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You hear that old phrase constantly. It’s that phrase that includes “eating healthy and exercising.” When you hear this, you might become frustrated and unhappy. That’s because you’ve always considered eating healthy and exercising unpleasant and inconvenient. You’ve been subjected to many different advertisements that stress getting the perfect body, no matter what. However, you feel you can’t get that perfect body with diet and exercise alone. You assume that the model in the ad has taken a lot of substances and received a lot of help with exercise to get the body they have. Therefore, you don’t feel that diet and exercise are worth it. It already makes you feel bad just thinking about it. You ask yourself, “Why should I partake in something I do not enjoy?” Then, you keep living your life, avoiding healthy ways of living. Many diet and exercise products have made people uncomfortable with their presentation. Too many unrealistic expectations combined with items and diet plans that appear hard to incorporate into your busy lifestyle have made it difficult for people to get motivated to pursue healthy habits. It’s all about what makes people feel unpleasurable and inconvenienced. These are feelings that you want to avoid at all costs. However, did you know? There is a unique kind of supplement that makes eating healthy quite enjoyable. In addition, they are very convenient and can be easily added to your busy schedule. You can now enjoy healthy eating for the first time with Iced Out Supplements.

Besides enjoying a healthy life, observing the ingredients in your product is essential. While helping one stay healthy and fit are undoubtedly essential attributes of a health product, you must ensure that your item has nutrients that can help with every aspect of your inner and outer health. Of course, before examining a specific supplement’s ingredients, it’s essential to understand the benefits these ingredients provide for the body. Check and see if the product’s nutrients can help additional things like the health of your skin and some of your bodily functions and movements. Make sure that these ingredients are proven to help you maintain a youthful look and feel. Most importantly, look for any additional unnatural items that may hinder the benefits you can receive from essential elements.


Hearing the word collagen might make one think of puffy lips and a fake appearance. However, in reality, this is certainly not the case. Collagen is an amino acid produced by the body and can be obtained by eating certain types of protein. It acts as a building block for the body, keeping what it contains together. Collagen is like a glue that supports and strengthens the body’s skin, muscles, bones, and ligaments. The various connective tissues that hold together tendons and ligaments need to be rebuilt after constant wear and tear to the body. With the help of collagen, fibers in connective tissues can be rebuilt so the body can remain intact.

Types of Collagen

There are five main types of collagen. They are labeled as the following: Type I, Type II, Type III, Type V, and Type X. Type I collagen is found in one’s skin, hair, nails, and eyes and can be obtained by eating beef, bone broth, and eggs. On the other hand, Type II collagen is located in one’s joints, cartilage, and gut lining. Foods like chicken and bone broth are suitable for obtaining type II collagen. Bone broth is also a good source of type III collagen, as are beef and fish.

Regarding where it is found in the body, type III collagen generally resides in one’s organs and blood vessels. Type V collagen is found in the eyes and even the placenta of an expecting mother. Eggs and certain types of protein powder are excellent ways to receive type V collagen. The final type of collagen, type X collagen, is found in one’s bones and joints. Regarding food, chicken and eggs are good sources of this collagen type.

How Collagen Helps the Skin and Influences a Youthful Look

Collagen acts like a glue that helps keep the body together. In addition, it helps people keep their skin together. The skin is a vital organ that people often take for granted. This is a shame because the skin is the body’s largest organ. The skin acts as a shield against outside parasites and irritants. Collagen helps one’s skin maintain its elasticity and youthful look. This skin elasticity helps lessen wrinkles and decrease the signs of age. One could argue that this is the most common use of collagen. However, there’s a reason for that. Since collagen contributes to the replacement of dead skin cells and new cell growth, it’s safe to say that it acts as a rejuvenator for the skin. Collagen is a nutrient that helps people feel better about themselves by repairing the skin and maintaining beauty. Collagen is a natural way to help one maintain a youthful appearance. Instead of using unnatural products that only make one’s appearance look fake, collagen is a natural entity that helps a person keep a healthy look.

Collagen Helps Muscle Building and Repair

There are a lot of amino acids that are present within collagen. This factor enables collagen to help with muscle building and repair. With the assistance of collagen, the synthesis of muscle proteins takes place. This process often results in higher muscle mass and strength. Therefore, collagen ultimately contributes to a healthy look and feel. For some people, it’s trying to build large amounts of muscle; for others, it’s maintaining a decent muscle tone. Combined with the positive effects of collagen on someone’s skin health, you don’t want to turn away from the helping hand of collagen in maintaining your health and remarkable appearance.

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Obtaining Collagen

As mentioned, collagen is produced by the body. However, as a person ages, the body produces less collagen than it once did. While certain types of food aid the body in collagen production, it is challenging to supply the body with precisely what it needs to reap the benefits of collagen. That’s why it’s essential to supplement oneself with collagen so that the body can maintain its physical benefits. The fact that the body starts producing less collagen with age is no coincidence. With advanced age, people start showing signs of wrinkles on the skin. That’s because the skin’s elasticity fades with the lack of collagen production in the body.

Similarly, the body becomes more prone to fractures and injuries as people age. That’s also related to the drop in collagen production, as collagen helps keep the bones and muscles intact. It’s essential to keep the body supplemented with collagen over time. The challenge is finding the right product with just the right amount of collagen needed in a convenient, easy-to-use format. Pursuing a product with no more than three types of collagen is suggested regarding the specific types of collagen. Any more than that, the effectiveness of the collagen may not be as significant.


Like collagen, creatine also has a stigma about it. When many people hear the word creatine, they either don’t know what it is or think of something professional bodybuilders use to get big muscles. This is partially true. Creatine does help with the aspect of muscle development. The water retention of one’s muscles is increased via creatine, making the muscles look larger. However, there are more benefits to exercising from creatine than just creating big muscles.  Creatine is a trendy supplement among gymgoers because it positively affects one’s energy when working out. The body’s ability to produce energy is increased via creatine. In addition, adequate muscle recovery is greatly supported by it. You can’t miss out on supplementing with creatine to help you build muscle and increase your energy level.

Obtaining Creatine

Another similarity that creatine has with collagen is that the body produces it. Its origins are in the body’s pancreas, kidneys, and liver. Like collagen, though, the production of creatine via the body decreases as people age. Regarding food, creatine can be obtained by consuming meat and fish. However, as it also goes with collagen, obtaining all the creatine one needs for energy and muscle support is challenging to achieve with diet alone. It takes the right kind of natural supplement that does not contain so many additional ingredients that negate the product’s effectiveness. You want to make sure that you are going to be able to reap all the benefits of creatine.

Iced Out Supplements

Iced Out Supplement’s mission is to offer cutting-edge supplements to enhance customers trying to live a healthy lifestyle, fitness “junkies” that want more significant gains, and consumers that want great-tasting products. Evan Eberle, the founder of Iced Out Supplements, has stated that his “goal is not just to provide quality products for you to enhance your health, but also to create a positive environment for those that want to live a healthier life, and to be around others who want the same thing.” After searching for the right supplements that make them feel the best, Iced Out Supplements is now sharing them with you. Of the many workout supplements supplied by Iced Out Supplements, both its Black Ice Creatine and Black Ice Collagen are two of the most significant.

Black Ice Collagen

  • Contains Type I and Type III Collagen
  • It Helps Build Muscle and Burn Fat
  • Promotes Skin Elasticity
  • Supports Joint Health

Black Ice Creatine

  • Enhances Athletic Performance
  • Speeds Recovery
  • Boosts Strength

Enjoy Your Life by Supplying Your Body With Everything It Needs and Then Some

Isn’t it time you started enjoying taking care of your health? By providing your body with everything it needs from a trusted product, you will finally feel relaxed and confident in your pursuit of a healthy life. Millions of people worldwide are finally taking it upon themselves to become aware of what they are putting in their bodies and finally have no fear and hesitancy about using health supplements. The aspect of changing your lifestyle for the better starts with you! Take it upon yourself to do the right thing with the right supplement!

Do you want to get a head start on supplementing your body with everything it needs to maintain strength, joint health, skin elasticity, and a youthful feeling and look? Finally, you can use a product that ensures its effectiveness via indicators of powerful ingredients. Also, given the peaceful easy feeling that you will receive of knowing just how effective the item is, you will have a newfound will and excitement when it comes to your health. Now is the time to act. You don’t want to miss out on these developing lifestyles sweeping the world. Black Ice Collagen and Black Ice Creatine are available from Iced Out Supplements. Start living again today!