Natural Energy and Recovery

Two of the most common aspects of life are getting enough energy to deal with the day as well as letting one’s body recover properly to fall asleep and sleep well.  There have been many products sold over the years to assist people with these two physical feelings.  Whether it be a type of drink or over-the-counter medicine, there has always been some new fad that promises to either help a person feel lively and energetic or calm and relaxed.  The problem is that a lot of these items tend to have unnatural ingredients that can be extremely harmful to the body.  Besides the bodily harm that can be instilled from consuming products that are advertised to help with energy or recovery, the unnatural ingredients don’t have as good an effect on the body as more natural products.  In 2023, people will be taking action when it comes to their health.  This action involves using products that contain only the most natural ingredients that come straight from the earth.  It is often quite a challenge for people to find the right things to put in their bodies that have the most specific of ingredients.  People have often felt like they must go from store to store to get the right thing for energy along with the right thing for recovery.  In addition, it has often been difficult for individuals to find meal replacements that can be easily eaten on the go that also are very healthy at the same time.  Luckily, SEND Bars has readily available items that can be consumed on the go.  They have the most natural ingredients that can help people obtain energy, stay energized and recover from exercise and let their bodies heal. 


The ways that people have allowed themselves to obtain energy for their bodies have varied throughout the years.  Coffee is arguably the most popular beverage when it comes to seeking caffeine.  Many people all over the world have been drinking coffee for years.  While not as harmful to one’s health as other types of beverages, drinking too much coffee is not good for the body.  Besides coffee, sodas that are high in caffeine are extremely popular.  Besides regular sodas, their diet versions are just as popular.  Some people consume multiple caffeinated sodas throughout the day.  This is not good because studies show that they are not healthy.  Regular sodas are loaded with sugar and corn syrup.  In addition, other studies have shown that diet sodas are just as bad, if not worse.  Artificial sugar, combined with other unnatural ingredients, can be very harmful.  Over the past 30 years, one of the most ongoing fads when it comes to becoming energized is the popularity of energy drinks.  Some of these are loaded with lots of sugar, some more than sodas.  In addition, some of them have dangerous amounts of caffeine in them, which can cause dehydration, problems with one’s heart, and even psychological issues.  When it comes down to it, the best way to gain healthy amounts of energy that the body can use properly and then allow it to stay energized is through drinks with the most natural ingredients.  You stay energized longer and don’t harm your health either.  Therefore, you can’t beat a natural form of energy.


As important as it is to have enough energy to complete tasks, it is just as important to allow the body to recover after over-exerting the body.  While one performs exercises or does a lot of heavy lifting or work, the muscles in the body are damaged to a degree.  It’s not necessarily a severe injury per se.  It’s more like small muscle tears.  Regardless, it is up to people to allow these minor tears to heal.  If recovery time is not taken, then the tears can build up and end up resulting in injury.  This also applies to tendons and ligaments that need rebuilding.  Besides allowing one’s muscles to properly heal, it is also crucial to be able to allow the entire body to recover from the day and all of its activities.  Physical recovery, in general, contributes to a lot of the necessities of the body, like removing unnecessary waste and helping out with blood circulation.   When it comes time for one to get ready for bed, a body that has greatly recovered will feel like getting a good night’s sleep.

Eating Right On the Go

It’s understood that it’s tough maintaining one’s energy level throughout the day due to the hectic lives people live.  Also, the ongoing activities of one’s schedule sometimes make it difficult to settle down after a full day’s work.  However, another inconvenience directly related to stressful lifestyles is obtaining nutritious meal replacements on the go.  Many of the protein bars available at stores are disguised as being healthy but are loaded with sugar and fat.  Sometimes for energy, people will just grab a high-sugar Frappuccino or a diet soda.  Other times, they will just purchase an energy drink from a gas station that may do harm to their health.  In the case of looking for recovery, people sometimes resort to extremely unhealthy measures, especially if they are in a rush throughout the day and don’t have time to look closely at items in stores.  This is a big problem.  It is not only extremely important for most people to have mid-meals throughout the day.  It’s also crucial to make sure that what they are putting in their bodies has the most natural ingredients.

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Natural Ingredients that Assist with Energy


As stated, natural ingredients are necessary for assisting with healthy energy.  Cordyceps are an awesome superfood with many great powers.  What specifically are cordyceps, you might ask?  Basically, they are mushrooms.  However, they aren’t just any type of mushroom.  Since they are a superfood, one could say that they are a super mushroom.  Cordyceps have many benefits to the body, including helping boost exercise performance and reduce fatigue.  Instead of relying on sugary energy drinks to get that extra pump in your workout, take the healthier way, which is also the easier way.  Consuming something with cordyceps is a very important part of getting the best exercise possible, thereby helping one’s health.  The energy that is needed just to get through the day is helped when the odds of being fatigued are lessened.  Cordyceps also help boost one’s strength.  Besides helping one obtain more energy and endurance for exercise and strenuous activities, Cordyceps also assist in lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar, fighting inflammation, boosting sex drive, and even improving memory and cognitive function. 

Lion’s Mane

Another powerful mushroom is Lion’s Mane, not actually from the lion that is an animal.  Lion’s Mane has been used by a variety of cultures for thousands of years to provide health benefits to the body.  While cordyceps are mostly related to helping physical energy, Lion’s Mane is more known as being a beneficiary of mental energy.  It is associated with boosting one’s mood and clearing the mind.  In addition, it helps people concentrate better.  There’s a saying that a lot of the things that are physical are very much connected to the things that are mental.  When you think about it, many types of strenuous exercise like rock climbing, skiing, and surfing require extreme amounts of mental focus in addition to the work that the physical body does.  Since some of these activities can be dangerous, it is important to have the mind in the present moment.

Natural Ingredients that Assist with Recovery


Mushrooms can also help with recovery too.  Chaga is a mushroom that comes from birch trees and contains many vitamins and minerals that help the body like nothing else.  While it has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, it has also been used as an ingredient in products for people looking to replenish and rejuvenate their bodies after long workouts or workdays.  Fatigue and excessive energy are put to rest with the help of Chaga. 


We often take what grows in the ground for granted.  There are certain adaptogenic roots that have almost supernatural powers.  One of these roots is known as Ashwagandha.  This comes from India, the Middle East, and certain parts of Africa.  For many centuries, Ashwagandha was used to treat various aspects of the human body.  It has been known to help with stress, inflammation, anxiety, fatigue, and pain.  Ashwagandha has been placed into products to act as a recovery tool in reducing stress, calming the nervous system, and placing people in a calm state.  The healing powers of Ashwagandha do wonders for one’s nervous system and help the entire body settle down and feel relaxed.


SEND Bars consists of a team of athletes who were convinced there was a better solution to healthy on the go.  They wanted to provide a healthy alternative to people who were living hectic lives and also adventurers like them who needed something quick that was also healthy.  The company’s title comes from the word “send” and the phrase “to send it.” The word “send” and the phrase “to send it” have a deep history in the world of sports.  Since the founders were athletes, they found it so fitting.  However, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the products of SEND Bars.  It’s for everyone needing that extra something for energy and recovery in their crazy hectic lives.

Lemon Cherry Performance Bar

  • Helps You Feel Alert and Energized.
  • Helps Increase Your Focus.
  • Helps with Working Out and Exercise.
  • Helps You Handle those Hectic On-the-Go Work Days
  • Helps Alleviate Stress
  • Contains Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and many other Essential Nutrients

Salted Peanut Recovery Bar

  • Helps the Body Relax and Recover.
  • Helps Stabilize Nerves
  • Helps Alleviate Stress
  • Helps Boost One’s Immune System
  • Contains Chaga, Ashwagandha, and many other Essential Nutrients

Stay Healthy on the Go, In the Morning and at Night

Why keep making excuses for why you can’t get proper nutrition in your crazy life?  Stop abusing your body with dangerous amounts of caffeine, real and fake sugar, and all the things your body does not need.  The year 2023 is the year that millions of people are taking responsibility but taking it in a very simple, convenient way.  Responsibility does not have to be hard or boring.  It can be fun and simple.  Some of the most powerful ingredients have been added to foods that people can simply just pull out of their pockets and eat while they are in a hurry.  Making your life easier and healthier at the same time is a pretty good deal.

If you are looking to boost your energy and maintain your recovery the natural way, then look no further.  Also, you are in the right spot for simple meal replacements that don’t harm your body.  Easy-to-use supplements are available from SEND Bars.  Instead of worrying about a meal plan for every week, you can now have simple meal replacements to fulfill your hunger and health.  When you’re going back and forth from your job to picking up your children, you won’t feel like you must pick up that overly expensive high-calorie Frappuccino.  You will have the power with the help of a simple yet extremely powerful bar.  Are you interested?  SEND Bars carries both Lemon Cherry Performance Bar and Salted Peanut Recovery Bar.  You’ve already got the power.  Now grab hold of that power and make yourself powerful!