Dr. Ron Brand Story – Gold Standard Organic Sulfur by H2O Air Water Americas

Dr. Ron Neer DDS formulated his exclusive brand H2O Air Water Americas, due to a career-ending event at the age of 39 when stricken with Mercury Heavy Metal toxicity in the practice of dentistry. While becoming severely disabled with neurological tremors and muscle weakness he sought many forms of therapy to feel better, younger, and to contribute back to society.

In the process of re-educating himself to alternative methods, Dr. Ron was introduced to MSM. Methylsulfonylmethane is an oxygen transport facilitator by nature and also a detoxification element for heavy metals. As proven by Artificial Intelligence, MSM is an integral part of our body’s protein synthesis. Our environment used to contain natural sources of sulfur in the dirt and therefore it was in our plant source food supply. Modern-day chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides have destroyed the soil content. Our bodies require up to 4% sulfur to effectively transport our O2 saturation levels from our food supply. Because the human body cannot produce sulfur or store it, we must supplement it to have normal biological functions at healthy optimal levels!

So, with much research and testing over 20 different market brands, Dr. Ron formulated the most improved pure and highly effective MSM flakes and it was given the brand name Gold Standard Organic Sulfur.

A sad set of events in life was converted into a passion!

Since its inception in 2012, Gold Standard Organic Sulfur has helped tens of thousands of people who were searching for a better quality of life or to regain their youth. The Gold Standard’s quality and effectiveness exceed others in this industry by a large margin. This, along with the commitment to their customers can be further seen in reviews left by loyal users.

The Gold Standard Organic Sulfur Crystals work in various ways:

  • Act as an Oxygen transporter, via water, to our body at the cellular level.

(each molecule of hemoglobin RBC contains 288 disulfide bonds)

  • It is involved in the production of glutathione which assists the liver in natural detox
  • MSM is part of keratin production, along with collagen production

From this, you can see why the most common benefits reported from taking MSM include relief in painful/swollen joints, increased energy, as well as healthier hair/skin & nails. The crystal flakes are alkaline in PH, therefore helping to reduce excess stomach acid and improve digestion. MSM is also very helpful in post-workout recovery and Chi Energy levels.

Gold Standard Organic Crystals are very mucolytic which means they help reduces biofilm. Biofilm is a big reason why other supplements and nutrients are not absorbed well. So, when MSM is taken as the first supplement it lessens the biofilm better than other medications, which then makes it easier for other supplements in the body to be readily absorbed and become useful to the body. Basically, taking MSM helps other supplements work better too!

The large MSM crystalline flakes are best, used twice daily on an empty stomach. One teaspoon of crystals per 100 lbs. of body weight, dissolved in 4 ounces of water, and drank. Then followed with 1-2 glasses of chlorine-free filtered water.

Gold Standard Liquid MSM is useful for Eye Lubrication, oxygenation of blood supply, and biofilm reduction. It’s also great for topical wound healing, and when used in a spray bottle it can be applied to nasal and ear canals for harmful spore reduction.

Liquid MSM is used topically as often as desired. Use liberally!

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Both of the products are made in the USA, are plant-based, and vegan-friendly. Absolutely no fillers, binders, or added ingredients of any kind! Manufactured just for us, in a facility with high oversight & hands-on quality control.

Partial proceeds go to various nonprofit organizations that serve the health and Wellness of the underserved. H2O Air Water Americas is active in serving the KC MO homeless and veterans in need through the delightfully devoted Team Jesus KC.

Dr. Ron and his wife Stacie receive no personal compensation for any of this health mission.