Get the Right Criteria About Bacteria

Until recently, when the word bacteria was spoken, it often caused people to think of viruses and diseases. Even the very mention of the word would cause negative feelings and emotions. However, most recently, people have become more educated about the kinds of bacteria that are good and extremely beneficial to one’s body. It takes good bacteria to maintain good gut health and fight off bad bacteria, the kind that most people have associated with the word until now. 2023 is the year of both obtaining knowledge and using that newfound knowledge to take one’s health to a level most people have never seen before. It’s a level of supreme health. Probiotics have been heavily pursued by many people over the years in the hopes of maintaining a healthy balance of substances in the stomach. Since they are made up of good bacteria that the gut needs to maintain supreme health, probiotics have been a popular commodity. However, the problem with probiotics that have been readily available to the public for many years is that the necessary bacteria they contained could not be properly processed by the body. This, therefore, hindered people from getting the needed effects of them. People were not using probiotic products that had the most useful ingredients. Luckily, the company known as Flora Code, which was established last year, created a probiotic formula whereby all the good bacteria will make their way to the gut, where they are properly absorbed. Therefore, good gut health is gained, and it is properly maintained.

Importance of a Healthy Gut

Keeping one’s gut healthy is extremely important to the success of most of the body’s essential functions. First and foremost, the success of one’s digestive system is dependent on how well one’s gut health is. When one has a healthy digestive system, they have more energy and feel better overall. Therefore, they can take on the responsibilities and tasks of everyday life with much more confidence and efficiency. Also, the digestive system has a unique relationship with one’s immune system. Since so much of a person’s immune system is housed in the gut, when their digestive system is healthy, their immunity levels are high. The immune system is responsible for fighting off viruses and diseases. People hate getting sick, so it’s best to do anything and everything to keep their immune system in check. It’s also important to note that the gut is connected to the brain in many ways. There is a link between good gut health and one’s mood. The success of one’s gut health can be a determinant of what kind of mood one is experiencing at any given time. Bad gut health can cause a person to be irritable or despondent. It has also been shown that thoughts in one’s brain can affect how well the stomach digests food. The gut messages the brain, and the brain messages the gut. Another issue that can be avoided with a healthy gut is high amounts of inflammation in the body. High or chronic inflammation causes many problems. When inflammation is under control, one’s immune system works better. If one can take care of their gut properly, their digestive system, immune system, rates of inflammation, and even certain aspects of their mental health are then kept in check.


As stated, bacteria have, until recently, been associated with negative health elements. There are lots of bad bacteria that people should avoid. That’s why it’s important to wash one’s hands after handling unsanitary items and so forth. In addition, there are various kinds of bad bacteria that can develop within one’s bodily systems over time. The good bacteria are what so many people have now become more familiar with. It’s these healthy gut bacteria that assist in maintaining a healthy digestive system, better functioning of the immune system, and fighting inflammation. Basically, good bacteria are needed for an overall balance in the body. It makes one both feel better and think better.

How to Get Good Bacteria

Obtaining healthy bacteria that will work miracles for your body is certainly easier said than done. While eating a healthy diet with lots of pre-biotic foods is certainly helpful, it is very hard for anyone to keep track of how much of a specific type of food they should be eating at one time. This is one of the reasons why so many people give up on their health, but they shouldn’t because there are good ways to obtain what one needs without hurting their body. Getting enough sleep and avoiding stress are also good ways to help produce decent amounts of the good kind of bacteria. Sometimes, though, this isn’t enough. Besides the difficulty of consuming enough food that provides the body with good bacteria, there are a lot of foods that are readily available in stores that don’t do what they say they do. There are many products advertised as having live active cultures. This means that the product is supposed to be made up of lots of healthy kinds of bacteria that help the body with all its necessary functions. The problem is that the way the items are prepared leaves the good bacteria unable to survive in one’s stomach. Therefore, the results of good bacteria are not obtained. Having a good diet along with proper amounts of sleep is certainly very important to maintaining good health overall. However, it takes a helping hand to make sure everything in one’s body is taken care of thoroughly. Probiotics are here to ensure someone can get all the good bacteria that their gut, and their whole body for that matter, need greatly.

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Many people take probiotic supplements to make sure their gut is taken care of. What are probiotics, you may ask? They are microorganisms that provide great health benefits for one’s gut. More specifically, probiotics play a hand in the upkeep of gut microbiota. A gut microbiota is the collection of bacteria and other microorganisms found in one’s digestive tract. People receive probiotics when they eat fermented foods. As stated, getting enough of what one needs just from food oftentimes doesn’t work too well. Besides the fact that it is hard to make measurements, many foods don’t contain as many essential nutrients as they advertise themselves to. Just like with protein, collagen, creatine, and other substances, it takes the extra helping hand of supplements to do the trick. That’s why probiotic supplements are so popular. However, just like with trying to get enough probiotics from food, there are problems here as well. Many of the healthy bacteria do not operate as they should.

Bacillus Bacteria

Bacillus bacteria are a healthy kind of bacteria that produces enzymes and antibiotics. They help counter many gastrointestinal problems like constipation and diarrhea. The Bacillus bacteria that are needed for the prevention of these types of stomach problems are found in many probiotic supplements. However, there’s even an issue here as well. Much of the Bacillus bacteria that exist in these items are in such an inactive state that it makes it difficult for them to become active and work their magic in the gut. It takes a specific type of probiotic supplement from a trusted brand that ensures that Bacillus bacteria don’t remain inactive and, therefore, provide all their necessary activity for one’s gut.

Flora Code

Flora Code was launched in April of 2022. Its founder, Katherine Levy, who was pursuing methods to feel healthy, learned of an activation technology that stemmed from her family’s lab that was more than 100 years old. She then decided to figure out a way to make this readily available to people. Katherine joined forces with a world-renowned scientific team and lab of microbiologists, nutritionists, biochemists, and environmental scientists based in Dallas. Together, they shared the vision to utilize the technology to bring to market a brand-new way to give the gift of active flora to the gut., all based on proven science people could finally count on and help change the face of probiotics.

Realizing that people were not receiving the necessary benefits from traditional probiotics, Flora Code sought to create products that would solve this problem. Their powders are very distinct in that they address two important processes that had been missing from other probiotics. The first process involves the bacterial spores from Flora Code’s formulas, which protect against stomach acids, being placed into an inactive state in the gut. They are inactive there, but they are also guaranteed to survive. The second process, on the other hand, involves the activation technology that ensures that the bacteria in Flora Code’s formulas are activated and can multiply. It’s this activation of the bacteria that is so important. When the bacteria are activated as much as possible, a person then sees the fullest benefits to both their gut health and whole health as a whole. In fact, 95% of the bacteria from Flora Code have been proven to be active in the gut, which is 20x more than competitors.

Flora Dust

  • Helps Improve Digestive Functions.
  • Helps Support Immune System
  • Helps Support Digestive Regularity Support
  • Can be mixed with food or beverage of your choice

Golden Tonic

  • Helps Improve Digestive Functions.
  • Helps Support Immune System
  • Helps Support Digestive Regularity Support
  • Contains Green Extract for a Kick of Energy

In With the Good Bacteria, Out With the Bad Bacteria

Don’t you think it’s time you gave your body a break by allowing the right kinds of bacteria to finally make their way in while the bad bacteria that have been festering for so long fade away? Now that you are knowledgeable about not only probiotics but what types of probiotics are the most helpful, it’s time to make a very important change in your life. It’s a change that involves you taking on the responsibility for both your gut health as well as the health of your entire body. Also, this change entails the responsibility of choosing the right things based on what you know now. In the past, people have obtained various amounts of knowledge. However, they did not end up utilizing it in the end. 2023 is the year that people around the world have found no excuses for this. After becoming knowledgeable about probiotics and their specific powers, people are then taking action that changes their life for the better.

If you are looking to obtain all of what you need to help your digestive system, immune system, and overall gut health, then you are in the right place. You will no longer have the constant worry of whether what you are putting in your body is working at its fullest potential or not because, guess what, it is working at its fullest potential. In addition to this, your gut will become the healthiest that it has been in years. This success of your gut health will then cause so many other functions of your body to operate at successful levels too. Become a success in your health with Flora Dust and Golden Tonic from Flora Code.