Treating Mind, body, and Soul as One

In an era where the prevalence of chronic diseases is on the rise, it is imperative to shift our focus from a purely symptomatic approach to a more comprehensive and holistic perspective. Holistic health recognizes the interconnectedness of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, emphasizing the importance of addressing the whole person rather than isolated symptoms. By adopting a holistic approach, we can empower individuals to take charge of their health, prevent disease, and lead fulfilling lives. Join Zenus in promoting holistic health as the greatest method to treat and prevent disease.

Where Did Zeus Originate?

Zenus Global Health’s vision and objective have been to promote optimal wellness for more than 30 years, changing lives, one at a time, through innovative products and a go-getter mindset. The business has been at the forefront of what can be described as “the wellness movement” by spreading the Zenus story and products throughout the world.  

Doug and Krystyna Widdifield, the creators of Zenus Global Health, are leaders in the global “Journey to Wellness” movement, which encompasses all facets of life and well-being, including physical, mental, spiritual, and economic well-being. They are following their passion and are constantly developing original formulations with the help of their team of scientists and health consultants to cater to their global audience that is health conscious.

Doug is a health coach, lecturer, and author of the highly regarded book “Life or Grave Danger?” He has been at the forefront of understanding how the human body responds to life’s stresses, why our bodies engage in a delicate struggle between wellness and disease, and how nature can aid the system in finding its ideal balance. His work spans more than 50 years of research and scientific collaboration. He was the first Westerner invited to address the Chinese parliament and has taught wellness courses at UNLV. He has been invited to give numerous lectures in South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Dr. Robert Bingham, an orthopedic surgeon who had spent 40 years treating his patients with conventional drugs and surgery, and Doug Widdifield, a co-founder of the company, worked together in the late 1980s to create Zenas as we know it today. Dr. Bingham had concluded that there had to be a better way to assist in healing people. In the investigation into arthritis and its connections to diet, Dr. Bingham was more than just a pioneer. In the final years of his life, he began treating his patient’s using herbs and vaccinations as a first line of defense. He proclaimed to the entire globe that “no drug can cure any disease” and that synthetic steroids inevitably worsen a condition. He was among the first medical professionals to support natural healing techniques because he believed that holistic health was the greatest method to treat and prevent disease.

Much of what would later become Zenus Global Health began in Canada and the United States in the 1980s and 1990s when advocates for these special whole food supplements began to spread the word. But eventually, the People’s Republic of China, an unexpected source, allowed the globe to open to Zenus. The Chinese are considered the world’s foremost experts on herbal treatments, and they have no bias against conventional or naturopathic medicine.

The comprehensive quest for optimal wellness and the support from our customers continue to support the legacy Zenus established more than 30 years ago. A legacy based on the need to develop products that aid in the fight against disease in all its manifestations, to unite people in that pursuit of optimal wellness, and to make a difference for those in need of our whole-food products.

Zenus Philosophy

Mankind has a natural tendency toward health, and all chronic or degenerative disorders are brought on by the buildup of toxins, poisons, and waste products in the body.     

You only attract illness and imbalance in our lives when you violate nature’s laws through excesses, abuses, and destructive mindsets. To address and comprehend these violations, you must first address and understand the challenges posed by imbalance. Then and only then can you get rid of the healing obstacles that stand in the way of your wellness.

Understanding and accepting that illness and disease are really nothing more than a body out of balance is the first step toward wellness and longevity. Therefore, it follows that if you are successful in helping the body regain equilibrium, the ailment will disappear.         

If this is correct, then you could logically conclude that a state of balance in the body is the magic potion that science and researchers have been seeking since the beginning of time.

The first and most important truth that needs to be embraced and accepted if optimum well-being is the goal is that all degenerative or chronic illnesses are caused by poisons, toxins, and waste that have accumulated over time.  

You have been taught that bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms cause disease. They are scavengers that can only survive on diseased or dead tissues, according to scientific theory. The result of diseases is microbes and viruses. Excessive bodily waste and toxins feed them. This explains why not everyone in an outbreak becomes sick. While individuals with dirty bodies become ill and frequently pass away, those with clean, healthy bodies remain healthy.

To cure symptoms, you contaminate your bodies with chemical medications, ignoring and failing to understand the underlying reasons.    

You must first come to terms with the truth that neither prescription medications nor medical intervention can make you healthy and prolong your life.  The innate wisdom of your own body is the only tool capable of healing.

Wellness Magazine Master Club


As exposure to metals occurs through meals, through drugs, or during work or play, it complicates the fact that environmental dangers are at an all-time high that heavy metals accumulate in the body and causes multiple health issues.

Consider how exposed you are to heavy metal toxins at work, at home, and in your daily life. Make the necessary dietary modifications and utilize any variety of cutting-edge chelation therapies to counteract long-term risks to your health. And for precisely this reason, you ought to consider whole-food formulae like Kelate as a low-risk alternative to therapy.

The Risks of Aluminum, Lead, and Mercury

Lead poisoning is unquestionably much less common than it was in the past thanks to the ban on lead-based paint for homes and the rise in the use of gasoline without lead. Low-level toxicity is still a problem, though. Lead is still released into the environment by coal-burning power plants, and like mercury and aluminum, lead accumulates in the body, which is a problem. The EPA calculates that lead in your drinking water may account for 10 to 20 percent of essential human exposure.

In the last 20 years, it has been understood that after entering the body, aluminum builds up in the brain where it kills neurons and causes memory loss. You are now exposed to higher levels of aluminum over the course of your life because of the considerable aluminum levels discovered in food emulsifiers, antiperspirant deodorants, hair sprays, baking powder, many varieties of toothpaste, much of your drinking water, and most of your cookware.

Since the time of the Roman Empire, when slaves who worked in the quicksilver mines perished horribly after two to three years of exposure, people have been aware of the risks of mercury. Mercury is one of the most dangerous metals known to humankind, and this is no secret.                                                                        There is substantial evidence that mercury reduces T-cell numbers, and numerous studies have demonstrated its negative effects on health.

This alone links it to multiple sclerosis, allergies, candida overgrowth, auto-immune illnesses, and cancer. Mercury has also been found to reduce your blood’s ability to carry oxygen by half. This would explain a lot of the cases of persistent weariness.

Mercury has a natural aversion to fetal tissue, which may explain its participation in birth abnormalities. Mercury also has an affinity for brain cells and is associated with brain cancers and dementia. The National Academy of Sciences discovered compelling evidence in 2002 that even modest levels of exposure to methylmercury are hazardous to children’s developing brains. You are exposed to several primary sources today, including dental fillings, our food supply, and the air we breathe.    

Many conventional doctors overlook the fact that your livers, kidneys, skin, and lungs, your primary detox organs, were not built to handle this degree of heavy metal contamination. In the absence of aggressive action, heavy metals enter your body and remain there.

Our natural oral chelator, Kelate, deals with the negative effects of toxic heavy metals which are frequently overlooked and ignored, and have been shown to be hazardous to our health.

Why Cracked Cell Chlorella and Cilantro?

Natural herb cilantro aids in bringing heavy metal intracellular deposits to a neutral electric charge, relaxing their strong attachment to bodily tissue, and allowing them to be flushed from the body. This is where cracked cell chlorella enters the picture.

The single-celled alga, the cracked cell wall of Chlorella is a single-celled alga. It is made from toxin-free trace elements and purified water, and it doesn’t contain any chemical additions or hazardous residues. It can absorb heavy metals and is pure food.

Cracked cell chlorella has been shown to be particularly successful in removing heavy metals from the body, the brain, the intestinal wall, the muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, and bone in research conducted in Germany. Therefore, when these two components are combined harmoniously, this herbal recipe aids in the production of effective oral chelation. Remember, whole-food detoxification continues to be the safest route of removal for dangerous heavy metals, and they do not leave the human body without support from dietary supplements.


The richest whole-food Vitamin C supplement created to date is the Zenus C-Food formula. None of the constituents provided by nature are denatured, misbranded, or compromised by Zenus. All other nutritious products cannot compare to this revolutionary formula.

Why C-Food is a Dietary Must?

Not only are C-Foods strong in vitamin C, but they are also high in all other nutrients, including fatty acids, calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, bioflavonoids, riboflavin, and a variety of amino acids. Thiamine, protein, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and zinc are other components.

Remember that the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) levels differ according to the age group, gender, and degree of activity and as a result, do not adhere to the theories of daily consumption that assume that one size fits all. When determining your total daily suggested quantity in reaction to environmental exposure to free radicals, be sure to raise your intake levels if you are exposed to cigarette smoke, air pollution, or ultraviolet light from the sun.

Most vitamin C pills are artificial and loaded with chemicals and fillers. But more significantly, the body cannot recognize synthetic vitamin C as food, and it cannot be absorbed at the cellular level.

Evidence reveals that the unique Zenus C-Food is much more potent and easily absorbed than synthetic Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or even Ester C. It is a complete food that also contains bioflavonoids and phytochemicals. A sufficient intake of vitamin C can assist in keeping your body free from infection, support strong bones and teeth, and hasten the healing process for wounds and damage to the body’s tissues.

Going it The Holistic Route

Holistic health is often considered an effective approach to treating and preventing disease because it considers the whole person; mind, body, and spirit; and recognized the interconnectedness of various aspects of health.

  • Focuses on the root cause.
  • Offers an individualized approach.
  • Integration of multiple modalities.
  • Emphasis on prevention.
  • Mind-body connection.
  • Long-term benefits.

By embracing holistic health as the greatest method to treat and prevent disease, we can revolutionize healthcare and improve the well-being of individuals worldwide. Join the movement for holistic health and empower everyone to lead healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. Together, with Zenus, you can create a world where holistic well-being is at the forefront of healthcare.

The Zenus team sincerely hopes that you will help Zenus reach a new generation that is threatened by chronic illness and that you will stand ready for yet another phase of exponential growth as people become more educated about the effectiveness of Zenus medicines. Remove the toxins, strengthen your immune system, rebalance your body, and experience wellness.

It’s that easy!