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A cup of goodness

Over 1 billion people a day wake up with it. A need, a desire, an itch they must scratch. They stumble into their kitchens and stagger into places of business, looking first and foremost at this ritual.
This practice has been carried out for over 1,000 years, and it is performed all over the world. Once it is over, the masses feel more energized and ready to take on the day ahead.

Of course, we are talking about that cup of coffee. That first sip of the rest of your day. Someone is charging their mental faculties with this drink somewhere, no matter the time.

So much has been written about coffee that you may find you know all about it. How it’s grown, harvested, and where it comes from. But not all coffee is created equal and naturally. Not all of it is organically and ethically sourced.

Let’s dive into these topics and learn a little more about what is likely your favorite drink.

It began around 850 A.D.

According to legend, a goat herder named Khaldi noticed that his goats became alert and excitable after eating the berries of a particular evergreen tree. The usually lethargic goats would begin hopping around like bunnies on a mission. Curious, he picked some of these berries and took them to a Muslim holy man.

This man of faith turned the berries into a delicious drink and found that it kept him awake all night. Thus, was the birth of our now favorite beverage.

It wasn’t until the drink had been exported to Mocha, Yemen, around 1100 that the popularity of coffee was firmly cemented. By 1515 coffee was finally exported into Europe; by 1675, there were more than 3,000 coffee houses in England.

Did you realize that coffee houses as a social gathering point date back over 500 years?

This legendary drink has been bringing people together and motivating them for a long time; here are some facts you may not know about coffee.

  • A study found that women who consume two or three cups of coffee a day are 15% less likely to develop depression
  • In Turkey, coffee houses are called “schools for the wise.”
  • Brazil is the world’s leading coffee producer, accounting for 1/3 of the world’s coffee crop.
  • A single coffee tree only produces enough to fill a one-pound bag yearly.
  • Men who drink six or more cups of coffee daily decrease their risk of prostate cancer by 20%.
  • The word coffee derives from the Turkish word for wine – kahve.
  • Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world – oil is the first.
  • The United States, France, and Germany account for 65% of all coffee consumption worldwide.
  • Drinking coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and gout.
  • One study found that a 9-ounce serving of coffee has more antioxidants than a serving of grape juice, blueberries, raspberries, or oranges.

As most know, coffee has many benefits and very few shortcomings. The downside to coffee can mainly be sourced from the fact that it is so popular. A commodity as widely sought after as coffee tends to be grown on large tracts of land utilizing pesticides, herbicides, and sometimes questionable sustainability.

Another downfall for some is the acid content in coffee. This can be hard on your teeth, eroding the enamel and causing others an upset stomach while trying to enjoy the pleasures of coffee. And often, companies will reduce the amount of acid in their coffee using chemicals.

There is an alternative.

With the right environment and care, coffee can be grown, so it has less acid – more flavor – and is organically sourced.

Minimalist Luxe Coffee checks all these boxes – organic, sustainable, low-acid.

Created by coffee lovers for coffee lovers, Minimalist Luxe Coffee has a low acid content. It is grown organically and in a sustainable way.

This USDA organic coffee is grown high in the mountains of Papua New Guinea on a single farm.

Brought to you by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers Minimalist Luxe Coffee will change what you think great coffee can be. The 100% Arabica single-origin beans are well known for their superior quality and purity. Since they are grown on a single farm, this cuts out the need for massive corporate oversight. Thus, ensuring care and sustainable practices are used to develop these beans.

Very smooth and delicious coffee. I will not buy another coffee brand again – Mark T. King

Another secret to the truly magnificent flavor of this coffee is the environment in which they are grown.

This is shade-grown coffee.

What does that mean?

Shade-grown coffee plants work within the natural environment, where the shade trees provide and enhance the growing environment. The shade trees allow for the absorption of more nutrients by the coffee plants. And they naturally protect the trees from environmental hazards and pests. Therefore, this coffee is produced using no pesticides or herbicides.

I really loved this coffee. It was the freshest beans I have ever smelled. I am going to make this my go-to brand – Jason C.

The beans you will find inside a bag of Minimalist Luxe Coffee are precisely how nature intended them to taste. They are Kosher and have zero added – anything. Just pure, amazingly smooth coffee – grind them any way you wish, from a drip brew to espresso and even a refillable K-cup.

I decided to try this coffee since I just bought a pour-over coffee maker and a bean grinder. Oh my goodness! What a great cup of coffee. It is as smooth as silk with no bitter aftertaste. The rich bold flavor will make you want another cup. I recommend this coffee to anyone that appreciates a good quality coffee – Loving Life

You will love this coffee so much that Minimalist Luxe guarantees it. If you do not find this one of the best cups of coffee you have ever had, just send them back for a full refund. What coffee brand have you ever heard of that offers that?

As I am drinking this coffee I am writing this review. It’s a bold beautiful flavor and isn’t overpowering, it is not bitter at all. You can tell that it’s low acid from drinking it. I normally put on some creamer like skim milk, or half and half, but this coffee doesn’t need it. Many people don’t realize that great coffee doesn’t need anything added to it to make it better, it tastes great all by itself……Richard Cancelliere.

These reviews are just a few of the dozens on Amazon, leading to a 4.5-star rating.

So, don’t hesitate to up your coffee game and try a brew made from beans the way they were meant to taste.

Clean, pure, and natural goodness inside every bag, for a difference, you will be able to see, smell, and taste.

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