Health2 Tips to Improve Summer Wellness

2 Tips to Improve Summer Wellness

Summer is in full flow, and hopefully, most of us are feeling good and appreciating the warm rays and lazy, sweet days! That being said, there is always room for improvement, remember, we are always in a state of working progress!

Throughout summer, and beyond, it pays to watch your well-being and maintain a sense of balance in all that you do. Moderation is so important to reap the benefits of feeling and looking good.

An excess or lack of anything in your diet can affect your health quite rapidly, and within a few weeks (or less) your body will start to alarm you with physical warning signs so that you can course correct. Some warning signs to look for may include low energy levels, poor skin and breakouts, poor digestion, and low immune function. And that is the last thing you need at any time, especially over summer!

So, here are 2 tips to improve your wellness over summer, and beyond!

  1. Hydration. Hydration is crucial at any time; however, as the weather gets warmer it takes on a new priority. When the weather is warm, naturally, you will sweat more and those fluids need to be replaced. It is most common to suffer dehydration in the summer months. Think about this: have you felt thirsty today? If you have, then that is the first sign of dehydration! Other common signs of dehydration include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and a dry mouth. Sip water through the day rather than binge drink a 1-liter bottle; gradual fluid replacement enables your body to maintain hydration at a steady level through the day. Also, if you still feel thirsty or dehydrated after drinking enough water, you may have an electrolyte imbalance. An electrolyte imbalance can be highly damaging to your body, as an example, electrolytes help to regulate your heartbeat, support muscle contractions and promote the balance of acids in the body. Electrolytes are minerals in the body that have an electric charge such as sodium, magnesium, and potassium. In this case, re-hydrating with an electrolyte drink can help to restore balance.
  1. Watch your Salt and Sugar Intake. It is quite easy over summer to over-do things. Salt and sugar are two common flavor enhancers that we use in/on our foods, but there are hidden salts and sugars in many processed foods as is. Too much salt in your diet can increase your risk of heart disease and also heavily affect your levels of hydration. Going back to the previous point above, you do need some salt in your diet for electrolyte balance; the guidelines for salt intake for an adult are approximately 6 grams of salt per day- that is the equivalent of one small spoon! Not very much at all! Most adults have much more than that in their daily diet without even realizing it! The best way to manage your salt intake is to taste the food before adding salt, also, think about the type of salt you are adding to your food. Not all salts are equal, and it is best to avoid table salt- read on for more on why!

Hopefully, this doesn’t kill your summer vibe! Look after yourself, and of course, stay well, stay balanced!

Salt is the word!

As mentioned previously, not all salts are equal. Why is this important?

Our human bodies are about 60% water with a salt and mineral concentration the equivalent of seawater. And so, salt is not just salt. When you understand the reason, you’ll never sprinkle ordinary table salt again! Here are some salty facts for you!

  • Salt is sodium chloride, but in its natural state, it occurs with numerous other minerals.
  • Ordinary table salt is processed by mechanical means and it is dried at high temperatures. This is a destructive process that strips away the naturally occurring minerals. (It is also treated with anti-caking agents so that it will flow smoothly from a saltshaker- not good!).
  • As a result of the destruction of the integrity of the salt, what is left is straight sodium chloride, devoid of the natural minerals that prepare the body to accept it. What does this mean to you? It means the body doesn’t know what to do with it.

It makes sense, therefore, that we use salt with the same composition as the water in our body such as Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt®

Celtic Sea Salt is pure, unprocessed, and unrefined, and it replicates the natural mineral content of the water in your body. The composition of Celtic Sea Salt provides optimum nutrition for the normal functions of the body.

Natural sea salt also has a distinct, elegant taste that is far superior to plain table salt.

Selina Naturally offers electrolyte powders and drink packets that include key minerals and salts. AQUON Matrix® is a unique electrolyte that is triple cold filtered seawater you can drink straight from the stick for bio-available electrolytes and a hydrating boost.

“In addition to our original salts and organic seasonings, we have brought in a new Pink Potassium Cave Salt in 100% eco-friendly packaging. This delicious and unique salt contains 6% of your daily value of potassium naturally!”- Selina Naturally

Selina Naturally offers many other products for people who care about their health. Here we look at a few Selina Naturally products that are just simply better for you!

Celtic Sea Salt, Fine Ground Shaker, 8 oz

“Our 8 oz. shaker jar of fine ground Celtic sea salt can be used in a variety of ways – from an all-purpose shaker salt for the table to a recipe ingredient, for baking, pickling, and much more. It’s a must-have for your table or pantry”- Selina Naturally

  • Celtic Sea Salt is authentic, unprocessed whole salt from pristine coastal regions. With a subtle flavor and delicious taste, it’s a great all-purpose salt shaker to keep on hand on your kitchen table or in the pantry!
  • This classic salt is more nutritious than table salt, because it retains the natural balance and spectrum of essential minerals, supplying the body with over 74 vital trace minerals & elements. A sprinkle of this sea salt is a healthy addition to any dish or recipe.
  • This fine, ground sea salt is completely all-natural and has no additives. It’s not processed in any way beyond low-temperature drying and grinding. Certified Kosher, lower in sodium than table salt, and keto-friendly.

Selina Naturally’s Celtic Sea Salt is the original and most trusted brand of sea salt. It is referenced in more culinary and nutritional books and journals than any other salt in the world. Since 1976, they’ve grown into a brand that has been recommended by doctors, nutritionists, and chefs alike.

The Celtic Sea Salt Gourmet Kosher Salt, shaker, 0.5-pound (pack of 1)

The Celtic Sea Salt Gourmet Kosher is similar to Fleur de Sel, but with more integrity in Crystal structure offering a smooth crushability for ease of use. It has a well-balanced moisture and mineral content, and is supremely suitable for all culinary creations!


  • the Celtic Sea Salt Brand is highly trusted as a pantry staple. Well known for its unrefined and raw, high-quality sea salt since 1976.
  • the Celtic Sea Salt Gourmet Kosher sea salt crushes easily between your fingers and dissolves easily in low to high Temperatures. The flavor is full and rich. With “no additives ever” and is also a natural preservative and never goes bad.
  • Celtic Sea Salt includes a full spectrum of naturally occurring, essential minerals as nature intended. A certified woman-owned!
  • the Celtic Sea Salt Gourmet Kosher sea salt is excellent for all culinary creations based on the flavor and functionality of the semi-coarse diverse and delicate crystals – such as cooking, baking, cheese making, gourmet finishing, canning, and pickling!

Celtic Sea Salt® Pink Potassium Cave Salt

This Celtic Sea Salt offers superior nutrition. It is unrefined, naturally higher in potassium (6% of your daily value per serving), and lower in sodium than regular table salt. The Celtic Sea Salt product range encompasses the most exotic salts in the world that enhance the flavors and textures of any dish.

This ancient Cave sea salt by Selina Naturally is precisely made as nature planned it!

  • Superior purity: This means no bleaches or additives; the salt retains all of its original minerals and trace elements, making it worthy of its reputation.
  • Superior taste: Add to any dish without compromising your sodium restrictions, to give an added flavor.
  • Eco FRIENDLY packaging: There is no plastic in this packaging. Made with a nature flex bag, a 100% compostable cellulose Derivative that does not harm the environment.

Celtic Sea Salt® is a kitchen staple! You can use this all-purpose Pink Salt for all your cooking and baking needs, or for seasoning your meals at the table.

More soon from Selina Naturally!

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