Family HealthA Natural Authentic Way to Support Your Child's Health

A Natural Authentic Way to Support Your Child’s Health

Unveiling Nature’s Healing Marvels: Ancient Herbs for Your Family’s Health

Sleepless nights.

Chaotic screams.

The small pitter-patter of feet running wild in the house.

Are you ever worried about your child falling ill? Not sleeping? Fussing and feeling overwhelmed?  If so, there’s a safe and effective way to take care of your family’s well-being – secret ancient herbs! These remarkable plants have been treasured for years, and they still have plenty to offer in our modern world!

Long ago, people from different corners of the world, like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Native Americans, knew a lot about herbs. They saw them as nature’s treasures. And actually, they were onto something! These herbs are like little bundles of special stuff (we call them bioactive compounds) that can do amazing things for our bodies. Flavonoids, terpenoids, alkaloids – these incredible helpers do all sorts of good, supporting our immune system, keeping us calm and collected, helping our tummy feel better, and so much more.

What’s even cooler about these ancient herbs is that they’re gentle on our bodies. Unlike some medicines that can sometimes cause not-so-great side effects, herbs treat us with kindness. They work in harmony with our natural system to keep everything in balance.

Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that about 13.2% of children aged 3-17 in the United States were diagnosed with anxiety disorder back in 2016? And get this – an estimated 2.9 million of these children were taking medication for their anxiety. But before you consider those medications, let’s talk about a fantastic alternative – herbs!

Yes! Herbal remedies have been used for years to help calm those jitters and bring smiles back to our little ones’ faces. With their natural powers and gentle touch, herbs can be a safer and more effective option to support your child’s well-being.

The herbalists at Cedar Bear (they’re like plant experts) understand the secrets of these ancient herbs better than anyone else. They use a mix of scientific know-how and experience to choose just the right herbs for us. It’s like creating a special mix of nature’s goodness – no magic wands or capes needed! These personalized herbal remedies are exactly what our bodies need. Find out more and learn about the amazing couple that has revolutionized the herbal world to offer you more potent, authentic, and safer formulations for your children.

The Timeless Wisdom Of Herbal Remedies

Throughout history, people from all around the world have loved using herbs to nurture their health and feel awesome. These fascinating plants have special things inside them that can work wonders for our bodies! Herbalists have been taking out all the good stuff from these herbs to create cool things like tinctures and extracts. One way they do it is by using alcohol – it’s like soaking herbs in alcohol to get all their herbal goodness out. But guess what? This old-fashioned way has some hiccups. Here’s what was found:

  • Tricky Loss of Goodness: Alcohol can sometimes take away the power of herbal goodness, making herbal products less effective at keeping us healthy.
  • Not-So-Yummy Taste: Alcohol-based herbal stuff can taste bitter and not so great, especially for children and folks who don’t like the flavor of alcohol. We all want something that tastes great, right?
  • Special Diets Matter: Some folks have certain dietary needs or preferences, like gluten-free or alcohol-free. We want herbal products that fit everyone’s needs!

At Cedar Bear Naturals, we know you care about what goes into your herbal products. So, we listened to your concerns and did some serious research. Our hearts swelled with pride when we came up with something totally awesome – the TincTract® process! A groundbreaking method that takes herbal goodness to a whole new level – all without a drop of alcohol! It sounds like magic, but it’s real science! So, you can enjoy all the amazing benefits of herbs without any alcohol worries.

The TincTract® Process That Preserves Nature’s Integrity

The TincTract® process is not just your regular tincture or extract – oh no! It’s a whole new approach that combines the ancient wisdom of alchemy with modern scientific smarts. Pretty amazing, right?

We use a special method, step by step, to make our herbal products. And there’s no alcohol involved! Instead, we use glycerin, a non-alcohol solvent, to keep all the herbal goodness intact, without any alcohol downsides.

Times are changing, and we’re leading the way! Cedar Bear Naturals is all about the herbal revolution. With our TincTract® process, we’re creating herbal products that are safer, alcohol-free, and perfect for folks who care about their health.

The Power of Cedar Bear for Kids Products

Our line of herbal supplements is specially crafted with your child’s well-being in mind, using only three simple and pure ingredients.

Discover a delightful and effective way to support your child’s health naturally – our alcohol-free Brainy & Bright and Chamomile Calmer! These two popular liquid herbal formulas are specially crafted to cater to your child’s specific needs.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Brainy & Bright:

For those energetic little ones who need a little help staying focused and calm, Brainy & Bright is the perfect companion. This all-natural herbal formula is crafted to calm young minds and bodies, allowing your child to concentrate better on mental and physical activities. With adaptogens and the nervous system soothers. Brainy & Bright supports your child’s total well-being and can be taken daily.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Chamomile Calmer:

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is for children’s growth and development. Chamomile Calmer is a soothing liquid herbal formula that helps ease nerves, tummies, and promotes restful sleep. This gentle blend of calming and relaxing herbs can be a wonderful addition to your child’s bedtime routine, ensuring a peaceful night’s rest.

Benefits of Herbs for Kids: A Natural Solution

Using herbs for kids offers numerous benefits for their health and overall well-being:

  • Natural and Safe: Herbs are derived from plants, making them a naturally safe choice for kids. Cedar Bear for Kids products are thoughtfully crafted to provide the goodness of herbs without any harmful additives.
  • Time-Tested Effectiveness: Throughout history, herbs have been used to support children’s health, and their effectiveness is well-documented. Cedar Bear for Kids products draw on this rich tradition, offering safe and effective herbal support for your child’s needs.
  • Delicious and Kid-Friendly: We understand the importance of making health routines enjoyable for kids. Cedar Bear for Kids products are made with natural flavors, ensuring that your little ones will love taking them.

Tips for Using Herbs for Kids

When using herbs for kids, it’s essential to do so with care and consideration. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Start Small: Always begin with a small dose of herbs and gradually increase it as needed. This allows you to gauge your child’s response and ensure their comfort.
  • Consult with Your Doctor: Before introducing any new supplement, including herbs, into your child’s routine, it’s best to consult with your doctor. They can offer personalized guidance based on your child’s specific health needs.
  • Choose Trustworthy Brands: When selecting herbal products for your kids, choose reputable brands like Cedar Bear for Kids. Our commitment to quality and genuine herbalism ensures your child receives the best.

At Cedar Bear Naturals, we are passionate about your child’s well-being. Our Brainy & Bright and Chamomile Calmer are crafted with love and expertise, embodying the essence of real herbalism while embracing modern science. Trust in Cedar Bear for Kids products to provide the natural support your child deserves.

Who is Cedar Bear?

Meet Carl Robinson, a true pioneer in herbal extraction. He had a brilliant idea to change how we process herbs. With his vast knowledge and experience, he created the amazing TincTract® process. It’s not magic, It’s clever science – drawing out all the pure goodness from each herb. This groundbreaking method, rooted in ancient herbal wisdom, makes Cedar Bear Naturals truly exceptional. Our company is founded, run, and formulated by herbal experts. Every step is filled with passion and expertise.

Now, say hello to Jhoane Robinson, our visionary CEO. She’s the driving force behind the fantastic TincTract® formulations and Cedar Bear company. With unwavering dedication and a love for herbalism, Jhoane set out to revolutionize the herbal industry.

After years of careful research and hard work, Carl and Jhoane perfected the TincTract® process, preserving the full potency of herbs without any alcohol. This incredible innovation has earned Cedar Bear Naturals FDA approval and cGMP certification. Not to mention, we’re proud to be vegan, halal, and kosher-compliant. That’s why we’re a trusted name in the herbal products market.

Give Your Child The Gift Of Cedar Bear For Kids

At Cedar Bear, we cherish your child’s well-being. Our products are made with organic, wild-crafted, and quality-assured herbs. You can trust that we use real and authentic ingredients for your child’s safety.

So, why wait? Embrace the wisdom of traditional herbs, powered by our innovative TincTract® process.

Give your child the gift of natural health and wellness with Brainy & Bright and Chamomile Calmer from Cedar Bear for Kids. These two incredible herbal formulas have been carefully crafted to cater to your child’s specific needs.

With Brainy & Bright, your little one can stay focused, calm, and shine bright every day! And with Chamomile Calmer, you can soothe their nerves, tummy, and help them drift off to restful sleep. Say goodbye to worry and embrace the power of herbs. With Cedar Bear for Kids, you’re choosing safe, effective, and alcohol-free solutions that have stood the test of time.

Join countless parents who have already experienced the magic of these herbal wonders. Your child’s health deserves the best – trust in the authentic and natural herbal remedies from Cedar Bear for Kids.

Buy Brainy & Bright and Chamomile Calmer today and watch your child thrive!

Let nature’s goodness be the gift you give your child!

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