days at work or school. In addition, people can’t have fun times with their family and friends. Besides drinking coffee to get more energy, now, one can drink coffee to stay guarded against sickness. All it takes is essential vitamins. Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 both help support healthy functions of one’s immune system.

Heart Health

The heart is what pumps blood into the body and keeps us going. Without it, we are lost with no oxygen. The circulatory system, of which the heart is central, basically keeps our lives circulating. Since the heart is so important to our very existence and central to so many specific systems of our body, it is essential that we keep it healthy. Besides exercise, proper nutrients are needed to make sure our heart health is more than satisfactory. As mentioned, a lot of people have not been able to obtain adequate amounts of energy from just coffee itself. Therefore, they have chosen to spend their money on energy drinks, which have unhealthy kinds of caffeine and sugar. The dangerous amounts of this bad form of caffeine can contribute to individuals having problems with their hearts. It takes a special kind of coffee or mixture with the right kind of ingredients to supply natural, healthy energy to one’s body. Within these specific types of coffee and blends, vitamins B6 and B12 are needed as they help reduce the risks of heart problems. Also, both guarana and green tea provide great contributions to a healthy heart. Maintaining good heart health is essential to living, period. Therefore, it is best to make sure all the helpful ingredients that help the heart are frequently consumed. In the case of coffee, if one can find a product that has all the necessary nutrients in a simple form that one doesn’t have to swallow, then one can experience great heart health, more energy, better memory, and an overall healthier body. The question is, “Where can you find this type of product?”


VitaPerk was created to enhance the coffee experience by seamlessly integrating a robust blend of 15 flavorless nutrients and added healthy energy. Nobody forgets their coffee, but how many of us forget our vitamins? 40% of people have difficulty swallowing pills, and VitaPerk is the perfect product to add to any coffee to create functionality and promote health and wellness.


  • Helps Support Energy with a Healthy Energy Boost.
  • Helps Support Better Memory
  • Helps Support Better Heart Health
  • Contains Vitamins B6 and B12
  • Contains additional Caffeine from Green Tea Extract and Guarana
  • Benefits of 15 vitamins and minerals without having to swallow a pill


  • A Healthy Energy Boost for Your Coffee
  • Helps Support Better Memory
  • Helps Support Better Heart Health
  • Contains 15 Vitamins and Minerals with Extra Vitamins B6 and B12
  • Contains Guarana and Green Tea Extract

Experience the Sensation of the Healthy Kind of Coffee

Since coffee is so much a part of your life, wouldn’t you want to ensure that what you are constantly putting in your mouth is not only very healthy but also very helpful? There are so many vitamins and minerals that the body needs for all its delicate functions. Instead of dealing with vitamin pills that are extremely hard to swallow, you can now consume something simple and convenient. Coffee drinking is now no longer just about waking up or staying energized; it’s about covering the needs of the body.

From now on, you will no longer have to worry about getting enough energy from your coffee. Also, your memory will improve, as well as your heart health. Wouldn’t you like to experience the essentials of life all with just a simple cup of coffee? The year 2023 is still young, and you don’t want to miss out on the massive trend of people who are finally feeling good about both what they drink and about themselves. Try EnFuse and VitaPerk for the best coffee-drinking experience you’ve ever had, with the greatest results. Make coffee a friend to your health in addition to being a friend to your life!