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A Different World Awaits!

Welcome to a realm where style meets convenience! Imagine a world where your wardrobe dreams become reality without lifting a finger. Step into the realm of personalized shopping experiences tailored exclusively to your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle. Whether it’s revamping your closet, finding the perfect ensemble for a special occasion, or simply staying ahead in the fashion game, let me be your style curator, navigating the fashion universe to bring your unique vision to life.

Embrace the art of self-expression through curated style that reflects the truest essence of who you are. Unveil your individuality and confidence with personalized styling sessions designed to elevate your fashion game. From refining your signature look to exploring new trends and fashion statements, together, let’s embark on a journey of sartorial discovery. Let the power of style transform not just your wardrobe, but the way you feel about yourself every single day.

Experience the ultimate fusion of convenience and sophistication with a bespoke service that blends the art of personal shopping and styling. Delve into a world where your unique fashion aspirations are not just met but exceeded. Picture a wardrobe that resonates with your personality, a collection that tells your story effortlessly. Allow me to craft a personalized fashion journey, seamlessly intertwining impeccable style and individuality, redefining the way you perceive and embrace fashion.

Swizzle and Chill with Tiffany

Top of Form
The creative force of Swizzle and Chill is Tiffany. Even though she occasionally has a small, family-oriented team of assistants, she is always the first person to call when you need help and is always willing and able to provide it. Given Tiffany’s experience in the fashion industry, styling, communications, and business, she seemed a good fit for Swizzle & Chill. As the owner of a family-run fashion shop for nearly twelve years, she maintained ongoing contact with the industry and developed contacts that have become Swizzle and Chill’s regular customers. With no geographical restrictions, Swizzle and Chill is always there to help anyone in need of individualized support—or, as Swizzle and Chill like to refer to them, tailored experiences.

Growing up on a small, affluent, and well-traveled island, Tiffany realized early on how difficult it was to get hold of the precise things she required within a limited amount of time. Almost everything had to be imported, therefore you had to take a chance when looking for what you really wanted at the few local businesses. The challenges of local purchasing ignited a yearning to really find a needle in a haystack at a young age. There was never a chance to settle. Her family would stock up on items unavailable at home before every trip; they would even find gifts for neighbors, acquaintances, and family. The internet changed the game and opened up unexplored avenues, the only problem being shipping to her island but with time, that issue became a mere memory as internet shopping took off.

Having worked in the communications sector, personal styling, retail fashion, and all aspects of business, this idea seemed obvious!

Swizzle and Chill provides a wide range of tailored styling and shopping services to individuals of all backgrounds. Regardless of how big, tiny, or unimportant one may believe something to be, they are prepared to help. They provide their services from the convenience of your home and to clients all over the world. From start to finish, Swizzle and Chill can personally discover, shop, combine, and ship everything straight to your door, genuinely making the process stress-free.

Their objective is to directly contribute to closing a gap, in whatever form that may take, and to help transform the global retail industry.

Luxury retail encounters and well-chosen fashion pieces are undoubtedly things that Swizzle and Chill treasure. In the field of personal styling, they have styled and helped many people become the greatest versions of themselves by figuring out what clothes fit their individuality and sense of style. Numerous things need to be taken into account, such as your personality, ideal color scheme, body shape, and the silhouettes that would work best for you. In the end, nothing beats witnessing that “glow” gradually resurface on a client’s face and in their body language, which is why the staff is always prepared and happy to prioritize style.

Past Client Experiences

Tiffany shared some experiences with us in her own words:

“A client came to us with a handful of shopping needs. He wanted a specific handbag from Paris, France, a specific high-end belt which we located in Miami, a pair of pants for his son, and a budgeted allowance-worth of casual shirts of our choosing, which were also for his son. While he provided these listed items, he also relied on our fashionable expertise to guarantee he was in fact, on the correct path. In the end, we accomplished everything on his list, strategically consolidated and packaged everything, and shipped it off

to his international residence. This process allowed for a stress-free environment on his end, knowing that his shopping list, needs, and wants were in good hands. In the end, he couldn’t thank us enough.”

“Another client came to us requesting assistance with household appliances and renovation essentials, to be purchased and shipped to his home abroad, asking if we could assist, which absolutely we could. Another client came to us requesting we personally shop for all of the people on their Christmas list, and once again, this is absolutely something we do, and so we did. Each and every experience differs from the previous and the next, and comes with guaranteed personal communication and media throughout the process. If something doesn’t sit right for the customer, or they have second thoughts about a specific item, color-way or style, all can be made right prior to shipping. We are here and dedicated to the stress-free process of getting each and every client what it is that they need, want, and choose to “hide from their husband” (we’ve heard it time and time again….it never gets old!).”

Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping sounds easy enough, but it can get extremely complicated, especially if the client doesn’t really know what they want. Swizzle and Chill offer a variety of Personal Shopping experiences to suit every shopper.

  • Specific List Shopping

Despite knowing what you need, you are unable to locate it nearby.  You’ve created the list, double-checked it, and asked Swizzle and Chill to handle the remaining tasks.  Your “listed” items will be located, bought, consolidated, carefully packaged, and shipped to you.  Easy-peasy—one, two, done! 

  • Casual List Shopping

You are clear about what you want, but you need direction, confirmation, or someone to take charge entirely.  Yes, Swizzle and Chill will take care of this too.  Tell the team what you hope to achieve in the end, then take a seat back, unwind, and let them handle the rest.  Swizzle and Chill guarantee that you won’t be misled.

  • Outlet Mall Shopping

Outlet shopping is a terrific method to get recognized goods in larger quantities for less money.  Even though the actual buying process occasionally requires more time and patience, the outcome is typically more satisfying and rewarding.  Since it can be difficult to keep up with a child’s growth and size, outlet shopping is a terrific way to find clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

  • Large Retailer, In-Store Shopping

Macy’s, Target, Anthropologie, Dillard’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Costco, Lowe’s, and Home Depot are a few of Swizzle and Chill’s favorites (and places they visit frequently).  These are but a handful, illustrating the countless options available to you for in-store shopping, purchases, and carry-out experiences with Swizzle and Chill.  One advantage of buying in person at a real store, according to research, is that prices are frequently far lower than those found online since physical stores often provide exclusive discounts and promotions to in-store customers.  On this one, Swizzle and Chill has got you covered!

  • Luxury Retailer Shopping

One of the largest traps when attempting to order or buy luxury goods from respectable luxury stores is that they absolutely do not ship to Bermuda.  From where you are sitting, the Swizzle and Chill team have experienced this precise scenario, and endured the frustration.  Package consolidation services and freight forwarders were out of the question.  Thus, this is undoubtedly the Swizzle and Chill role.  They can shop directly for you and pick up the items you’re looking for or they can act as your middleman.  The rest is easy, and before you know it, your new fashionable buy will be placed on your doorstep.

  • Non-Perishable Grocery Shopping

Swizzle and Chill constantly hear it!  Non-perishable grocery items are purchased in bulk by many Bermudians, who then have their purchases transported to Bermuda.  Do you or someone you know seem familiar with this situation? Swizzle and Chill is prepared to assist you in whatever way they can. They can offer you an accurate, economical purchasing and shipping experience.  They will buy the items on your list in-store in the correct amounts, hand-consolidate, pack, and send right to your door.

Personal Styling

You’ve come to the right spot whether you need a thorough makeover or just a little TLC!  Swizzle and Chill recognize that living on an island can be very restrictive, but they are here to assist with a plethora of readily available solutions.

  • Complete Overhaul

If you need an entirely new wardrobe, this is for you.

While doing so, Swizzle and Chill can help you update your closet to better suit your current style and sizing requirements.

  • The Spruce

If you need to update or add a few essential pieces to your collection, this is for you.  Swizzle and Chill can assist with on-trend styles or help you maintain your style options throughout time.  All are wise decisions that are entirely up to you.

  • Event Specific

If you need to be dressed for a particular event, this is for you.  Swizzle and Chill can help you from head to toe, making sure every detail of your look is flawless.

  • Styling it Forward (Maternity)

Being a mother can be really difficult when you live in Bermuda.  This is for the soon-to-be mother who needs a maternity wardrobe that includes everything from everyday essentials to more sophisticated pieces.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

As your personal shopping aficionado, Swizzle and Chill is dedicated to curating the perfect selection of clothing items that seamlessly align with your lifestyle as well as anything else from cutting-edge gadgets to exquisite home décor and even groceries., Let’s redefine shopping as an art of tailored perfection.

Discover your unique style and elevate your wardrobe today! Experience the difference of personalized shopping and styling. Redefine your look with Swizzle and Chill.  Schedule your consultation now and step into a wardrobe that reflects your personality and confidence!









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