BeautyA discovery from 400 years ago that’s still used today

A discovery from 400 years ago that’s still used today

It seemed like there was no end in sight. Henry Wicker looked up at the bright blue and cloudless sky. He took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. The cloudless sky, typically welcomed this time of year, was foreboding of more trouble.

The drought had produced a stranglehold on everything in the area, and months had passed without rain. Crops were withering, and the harvest looked to be a dismal one this year. And most of the people in this area were suffering.

Among the creatures suffering were Henry’s cattle. He continually had to drive them further and further to find water.

If something didn’t change, then his cattle would die.

Kirkman – Epsom Salt Cream

Henry pushed his herd farther than he had ever done. There must be a water source somewhere over the next ridge. His footsteps crunched on the dry grass with every step. The bright uninhibited sun beat down upon him, causing him to sweat and tire. He pulled a long drink from his water skin and continued.

He walked behind his cattle, from one side to the next, keeping them in as straight of a line as possible. As his cattle vanished down the other side of the next hill — a new area for him — he held out a bit of hope. He said a little prayer and reached the top.

Relief washed over him. There, nestled in a small valley, was a pond. “Eureka,” he thought to himself. Finally, a bright light in what seemed to be a hopelessly dry summer. He drove his cattle down to the edge of the pond. He anxiously waited for them to drink greedily from this pool of liquid salvation.

However, much to his surprise, his thirsty beasts did not drink. They sniffed at the water and waded in it to cool themselves. Yet, they didn’t drink.

“What in the blue blazes is this,” Henry said aloud. “Drink,” he yelled at the stubborn lumbering cattle. Still, as though they didn’t understand what to do, they did not drink.

Henry Wicker got down to the pool. Some of his cattle were still splashing in it and cooling themselves. He found a clear area that hadn’t been disturbed and scooped up the water with his cupped hand. Henry took a large drink and immediately spat it out.

The water was extremely bitter.

No wonder the cattle wouldn’t drink. It was bitter, like Henry had never tasted from a water source. His dreams of finding a good water source for his herd were dashed.

Disheveled, exhausted, and distraught, Henry returned to his home village. Once there, in the town of Epsom, about 15 miles from London, Henry relayed the story to friends and family.

Interest grew in this unusual water. And as the villagers began experimenting with it, they found something odd. When it was boiled off, the water left behind a peculiar mineral. And it was discovered that drinking the water worked well for purging the bowels.

This bitter water also began to be used to heal skin sores. Over time this water became a source of healing for the town. And it quickly had spas professing the healing power of a miraculous compound called — Epsom Salt.

This was the year 1615, and this tale was told throughout the history of using Epsom salt. Whether this is precisely how it happened, there is no doubt that Epsom, England, is the birthplace of this beautiful compound, used throughout the world today.

Kirkman – Epsom Salt Cream

Epsom Salt — what is it?  

The discovery of Epsom salt spread, and scientists began to study its properties. It’s a chemical compound that is made up of sulfur, magnesium, and oxygen.

Epsom salt is commonly dissolved in baths and is sometimes referred to as “bath salts.” Even though the name implies it’s salt, it’s completely different from table salt. It has a salt look, yet it’s very bitter and unpalatable. And some still prefer to dissolve it in water and drink it, though adding it to food is not suggested.

Epsom salt has been used since its discovery to treat such ailments as electrolyte imbalances, constipation, and eclampsia. It can be useful in treating other ailments though it has not been thoroughly researched.

Most of Epsom salt’s benefits are attributed to magnesium, a mineral that most individuals don’t get enough of.

How does Epsom salt work?

Dissolving Epsom salt in water releases magnesium and sulfate ions. The idea is that these particles are absorbed through your skin and can provide temporary relief for specific ailments.

Epsom salt dissolved in a warm water bath is the standard way to use this compound. However, it can be used in creams or by mouth as a laxative.

How the Magnesium in Epsom salt could help you.

Magnesium itself is used in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. So, it’s an essential mineral. It’s also the fourth most abundant mineral in the body.

Magnesium is known to cause muscle relaxation and promote healthy nerve cell function within the muscle. Many claim that magnesium is better absorbed through the skin to target areas of soreness and aching.

Relieving soreness and muscle cramps is important for exercise recovery. And it’s well known that magnesium helps increase the available glucose in the blood, muscles, and brain while reducing the amount of lactic acid in the muscles.

This is why athletes and those enduring physical training often soak themselves in an Epsom salt bath.

Epsom salt reduces pain and swelling.

Many people report that using Epsom salt improves symptoms of fibromyalgia and arthritis. Again, the magnesium in Epsom salt seems to be the source of this relief. Many people with fibromyalgia and arthritis are deficient in this mineral.

The safety of Epsom salt.

When used on the skin, no side effects are noted with Epsom salts. It’s been trusted for 400 years.

Make sure to use a quality product when deciding which form of Epsom salt to use. There is a company out there with a long history of quality that makes a great cream from this beautiful compound. Their history doesn’t stretch back 400 years. Nonetheless, it’s pretty impressive.

Seven decades of quality.

Since 1949 Kirkman has been manufacturing nutritional supplements. They have become the leader in products designed especially for those with specific dietary needs and sensitivities in that vast expanse.

Kirkman has long been considered a leader in this field, and its reputation as a quality manufacturer is second to none. They have invested heavily in the latest technologies and equipment to ensure their customers receive only the finest available products.

And if that wasn’t enough, in 2011, Kirkman introduced the Ultra-Tested® line of products. These products are subject to the most rigorous purity testing in the nutritional supplement industry. This testing checks for environmental contaminants and far exceeds FDA requirements or any current commercial standard testing.

Here are the things Kirkman tests for that the FDA doesn’t even require:

  • 24 different heavy metals
  • Bacteria, yeast, and mold
  • Allergens – including casein, gluten, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, and sesame.
  • Harmful chemicals such as – insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, biocides, endocrine disruptors, and other harmful chemicals.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of quality and effectiveness, Kirkman has developed over 400 formulations in the last 50 years. This ensures that they are continually meeting the needs of their customers with greater variety and continual improvement.

Here are two choices from Kirkman that highlight their passion for excellence and continued status as one of the most respected providers of nutritional supplements. And they are happy to make an Epsom salt cream available to you, dear reader, that has garnered hundreds of five-star reviews for its effectiveness and, of course, Kirkman quality.

Epson Salt Cream

Wellness Magazine Master Club

A non-greasy, non-burning, and non-staining cream without odor. Use it for all your muscle aches, pains, and relaxation needs.

  • Ultra Tested and cGMP Regulations.
  • Formulated for easy absorption.
  • Gluten and Casein free

And according to the data, Kirkman’s Epsom Salt cream gives you up to 100 times the amount of magnesium sulfate as other leading brands. 1 gram of cream provides 100mg of magnesium, giving you all the long-known benefits of Epsom Salt.

This is a great way to take a relaxing-walking Epsom Salt bath.

Check out this great testimonial. It’s one of the hundreds that Kirkman has received.

Got rid of my nighttime leg cramps

I found I was using the wrong kind of magnesium for leg cramps and bought this. I rub some on at night, and no more cramps. If I forget and get cramps, I’ll rub some on and they go right away.

Whether you want to use it post-workout or for regular cramps, aches, or pains, this cream continues to prove its effectiveness. Here’s another testimonial from another satisfied customer.


This is wow! my son hated sitting in the bath for long to soak in Epsom salt. This cream is so easy to use. we use it daily just before sleep and only a tiny amount of cream is required. The package is perfect and has given benefits in quality sleep.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to relieve aches and pains. If you are looking for something to help soothe and relax your muscle.

Look no further than this fine cream, brought to you by Kirkman, a trusted name for nearly 75 years.

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