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A Holiday Tale of Peace; the Angry Unicorn Tumbler

In a pretty town, lived two individuals with vastly different backgrounds, each on their unique journey through life. Isaac, a dedicated martial artist, spent his days honing his skills. His passion for martial arts was not just a physical pursuit but a way of life, instilled in him since childhood by his wise and disciplined grandfather. On the other side of town resided Eliana, a warm-hearted housewife devoted to creating a haven of comfort and love for her family. Her days were filled with the joy of taking care of her home and nurturing her two energetic children. Though content, Eliana sometimes found herself longing for moments of stillness within the hurry and hum of daily life.

As the holiday season approached, Isaac and Eliana couldn’t help but feel a shared sentiment, the need for a little more quietness in their lives. Isaac, after long hours of training, craved a space to unwind and reflect. Eliana, during the holiday preparations, longed for a moment of respite where she could enjoy a warm cup of tea and savor the festive atmosphere. Enter the Angry Unicorn Stainless Steel Tumbler, a product destined to bring solace to both Isaac’s and Eliana’s lives. The double-walled marvel was not just a tumbler; it was a vessel of tranquility, designed to keep beverages at the perfect temperature for extended periods.

A Solution More Than a Product

Isaac, tired from his rigorous training sessions, often found himself wishing for a reviving sip of his favorite herbal tea. The Angry Unicorn Tumbler, with its 20 oz capacity, promised to keep his tea hot for up to 8 hours, offering him a moment of amnesty to reflect on his day’s achievements and challenges. Meanwhile, Eliana, immersed in the holiday preparations, yearned for a companion that could keep her warm beverage just right while she adorned her home with festive decorations. Steel tumbler box caught her eye, a beautiful, functional piece that would not only keep her coffee warm during those chilly winter mornings but also add a touch of elegance to her holiday rituals. The Angry Unicorn Stainless Steel Tumbler became more than a product; it became a solution to Isaac and Eliana’s shared desire for moments of peace and comfort. As the holiday discounts and gift-giving spirit approached, the tumbler emerged as the perfect present for individuals like them, caught in the whirlwind of their respective pursuits.

Imagine Isaac, after an intense training session, finding solace in the warmth of his favorite beverage, contemplating his achievements. Picture Eliana, surrounded by the joyful chaos of the holidays, stealing a quiet moment with her beautifully adorned tumbler, savoring the festive spirit. As the holiday season unfolded, the Angry Unicorn Stainless Steel Tumbler became not just a personal indulgence but a thoughtful gift. Friends and family, aware of Isaac and Eliana’s pursuits and desires, joined the movement of gifting these functional yet elegant tumblers, spreading a sense of peace and joy. As the holidays approach, consider the story of Isaac and Eliana. Reflect on your journey and the moments of tranquility you seek. Perhaps, the steel tumbler cup is not just a product for you, it’s an invitation to gift yourself, or a loved one, the simple yet profound joy of moments well-spent.

Representatives of Quietness

As the holiday spirit enveloped the town, Isaac and Eliana found themselves not only enjoying their fresh moments of calmness but also becoming ambassadors of the steel coffee tumbler. Their friends, inspired by the visible impact on Isaac’s reflective moments and Eliana’s serene holiday rituals, began to express interest in these remarkable tumblers. Eager to share the solution to their shared desire for peaceful breaks, Isaac and Eliana hosted a small gathering, where the star of the evening was undeniably the Angry Unicorn Tumbler. Isaac demonstrated the practicality of the 20 oz tumbler, its sleek design, and the way it seamlessly fit into his martial arts routine. Eliana, with her contagious enthusiasm, spoke about the joy of sipping a warm beverage from the charming Tumbler in the middle of the joyful uproar.

Their friends were captivated not only by the functionality of the tumblers but also by the story behind Em and Raea, a brand that prioritized inspiration, creativity, and community support by offering stainless steel tumbler benefits. The fact that each purchase contributed to local organizations resonated deeply, turning the act of gifting into a meaningful gesture of support for the community.

Thoughtful Gift

As the holiday discounts kicked in, the movement to embrace the Angry Unicorn Stainless Steel Tumbler spread further. Isaac’s martial arts community began to incorporate the tumblers into their routines, symbolizing not just a practical accessory but a commitment to well-being and mindfulness. Eliana’s fellow housewives found solace in the thought that a beautifully designed tumbler could be a personal sanctuary amidst their busy lives. Em and Raea’s tumblers, once solutions to individual needs, became symbols of thoughtful gifting during the holiday season. Isaac and Eliana, initially seeking moments of peace, involuntarily became influencers of well-being, spreading the joy of finding serenity in the little things. As you enter this season of giving, consider the story of Isaac and Eliana. Reflect on the moments of peace and comfort you seek, and think about the impact a simple yet considerate gift can have on someone’s life. The Angry Unicorn Stainless Steel Tumbler isn’t just a product; it’s an embodiment of shared moments, tranquility, and the spirit of community support.

As you navigate the holiday discounts and think about the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, let the Angry Unicorn Stainless Steel Tumbler be more than just a product, let it be a source of joy, a catalyst for reflection, and a symbol of the simple yet profound moments that make life truly special. Gift yourself, or someone you care about, the warmth and tranquility encapsulated in every sip from these exceptional tumblers.

Em and Raea

A visionary brand born in the scenic town of Birnamwood, Wisconsin, was brought to life in January 2022 by the passionate entrepreneur Jerica Kosky. This brand, founded on the principles of beauty, creativity, comfort, freedom, and quality family time, emerged from Jerica’s desire to inspire others and make a positive impact on the local community. At the heart of Em and Raea is the commitment to supporting local organizations through generous donations, amplifying their efforts to create a better community. Jerica’s motivation goes beyond business success; it’s about fostering a sense of inspiration and empowerment, especially for her daughters, whose nicknames inspired the brand’s name. Em and Raea offer a diverse range of products and services, available both locally at craft and vendor fairs and globally through their user-friendly website. Serving customers throughout the United States, the brand provides convenient shipping options as well as a local pick-up for those in the Birnamwood, WI area.

A standout product from Em and Raea is the Angry Unicorn 20 Oz double-walled stainless-steel tumbler. Tailored for the bold individual who embraces honesty and self-expression, this tumbler exudes a sense of calmness and well-being. Whether enjoying coffee, tea, or water, the tumbler’s advanced insulation keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 8 hours. With its generous capacity, this tumbler becomes a daily companion in promoting hydration and overall well-being.

Em and Raea isn’t just a brand; it’s a testament to Jerica Kosky’s dedication to her family, community, and the pursuit of dreams. By offering products that blend functionality with inspiration, Em and Raea invites customers to embark on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and well-deserved moments of tranquility. Em and Raea is not merely a business venture; it is a manifestation of Jerica’s unwavering commitment to instill in her daughters the belief that dreams are achievable through hard work, moral integrity, and perseverance. This ethos permeates every facet of Em and Raea’s operations, ensuring that each product tells a story of aspiration and determination. Since its inception in 2022, Em and Raea has evolved into a brand that resonates with those seeking more than just products; it’s a lifestyle. The online platform serves as a gateway to a world where beauty, creativity, and comfort intertwine seamlessly. This digital storefront allows customers to bring a piece of Em and Raea’s ethos into their homes, regardless of their geographical location.

The steel tumbler drinkware is emblematic of Em and Raea’s commitment to merging functionality with individuality. It’s not just a vessel for beverages; it’s a statement. A declaration that embracing one’s authenticity leads to a sense of tranquility and focus on the journey toward inner peace and well-being. This philosophy extends beyond the product itself, forming a bond between Em and Raea and its customers, a shared understanding of the importance of self-expression.

The Pink or Teal Ombre Highland Cow 40 oz tumbler expands Em and Raea’s narrative, weaving in the beauty of farm life and the importance of self-motivation. With a generous capacity, this tumbler serves as a reminder to prioritize personal health and wellness. The Highland Cow, draped in floral elegance, embodies the symbiosis of nature and self-care, creating a positive and soothing visual experience. Em and Raea’s commitment to the community extends beyond commerce. With every purchase, customers contribute to local initiatives, making them active participants in the brand’s mission to uplift and support. This community-centric approach reflects Jerica’s vision of a brand that not only provides products but also fosters connections and positive change.

As Em and Raea continue to grow, it remains rooted in its founding principles. It is a brand that transcends the transactional, inviting customers into a world where inspiration and community are as essential as the products themselves. Em and Raea isn’t just a brand; it’s a testament to the belief that, through shared values and a commitment to personal and collective well-being, dreams can indeed become a reality.

Our Product

Angry Unicorn Stainless Steel Tumbler

  • Double-walled stainless steel for superior insulation
  • Retains drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 8 hours
  • Sleek design, perfect for on-the-go and daily use
  • Ideal for coffee, tea, or water
  • Encourages self-expression and authenticity

Instants of Calmness in Demanding Lives

The article introduces us to Isaac, a dedicated martial artist, and Eliana, a nurturing housewife, both seeking moments of tranquility in their busy lives. As the holiday season approaches, their paths converge with the introduction of the Angry Unicorn Stainless Steel Tumbler. Isaac, desiring reflective moments after training, and Eliana, seeking serenity amid holiday preparations, find solace in the double-walled tumblers designed to maintain beverage temperature for extended periods. The story unfolds as these products become not just vessels for beverages but solutions to the shared need for peace. With holiday discounts approaching, Isaac and Eliana unintentionally become ambassadors, inspiring friends to embrace these tumblers as thoughtful gifts. The Em and Raea brand, rooted in principles of creativity and community support, adds depth to the narrative, turning the act of gifting into a meaningful gesture. The summary encapsulates the journey of Isaac and Eliana, illustrating how the Angry Unicorn Stainless Steel Tumbler transforms into a symbol of well-being, shared moments, and community spirit during the holiday season.









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