Grow Your Health by Actually Growing Something

Superfoods are very beneficial to one’s health. They contain potent ingredients that can address various aspects of one’s health. Superfoods have become popular in healthy living, from developing healthy muscle tissues with vitamins and minerals to preventing sickness with antioxidants. They are considered by many to be a safer alternative to over-the-counter medications. However, many people only use superfoods as a supplement that is purchased. While there are benefits to using supplements containing superfoods, it’s not the same as being able to grow a superfood all by oneself. When growing it oneself, it’s almost as if you are preparing your body to receive the most natural thing possible, and you can keep growing it repeatedly. Consuming the most natural form of a superfood is essential to reap all its benefits. In addition, at-home growing of specific superfoods can provide additional environmental benefits. Unfortunately, not many companies have allowed people to grow superfoods at home. It’s the challenge of finding a suitable superfood that can go through this process. Spirulina is an incredible superfood that helps with many important aspects of one’s health. Besides the many health benefits of Spirulina, it is one of the superfoods that, when grown manually, can also provide considerable benefits to the environment. The search for finding the right product where one can manually grow a superfood like Spirulina is over. Grow-Spirulina provides the perfect type of kit and mix whereby one can grow their Spirulina and keep growing it.

A type of algae, Spirulina, which has a spiral shape, can grow in salt and seawater bodies. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids. Considering Spirulina’s tremendous amount of nutrients, it is a superfood that benefits one’s overall health. The growth of Spirulina takes place in many parts of the world. However, it was a while before the West discovered it. Many Spirulina has been discovered on the surfaces of well-known lakes like Lake Texaco in Mexico and Lake Chad in Africa. When it came under the radar of Western civilization, Spirulina began to be commercially produced. Spirulina’s superfood powers would even catch the government official’s attention, as in 1974, the United Nations announced that it was perfect for mankind. In addition, they stated that Spirulina was excellent for treating the problems associated with starvation in Africa.

Health Benefits of Spirulina

Development of Healthy Muscle Tissues

As mentioned, Spirulina is an excellent source of protein. In addition, it has a good amount of amino acids. Considering this factor, Spirulina helps with the development of healthy muscle tissues. That is why it is popular among athletes and physically active people. Whether someone is trying to build muscle or help their muscles recover from exercise and strenuous physical activity, Spirulina can help. As people get older, the ability to maintain muscle tone gets harder and harder. It takes more than just diet and exercise to give one’s muscles the additional boost needed to maintain excellent muscle tone, keeping people looking healthy and youthful.

Reducing Fatigue

Fatigue is something that a lot of people suffer from across the world. The stressors of everyday life certainly drain the energy out of people. It becomes challenging to approach tasks mentally and physically. Fortunately, people are in luck when cutting down on fatigue. There have been reports of people consuming Spirulina and experiencing high amounts of healthy and natural energy. Too many people, as it is, resort to unhealthy measures of reducing fatigue and gaining energy. Energy drinks and abundant amounts of coffee are consumed to help with energy, whereas dangerous over-the-counter items are frequently purchased to help people calm down. Wouldn’t it be better to reduce fatigue the healthy way? You will also save money. It’s time to feel energized the healthy way.

Helping People Become Proficient in Vitamins and Minerals

Obtaining all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep their health up to par from diet alone is extremely difficult in people’s hectic lives. While it is suggested that people eat healthy consistently, there is just not enough of what one needs from purchased food. That’s where the consumption of Spirulina comes into play. For those that generally have poor dietary habits, Spirulina is especially needed. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals. The amount of some of the vitamins and minerals contained in Spirulina is much more than those found in certain foods. For instance, Spirulina contains:

  • ten times more calcium than whole milk,
  • 50 times more iron than spinach,
  • and 25 times more beta carotene than raw carrots.

As mentioned, Spirulina has a lot of protein, which heavily contributes to muscle growth and recovery. Spirulina contains three times more protein than most beef. Here is a list of the additional vitamins contained in Spirulina: A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9. Also, here is a list of the additional minerals: magnesium, zinc, and potassium, among a few. With Spirulina, one can obtain these nutrients.

Helps Promote Healthy Digestion

Maintaining healthy digestion is a big priority among many people, as well as it should be. When one is digesting food better, they tend to feel mentally and physically better. Spirulina has an interesting characteristic: its cell walls are composed of complex sugars called mucopolysaccharides. This factor makes digesting a lot easier on the body. The fact that it is so easily digestible contributes to healthy digestion. Healthy digestion is essential because there is a link between excellent gut health and many of the brain’s functions. When the gut is healthy, it sends signals to the brain that enforce positive moods and thinking. On the contrary, when the gut is unhealthy, it sends a different kind of signal to the brain that enforces an unpleasant mood and bad thoughts. That’s where a strong superfood like Spirulina, which is easily digestible and contributes to healthy digestion, comes into play. One can arguably reap the benefits of Spirulina more if it is grown at home.

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Benefits of Growing Spirulina at Home

Cost Effective

With all the essential health benefits Spirulina provides for people, you can only imagine that it is expensive. However, people can bypass this issue by growing it at home. Besides the initial supplies needed to grow it domestically, ongoing costs are nominal. Once you’ve adequately grown Spirulina, you have made most of a small investment. This small investment provides a massive return as you have so much home-grown Spirulina at your convenience. You will no longer have to waste money going back and forth to stores wasting your hard-earned money on supplements that may not provide you with everything you need, like a manually grown superfood. You receive all the high-quality nutrients without much effort or expense.

Obtaining Proper Nutrition

As stated, Spirulina is loaded with lots of essential vitamins and minerals. These nutrients it contains help with not only keeping one’s nutritional levels strong, but they also can help boost one’s immune system, develop healthy muscle tissues, and help with healthy digestion. Since it is so beneficial, it helps to have Spirulina readily available. Unlike a supplement form of this great superfood, home-grown Spirulina can continuously be regrown and multiplied. Also, when you have Spirulina in food form, you can use it in many ways. For instance, one can add it to a salad or blend it with smoothies or juices.

Easy to Grow

As with anything that a person must grow themselves, one of the best conveniences is having it easy to grow. In addition to the fact that Spirulina can be grown indoors or outdoors, there is little needed to grow it. One needs only three things to grow Spirulina: basic nutrients, a small container, and sunlight. Not only is Spirulina easy to grow, but it also develops quickly. You won’t be spending days upon days waiting for it to sprout.

Helps the Environment

As with other plants in the world, Spirulina grows via photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, plants absorb CO2 and sunlight. This process is not only to grow but to produce oxygen as well. Besides producing oxygen, growing Spirulina can help fight global warming. Global warming involves various things in the air, like CO2 and greenhouse gases. When Spirulina is grown at home, high amounts of CO2 are absorbed, helping fight the problem. Besides helping with the atmosphere, Spirulina helps preserve soil because, unlike other plants, it does not require pesticides, herbicides, or fertile soil. You can’t miss out on growing Spirulina yourself. What other way can you benefit your health and the environment, all at a low cost?


Founded in 2012 by Carlos Vered, Grow-Spirulina has been at the forefront of creating solutions to make Spirulina more accessible to each household. At the center of their innovation are the DIY Spirulina kits. These can be grown anywhere and at any time. With kits from Grow-Spirulina, everyone hopes to grow a steady and affordable supply of Spirulina wherever they may be. Grow-Spirulina is available for questions regarding professional advice and support. Any questions you have can be submitted via email.

Spirulina Grow Kit

  • Includes Growing Spirulina At Home Step-by-Step Guidebook
  • Aquarium Heater with Thermostat
  • Thermometer
  • High-quality aquarium air pump
  • Air bubble/diffuser

Starter Growing Mix

  • For use when First Starting Spirulina
  • Add to Water to Create the Growing Medium
  • Contains nutrients for changing the ph of the water and mineral content.

Experience Growth of Life by Growing Spirulina

Why not try doing something that will simultaneously help your health, pocketbook, and environment? Millions of people worldwide are taking it upon themselves to help themselves by doing things naturally. It’s up to you to take action so you don’t miss out on this incredible phenomenon that improves lives. The knowledge that has been acquired about Spirulina has enabled us to partake in its very growth and development so that we, as people, can grow. It’s a fantastic experience building confidence level after confidence level.

If you’re looking to benefit many aspects of your health most conveniently, fate is working on your side as you read this now. Why not save money rather than feel forced to go from store to store to obtain all the necessary nutrients? Spirulina is easy to grow and grows fast. It’s also easy on the pocketbook. It’s incredible the many health benefits that Spirulina is a part of. From reducing fatigue to enhancing one’s nutrition, this plant has got you covered on many things. What’s so unique is that, with all these things considered, growing Spirulina also contributes to a healthier environment. You can help yourself achieve these things with Spirulina Growing Kit and Starter Growing Mix from Grow-Spirulina. While the plant grows, so does your health and the state of the environment. Now is the time to grow with the millions already part of this remarkable movement. Grow your health by growing with others.