Life, Health, and Vitality After Bariatric Surgery

Welcome to the world of bariatric vitamins, a vital support system for those who have undergone weight loss surgery or are considering it.  Bariatric procedures, such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy, can lead to significant changes in nutrient absorption, making it essential to prioritize your nutritional needs. Bariatric vitamins are specially formulated to meet these unique requirements providing the necessary vitamins and minerals to help you maintain optimal health on your weight loss journey. If you are looking to enhance your post-bariatric surgery wellness or seeking preventative measures before the procedure, explore our range of highly-quality bariatric vitamins and take a step towards a healthier, happier life.

Don’t compromise your health after bariatric surgery, invest in your well-being without a comprehensive selection of bariatric vitamins. Ness Vitamins’ expertly designed supplements are tailored to meet the specific nutritional demands of your body post-surgery, ensuring you get the support you need to thrive. Whether you’ve recently undergone a weight loss procedure or are planning to do so, make bariatric vitamins a crucial part of your daily routine. Take charge of your health today and embark on a path toward a stronger, more vibrant future.

Behind the Scenes with Ness Vitamins

A bariatric surgeon founded Ness in 2016 with the intention of offering superior bariatric vitamins and a simpler bariatric supplement shopping experience. We are a science-based company that puts all its bariatric goods through testing and medical evaluation to make sure they are the right formulation for people recovering from bariatric surgery.

The Ness Vitamins Mission and Commitment to Clean

Words straight from Ness Vitamins themselves:

“Our mission is to make your journey to wellness easier. Ness believes that all patients deserve to be educated about what types of supplements are needed based on their health goals.”

“We believe patients should trust what is in their vitamins and trust the process behind making them. All of the Ness Vitamin products are manufactured in America in facilities that are cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and all of our products are made from FDA-approved ingredients. We are committed to providing products and packaging that are clean and safe for the environment.”

Benefits of Bariatric Vitamins

Bariatric vitamins are specially formulated supplements designed to meet the nutritional needs of individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or gastric banding. These surgeries alter the digestive tract, leading to reduced food intake and absorption, which can result in potential nutritional deficiencies. Bariatric vitamins offer several benefits to help address these deficiencies and support the health of individuals post-surgery.

  • Essential Nutrient Supplementation

Bariatric vitamins provide essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, which are critical for overall health. After bariatric surgery, the body may have difficulty absorbing certain nutrients from food, making it necessary to take supplements to prevent deficiencies.

  • Preventing Nutritional Deficiencies

Bariatric surgery can lead to reduced intake and absorption of key nutrients, including iron, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and others. Bariatric vitamins help prevent these deficiencies, which can otherwise cause health issues like anemia, osteoporosis, nerve damage, and fatigue.

  • Supporting Energy Levels

Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is essential for maintaining energy levels and overall vitality. Bariatric vitamins ensure that the body gets the necessary nutrients to sustain energy and support the healing process after surgery.

  • Promoting Bone Health

Bariatric vitamins often include calcium and vitamin D, which are crucial for maintaining bone health and preventing osteoporosis, a condition where bones become weak and prone to fractures.

  • Boosting Immune Function

A healthy immune system depends on proper nutrition. Bariatric vitamins help ensure that the body’s immune function remains strong, reducing the risk of infections and illness.

  • Hair and Skin Health

After bariatric surgery, some individuals may experience hair loss and changes in skin health. Bariatric vitamins containing biotin and other nutrients can help support healthy hair growth and maintain skin integrity.

  • Compliance and Convenience

Bariatric vitamins are formulated to be easily absorbed and well-tolerated by individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery. They come in various forms, including chewable tablets, soft gels, and liquids, making it easier for patients to comply with their supplementation regimen.

  • Long-Term Support

Bariatric vitamins are often prescribed for long-term use to provide ongoing nutritional support after surgery. They can help patients maintain healthy lifestyles and reduce the risk of nutrient deficiencies in the years following their procedure.

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One-a-Day Chewable Multivitamin Tablet

A comprehensive bariatric multivitamin is the most important supplement to take following weight loss surgery. After weight reduction surgery, multivitamins are a terrific method to ensure that you get all the necessary nutrients you might require without having to fill your cupboard with supplements.

Ness Vitamins created the bariatric once-daily multivitamin with this in mind, making it simpler to achieve well-being for life following weight loss surgery.

After having weight loss surgery, the comprehensive once-daily bariatric multivitamin promotes your health and fills up any nutritional gaps in your diet.

The chewable, once-daily full bariatric multivitamin tablet from Ness Vitamins contains 22 components, 14 of which have an RDA of 200% or more. Patients who have had bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass, vertical sleeve, and/or duodenal switch surgery, are the target audience for this supplement. Patients who have had surgery to remove an adjustable band or a comparable procedure shouldn’t take this vitamin. Before taking this product, consult your doctor if you have any questions.

To ensure that the multivitamins satisfy the potency specified on the label, each of the multivitamins is tested independently by a third party. You can be sure that your body is receiving the crucial supplements it requires to be healthy.

The multivitamins are available as a monthly supply of 30 chewable tablets and are flavored with touches of citrus making them enjoyable while also providing you with what your body needs.

The Benefits of Multivitamin Chewable Tablets After Bariatric Procedures

  • Preventing Nutritional Deficiencies

Weight loss surgery can reduce the body’s ability to absorb certain vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and vitamin D. A multivitamin can help ensure that patients get the necessary nutrients to prevent deficiencies and related health issues.

  • Supporting Healing and Recovery

After undergoing surgery, the body requires additional nutrients to support the healing process. Multivitamins can provide the necessary vitamins and minerals that aid in tissue repair and recovery.

  • Enhancing Energy Levels

Proper nutrition is crucial for maintaining energy levels, especially during the weight loss process. Multivitamins can help ensure patients have sufficient energy for daily activities and exercise.

  • Promoting Hair and Skin Health

Weight loss surgery can sometimes lead to hair loss or changes in skin health due to nutrient deficiencies. Multivitamins containing essential nutrients can help support healthy hair and skin.

  • Boosting Immune Function

Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is essential for a robust immune system. Multivitamins can help strengthen the immune response and protect against infections and illnesses.

  • Supporting Bone Health

Weight loss surgery can increase the risk of osteoporosis due to reduced calcium and vitamin D absorption. Multivitamins containing calcium and vitamin D can help maintain bone health.

  • Improving Overall Health

Multivitamins provide a wide range of essential nutrients that contribute to overall health and well-being. They can help fill the nutritional gaps and ensure patients are meeting their daily requirements.

Calcium Soft Chews

The calcium citrate soft chews are the ideal supplement after weight reduction surgery. They fill in any gaps in your diet and maintain strong bones. Ness Vitamins offers three scrumptious varieties of calcium soft chews for you to choose from. The flavors are dinner mint, salted caramel, and cinnamon roll.

The Calcium Soft Chews from Ness Vitamins are expertly formulated to provide a significant amount of calcium, vitamin D, and probiotics in every bite. Each chew has 500 mg of TruCal® calcium, 500 IU of vitamin D3, 500 million CFUs of probiotics, and 500 mg of calcium to aid with calcium absorption. For a healthier diet, the naturally sweetened chews are sweetened with tapioca syrup and raw cane sugar.

With an absorption rate that is higher than calcium carbonate and equivalent to or higher than calcium citrate, Trucal® is an all-natural, lactose-free calcium supplement. Trucal® offers a balanced spectrum of necessary minerals and antioxidants, in contrast to other calcium formulations. (Milk with all the beneficial components and very little lactose) Trucal® is therefore the better option for obtaining your ideal bone health. Like calcium citrate, TruCal is non-constipating, doesn’t raise the risk of kidney stones, and doesn’t need to be taken with meals. It also doesn’t require stomach acid for absorption. TruCal is a calcium alternative that is comparable to Calcium Citrate, if not more comprehensive.

To ensure that they fulfill the potency stated on the label, all Calcium Soft Chew tablets are independently tested by a third party. You can be sure that your body is receiving the crucial supplements it requires to be healthy.

The Calcium Soft Chews are available in a 30-day supply that consists of 90 soft chew tablets.

The Benefits of Calcium Soft Chews from Ness Vitamins After Bariatric Procedures

  • Preventing Calcium Deficiency

Calcium is essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth, as well as for proper nerve and muscle function. After weight loss surgery, the reduced absorption of calcium can increase the risk of deficiency, leading to conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia. Calcium Soft Chews help ensure that the body receives an adequate amount of calcium to maintain bone health.

  • Easy Absorption

Calcium citrate, the form typically used in calcium chews, is more easily absorbed by the body compared to other forms of calcium, making it suitable for individuals who have had weight loss surgery and may have impaired nutrient absorption.

  • Convenience

Calcium chews are typically available in soft chew form from Ness Vitamins. They are easy to consume and don’t require water for swallowing. This convenience can be helpful, especially for those who may have difficulty swallowing large pills after weight loss surgery.

  • Controlled Dosing

Calcium Soft Chews help you to maintain consistent intake and monitor your calcium intake more easily.

  • Improved Compliance

Taking a chewable supplement can be more pleasant than swallowing large tablets, making it more likely that patients will adhere to their calcium supplementation regime.

  • Enhanced Overall Health

Calcium is involved in various bodily functions, including blood clotting, nerve transmission, and muscle function. By maintaining adequate calcium levels, individuals can support their overall health and well-being, reducing the risk of potential complications post-surgery.

Multivitamin Chewable Tables and Calcium Soft Chews from Ness Vitamins are specifically designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of individuals after bariatric surgery. By providing essential vitamins, minerals, and calcium in a convenient and easy-to-consume form, we aim to support your overall health and aid in the success of your weight loss journey. Embrace a healthier and more vibrant life without specialized supplements tailored to your needs. Take charge of your well-being and choose Multivitamin Chewable Tables and Calcium Soft Chews from Ness Vitamins today. Don’t let nutrient deficiencies hinder your progress; nourish your body and thrive after bariatric surgery. Remember, a healthier you begins with a single chew. Order now and take the first step towards a brighter, healthier future.