Find Your Calling with Collagen

Until recently, the narrative around collagen has been about something that is used to help one maintain beauty and youth as one ages. 2023 has been the year that that narrative has changed. Collagen is now regarded as something that benefits the entire body and its important functions, which are essential to our everyday existence. People around the world are using products with collagen to ensure that their bodies reach their fullest potential when it comes to overall health. However, as far as actually using collagen products, there is another narrative pertaining to this. At first, people thought they could use any type of collagen product to obtain all the needed effects of the substance. However, individuals are now educated about how beneficial keto-friendly collagen products are. A person doesn’t even have to follow the keto diet. The powerful results are just the same for everyone. Preferred Elements has you covered with all the collagen that your body needs to function at its greatest capacity.


Collagen is a protein that is both produced by the body and can be obtained from consuming certain types of foods and supplements.  It develops important bodily tissues. Basically, the main purpose of collagen is to hold one’s body together. Our muscles are connected to our bones via tendons that have lots of collagen. Also, one’s joints maintain flexibility with the assistance of this particular protein. As mentioned, up until a few years ago, the most popular benefit of collagen centered around beauty. While this is by no means the only positive aspect of collagen, it is certainly true. The more collagen one has in their body, the more the appearance of age from wrinkles and fine lines is reduced. One can certainly hold back the hands of time with collagen. However, more recently, the true value of collagen, which surrounds the health of the entire body, has been discovered and is being passed down from person to person across the entire world like a legend. Unfortunately, like so many other substances that the body produces, collagen tends to decline with age. It has been said that it starts decreasing after age 30. Other factors that might contribute to collagen decline include poor diet and stress. That’s why it is extremely important to supplement oneself with something that is going to keep their collagen levels at just the right spot. There are so many functions of the human body that owe a lot of their success to high amounts of collagen. If the body doesn’t have enough of it as time passes, various problems can occur.

Keeping Weight Under Control

Besides maintaining one’s facial features and sustaining a youthful look, keeping one’s weight under control is arguably just as much a priority among many people, as well as it should be. People from all around come in different shapes and sizes, and that’s a good thing. It’s what makes us unique as people. However, when the body has too much weight that it can’t properly carry, it can cause many health problems. Issues pertaining to the heart, digestive system, and even mental health can result from this. Luckily, collagen helps the process of boosting one’s metabolism. The more muscle one has on their body, the less fat. Muscle gains have a positive effect on one’s metabolic rate. Since collagen helps one develop muscle tissue, this contributes greatly to the process. Therefore, one can look both younger and healthier with collagen’s assistance.

Maintaining Good Heart Health

Related to the status of one’s weight is that of heart health. Many times, unhealthy diets and stress contribute to the build-up of substances inside one’s arteries, which can cause heart attacks and strokes. Large amounts of collagen help to fight this build-up, thereby preventing serious health emergencies. The heart is what pumps the blood to the entire body and keeps us going. That’s why it’s so vital that people take care of it properly. The symbol of a heart means love, so learn to love your heart with collagen.

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Keeping the Gut Healthy

Healthy digestion is something that many people seek on a regular basis. The better one’s digestion is, the better one’s energy is, as well as the capabilities to tackle daily tasks. However, the gut itself is a powerful organ that is involved with more than just great digestive health. The gut is connected to aspects of one’s mental health as well as many other physical functions. Good gut health helps boost one’s immune system. This is vital in preventing sickness. A big problem can occur when one has what is called a leaky gut. This involves many of the worst scenarios related to one’s digestive health, including bloating, gas, and cramps, among a few. Fortunately for people that do experience this leak in their gut, collagen can help stop these issues by acting as a protective barrier among the intestines.

Brain Functions

In addition to the amount of physical energy that is used up with the help of one’s bones and muscles, the brain exerts a lot of energy with its many functions. Much like one’s physical health, aspects of cognitive health start to decline as one advances over the years. Collagen contains a specific amino acid known as glycine, which is extremely beneficial to things relating to the brain’s processes, such as memory. It’s also been known to calm the brain. This helps keep people from thinking too much and developing anxiety. Also, the relaxation of the brain itself contributes to better sleep for individuals. The better one sleeps, the better one can think.

Maintaining Good Joint Health

Collagen helps protect the joints by providing great support to connective tissues. Due to a lack of collagen production, one’s joint health begins to decline as one ages. Also, all the years that one has spent overexerting themselves takes its toll on the joints. Exercise is extremely important to maintaining great health. However, certain types of exercise that have been repeated over several years can certainly make their mark. Professional athletes certainly encounter this problem. Since collagen is the supporter of connective tissues, it’s important to supply oneself with adequate amounts of it to help joint health, especially when one reaches the age when collagen begins to decline. One can kill two birds with one stone, adequate collagen levels and good joints.

Eliminating Toxins

No matter how hard one attempts to avoid them with a healthy diet, toxins are bound to enter the body in one way or another. Flushing these toxins out of the body on a regular basis contributes to better physical health overall. In addition to its other powerful abilities, the amino acid glycine, which is a part of collagen, contributes to the detoxification process whereby these bad toxins, before they are eliminated from the physical body, are processed in a way whereby any harm that can be inflicted on one’s health is significantly reduced.

Where to Obtain Collagen

There are several sources of collagen that can be consumed. Certain types of meat, fish, eggs, and various fruits and vegetables are good sources of it. However, the problem that people face when trying to obtain collagen from food is, first and foremost, getting enough of it. Even with regular consumption of these types of foods, it is still extremely difficult to get just the right amount of collagen needed to make sure all the important functions of one’s physical and mental health are reserved. Also, with the busy lives people have, it’s quite a challenge being able to properly measure amounts of it from what they eat. Supplements are the way to get all of the collagen one needs. However, one must consider what specific kind of collagen they will use and what type of company is selling a particular product.

KEYTO Collagen

Obtaining enough collagen from diet alone is an extremely difficult task. However, finding the right kind of collagen that will properly absorb into the body is arguably just as challenging. It’s very important that people absorb all the collagen they can so that the functions of the body and mind can operate well. Certain ingredients have been added to collagen to boost its capabilities and ensure proper absorption. KEYTO Collagen is a keto-friendly supplement that was created by the company Preferred Elements. Keto refers to the keto, or ketogenic, diet. This is a special type of diet aimed at helping people lose weight via maintaining a high-fat, low-carb nutrition plan. The keto diet has become so widely used that it has become a lifestyle for many. However, people who are not necessarily on a keto diet have been shown to strongly benefit from keto-friendly supplements just as much as someone that is on the diet. KEYTO Collagen is extremely powerful due to its addition of MCT oil powder. This ingredient helps people absorb collagen to the nth degree.

Preferred Elements

Preferred Elements, the manufacturer of KEYTO Collagen, is a small family business that was established seven years ago. They understand that achieving optimal health can improve the overall quality of one’s life, which is why they developed a Keto dietary supplement line. Realizing that there was a lack of quality keto-friendly supplements and that most of them were very expensive, Preferred Elements created KEYTO and introduced high-quality products that are affordable.

Collagen Chocolate

  • KEYTO Collagen Chocolate
  • Improves the Appearance of Hair, Skin, and Nails
  • Good for Energy
  • Helps Joint and Bone
  • Helps Digestive Function

Collagen Vanilla

  • KEYTO Collagen Vanilla
  • Improves the Appearance of Hair, Skin, and Nails
  • Good for Energy
  • Helps Joint and Bone
  • Helps Digestive Function

You Found the Calling, Now Answer for the Sake of Your Health

Wouldn’t you like to help all aspects of your health just as much as your appearance? 2023 is the year that millions of people have learned how collagen is much, much more than just a younger-looking face. They’ve learned that it is almost a supernatural entity that helps take care of so many things related to our very human existence. For those that are just now receiving this precious knowledge, it’s as if the words of wisdom have finally been spoken. With these words of wisdom, take your newfound knowledge and build a better body, better appearance, and, most important of all, a better you.

Start turning back the hands of time and finally confront the aspect of aging with something that is going to not only make you look younger but feel younger as well. Are you looking to have healthier skin in addition to great heart health and digestion, among many things? Fate has taken you to read this very article. Collagen is the magic wand you’ve been missing. Remember, though, it’s not just any type of collagen. It’s KEYTO Collagen. This unique type of collagen, developed by Preferred Elements, gives the body the capability to absorb all the collagen that is needed to keep the body functioning at 100 percent. You have now found your calling in collagen. Now, it is time to answer for the sake of your health. Preferred Elements carries both Collagen Chocolate and Collagen Vanilla.