When you see this phrase, you probably want to know why and how your body could wage war silently. We have seen many cases where people develop certain health problems and they wonder where they’ve gone wrong. This might result from a silent war happening in your body. If only our bodies could talk, many people would have realised how much wrong they have caused it. We cannot deny the fact that the way we treat our bodies sometimes is not great. One thing about the body is you might be wrong about it many times and there would be no reaction whatever from it, probably because it is storing up this maltreatment just for a day to just fail or break down. We have one body, nothing else. Most of the world’s population does not even know how to properly take care of themselves, because there are all busy doing one thing or the other, which is understandable yet we cannot deny the truth that our body matters more than how we see it to be. This century has invented new technologies and tools that could benefit the world, and make it easier for people to take good care of themselves. Bed of Nails is one of the beautiful inventions created for ease.

Body Pain

We all go through pain in our lives. You may feel pain in one area of your body, such as your back, abdomen, chest, or pelvis, or you may feel pain in all parts of your body. As much as we hate these things, it sadly happens to us. Most times we just want them to disappear in a twinkling of an eye, because nobody loves to be in pain or even witness a loved one being in that situation as it is a very uncomfortable sensation in the body. Pain is unavoidable, but can be avoidable when you apply the antidote to it. Some way our body gets affected is through our mental health, which can be the connection between our mental health and physical health.

Mind-body Connection

The mind and body are interchangeably connected. Research has made it known that what we think has a great effect on our bodies. Our minds have the power to determine how healthy our bodies can be. Each person can testify that the brain is one of the most important parts of the body. Any control we think we have over our body is because of the function of the brain. Our emotions, thoughts, and feelings are all connected to our brains. People who usually think positively are healthy because no matter what life throws at them, they always receive it with positivity. A negative inner voice is not beneficial to a person’s health. For example, a patient that has been diagnosed with cancer can develop depression, which causes the cancer to spread faster. How we think is what we are. An inferiority complex does not happen when a person professes the word but has happened when a person thinks low of himself. It is paramount that people are sensitive to their thoughts and emotions, that way they can work on how to care for themselves.

Back Pain

There is no limit to the age at which can develop back pain. Older people experience it as well as teenagers, but it can be discovered mostly with older people ranging from age 20 upwards. People experience several health conditions as they age, the same goes for back pain. The feeling of stiffness, muscle aching, burning sensation or pain in your back might result from age. But aside from that, awkward movement or sitting positions can cause pain. When a person does not have a proper sitting position, it causes stress to the back or when one’s movement suddenly changes from the normal way they walk. It could be an overload of work. When people continually overwork themselves, they might do labour work, which can be very strenuous most times. Many people have no choice but to keep working. Over the years, they develop consistent back pain. Obesity is a great factor in developing back pain. When a person becomes heavier than the usual weight, it causes strain on the muscles and ligaments that support the back.

Lying on the bed might seem like a good idea when you are experiencing pain in the back, but being in one place worsens the pain. You must keep being active, active in the sense that there is an active movement in your body. They should avoid certain exercises during this period. As much as carrying out exercises, some could prolong the pain. Twisting the body sideways is not advisable. Pushing too hard to get rid of back pain could cause more damage, so it is necessary to follow due process. Some people sleep on their stomachs to avoid hurting the back, but this just puts more pressure on the joints connected to the spine, and you be forced to turn your neck, which could resort in neck pain.

Neck Pain

Studies have shown that 16% to 75% of the population of each country around the world experience neck pain. The weight of the head rests on the neck and it is prone to discomfort. When you strain the muscles in the neck, it causes pain. Some people find it difficult to move their heads, which puts them in a very uncomfortable state. Neck pain occurs when you have spent many hours driving or being on the computer, reading in bed, or carrying heavy weight. Your shoulders are in connection with your neck, so whatever pressure you put on your shoulder can affect your neck. In some countries, carrying loads on the head is standardized and accepted by all, but that is putting too much pressure on the neck and when it gets to a certain point, the neck would react. Other times, stress could be the reason we go through pain in the neck.


One of the most popular mental issue people deal with in our present age is stress. Research shows that stress makes people older than their age. Physical and emotional factors trigger stress, they are also either stressed negatively or positively. When people take on more tasks than they usually do, it causes stress. For example, an added responsibility from your place of work. Positive stress could be when you are getting married but have to go through the stress of preparing for the event. Physical factors like noise are a big trigger for stress. The average the world’s population is stressed all day and has no time to take a rest. The way people react to stressful situations differs. What causes stress for “person A” might not be for “person B”. Stress can be reduced, but takes understanding by individuals to know what works for them. Stress causes mental tension and contributes to body pain.

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Self Care

Putting yourself first is not being selfish and you understand that you have got just one life, and no other one else. Self-care is when you pay attention to the things that make you happy and feel good about yourself. It could read a book that put a smile on your face or taking time to visit the clinic for a check-up and learn to avoid health issues in the future. The phrase “me time” is for the positive well-being of a person, as it is a means to manage stress and live longer. Everybody deserves to be taken care of, mentally, emotionally, physically, and health-wise. But many people are running around making ends meet for their family or loved ones. They forget their “me time”. Creating time for one’s self does not require one to spend much money. An individual self-care moment differs from another. Some people’s self-care moment is sleeping, while some could be a weekly manicure. The important thing is as long as it gladdens your heart or relieves you from daily activities and stress. There are different ways we could take care of ourselves. Meditation and relaxation are part of the many ways we can perform self-care.

Meditation As A Healing Tool

Meditation has gone from being a religious practice to a viral method used by people to rejuvenate. Meditation is just like you and your emotions having a chat, creating a bridge to your thoughts and emotions. You can serve through the bad and good ones. You let go of the ones affecting you negatively and create room to accommodate and improve positivity. Meditation might just be sitting with the eyes closed, but this little act helps to improve our health and mental state. Meditation helps people to have a clearer vision. People overthink when their thoughts are jumbled together, but meditation helps people to get rid of worries and thoughts that are distracting. If you think you can control your thoughts through meditation, you are wrong. It is impossible to do that, you can only understand it.


Sleep, often underestimated, is a vital component in nurturing our health. During restful slumber, our bodies undergo crucial restorative processes that support immune function, cellular repair, and cognitive abilities. By prioritizing adequate sleep, aiming for the recommended seven to nine hours per night, we pave the way for improved focus, heightened productivity, and a strengthened immune system. Creating a soothing sleep environment and adopting healthy sleep habits contribute to a more restful and rejuvenating experience.

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Embrace Your Body and Discover True Happiness.

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By utilizing the Bed of Nails on your body, you stimulate acupressure points throughout, activating the body’s inherent healing capabilities. Bed of Nails acupressure shares similarities with acupuncture, but it does not penetrate the skin. The pressure applied by the rounded nails against the skin aids in the release of endorphins and oxytocin, resulting in increased happiness, calmness, and energy levels. Acupressure has the potential to ease various types of pain, including chronic neck and back pain, muscle soreness, headaches, and everyday stress. Among our popular products are the Bed of Nails Pillow and the Bed of Nails Mat, both of which offer exceptional benefits to individuals seeking to enhance their self-care routine. Using the Bed of Nails Pillow or acupressure Mat can lead to improved sleep quality, heightened energy levels, and increased productivity throughout the day. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to true happiness with your body.