Own Your Bones

Caring for one’s bone health is extremely important to maintaining everyday living. The bones hold our bodies together and enable us to get from one place to the next. Unfortunately, there are various factors that people eventually face that cause one’s bone health to decline. This factor is why it is so essential for people to supplement themselves with all the nutrients needed to keep their bone health stronger than ever. Unfortunately, this is not easy to do via diet alone. In addition, there have not been a lot of products readily available that contain all the nutrients needed to strengthen the bones properly. People have had to go from store to store to waste their hard-earned money on multiple items. Luckily, INHIS Inc has just the right product where one can provide themselves with everything they need to support their bone health without having to consult multiple items. In addition to helping the bones, their product has nutrients that help with other areas of one’s health, like proper digestion, skin health, and muscle recovery. Your bones are very significant, so you owe them excellent health and assistance to other areas of your body.

As mentioned, there are various factors that people face that contribute to problems with one’s bone health. Unfortunately, as people age, bone problems are more likely to occur. With advanced age, one’s bones tend to become more brittle and weaker, and new bone tissue production slows down. There is a natural process whereby the body breaks down existing bone tissue. With age, though, the balance between the production of bone tissue and its breaking down may not be as consistent. This imbalance can cause a decrease in bone density, which can lead people to develop osteoporosis. When people develop osteoporosis, they are more prone to bone fractures. This factor makes life very difficult as one constantly tries to avoid injury. Even the most minor fall could have drastic consequences. While osteoporosis can arise in both women and men, women are at a higher risk of developing it, especially during the hormonal changes associated with menopause. Everyone can adequately support their bone health with the proper steps, including those at risk of osteoporosis.

Nutrients that Support Great Bone Health


Arguably, the nutrient that is often discussed regarding bone health is calcium. This association is a good thing because calcium is essential. It is a mineral that plays a very significant role. The formation and health of our bones and teeth rely on calcium. In addition, it plays a role in blood clotting, muscle contraction, and heartbeat. Unfortunately, the body does not produce calcium. Therefore, calcium consumption is needed, especially as one gets older. Although certain foods have high amounts of calcium, obtaining adequate amounts of this nutrient from diet alone is challenging. This dilemma is why supplementation of calcium and many other nutrients is very beneficial. However, even with calcium supplements, there are still difficulties in finding the right product. Many calcium supplements are hard to digest properly and can contribute to stomach problems. It’s the challenge of finding a product with adequate amounts of calcium that don’t have these side effects. In addition, the type of calcium supplement can be a factor in how calcium enters the body. Nano calcium supplements consist of tiny calcium particles. Due to the small size of these particles, calcium can pass through cell membranes effectively. Compared to standard calcium supplements, nano calcium supplements enable calcium to be more easily absorbed. When this happens, the benefits of calcium to one’s bones can be better obtained.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a vital role in helping bone health. With the help of vitamin D, the very absorption and use of calcium are assisted. It’s essential to ensure that calcium is adequately absorbed to ensure one receives all its benefits. Therefore, a supplement with vitamin D, and calcium, is helpful.


As people get older, the healing and repair of the bones are less efficient than they once were. Luckily, zinc assists with this. It helps with the growth and strengthening of the bones.


Like the healing and repair of one’s bones, bone density declines as one gets older. Magnesium is an essential nutrient when it comes to healthy bones. It helps with bone density. With higher bone density, the likelihood of fractures and the development of osteoporosis is reduced.

Vitamin K1

All nutrients that help maintain good bone health, such as calcium, must be transported properly to reap all their benefits. Sometimes it takes essential nutrients themselves to assist with this transportation process. Magnesium gets a little help from vitamin K1 in being moved to its proper place in the body so that one’s bones get what it needs.


One of the biggest reasons bone health declines with age is that bones break down. Osteoclasts cause this. Selenium can help with slowing down osteoclasts. In addition, it helps support the creation of bone-building cells called osteoblasts. Basically, selenium helps support bone-building and in cutting down on bone loss.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) is a sulfur-containing compound found in many plants, animals, and humans. It is very beneficial to one’s joints and ligaments. This factor is essential when it comes to overall bone health. Joints are where bones come together, allowing the skeleton to be flexible for movement. Ligaments, conversely, often connect bones. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that is common as people age. Luckily, MSM can help reduce inflammation and pain associated with this. In addition, MSM is associated with better joint flexibility and the reduction of cartilage breakdown.

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MSM Benefits to Skin Health

Besides the incredible benefits of MSM to bone health, it also plays a massive role in maintaining healthy and good-looking skin. Just like how the bones keep people together and moving, the skin acts as a shield for the inner body, preventing parasites and chemicals in the air from entering. The appearance of one’s skin showcases how healthy one is and their age. Even though keeping the skin healthy overall should be the primary goal among people regarding skin health, there is certainly nothing wrong with trying to make skin look younger, as long as one goes about it correctly. MSM has been shown to help reduce the signs of aging as it helps with skin hydration. Also, it helps reduce inflammation of certain skin conditions like acne and rosacea. MSM supports the production of collagen. Collagen plays a part in keeping the skin looking better by giving it more elasticity. Therefore, people can supplement with MSM to help their skin look good and healthy in addition to helping their joints.

MSM and Digestive Health

MSM even helps people with their digestive health. Excellent digestive health is so important because there is a strong relationship between the gut and various functions of the body. First and foremost, excellent digestive health can influence one’s mental state. Due to the connection between the gut and the brain, when one is functioning correctly, it influences the processes of the other. Besides helping one’s mental state and mood, good digestive health also influences how well one’s immune system works. The immune system shields the body against unwanted sickness and illness. Nobody likes getting sick. It is a huge inconvenience that forces people to miss important things. MSM helps with the improvement of the digestive tract. It can also help with digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and constipation.

MSM and the Treatment of Allergies

Many people around the world suffer from problems with their allergies. Seasonal changes, combined with so many toxins in the air, can contribute to severe problems with one’s respiratory functions. Some people develop bad colds, while others have even more acute respiratory issues like asthma. MSM helps in the improvement of overall lung function and the reduction of inflammation in the airways.

MSM and the Recovery from Exercise

MSM helps people recover from exercise better because it supports the reduction of muscle damage. Just like how the functioning of the bones starts to decline as one gets older, the muscles do the same. When people reach a certain age, the recovery from exercise is a lot harder. The muscles cannot react to constant ranges of motion as they used to. The muscles are part of what surrounds the bones themselves. Since MSM already supports bone health, one can’t go wrong with supplementing themselves with it as it also helps what surrounds the bones in muscles.

INHIS Inc and BonStrong Nano Calcium

INHIS Inc is a health and wellness company that has developed a revolutionary product called BonStrong Nano Calcium. This supplement is unique because it has nano-sized particles that help the body absorb calcium more efficiently. In addition to calcium, it contains a blend of other essential nutrients that support bone health, including vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin K, zinc, and MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane). In addition to helping joint and ligament health, MSM can assist with the health of one’s skin and digestive system, better recovery from exercise, and reduced allergies. Clinical studies have shown that BonStrong Nano Calcium can help improve bone density, reduce the risk of fractures, and even improve overall bone health.

BonStrong Nano Calcium

  • Helps Improve Overall Bone Health.
  • Helps Improve Bone Density.
  • Helps Reduce the Risk of Fractures.
  • Easy to Digest.
  • Contains Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Vitamin K, Zinc, and MSM

Give Your Bones What You Owe Them

Isn’t it time you start taking care of overall bone health the easy way? One’s bones are essential as they structure the body and help keep us moving daily from one spot to the next. Therefore, supporting bone health is something that everyone should take very seriously. People worldwide are now taking action to give their bones just what they need, all while helping other aspects of their body, such as their skin and digestive system. In addition, they are also recovering from exercise like never before and eliminating problems with their allergies. It’s a new era of people owning their bones.

If you want to obtain the best bone health possible with better bone density while preventing your body from getting fractures and other injuries, look no further. In addition to all of these benefits to your bone health, you will also be helping the health and appearance of your skin. Finally, you no longer have to go from store to store and waste your hard-earned money on multiple products to obtain all the necessary nutrients. Now, you can use BonStrong Nano Calcium from INHIS Inc and obtain all the nutrients you need to obtain excellent bone health and help your body’s overall health. Now is the time to finally own your bones and give them what they need. You owe your bones because they do so much for you as it is, so don’t let them down!