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A Symphony for Your Skin

As the moon gracefully rises and winter’s gentle touch embraces the world, it is time to give your skin the tender care it deserves. Nightfall is where your dreams and nourishment intertwine, where each night becomes a canvas for the restoration and radiance of your skin with the Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream. The cream is more than just skincare, it’s like a lullaby for your complexion. As you drift into slumber, let the gentle caress of the Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream soothe and hydrate, while nature’s finest ingredients work their nocturnal miracles. Wake up to a refreshed canvas, as if the night has whispered secrets of beauty into your skin.

The Wild Winter Blend is a harmonious symphony of hydration and protection against the elements. Picture a blend of rich emollients and nourishing extracts, cocooning your skin. Embrace the magic of natural skincare that invites you to nurture not just your skin, but your soul. It is time to indulge in a tale as old as time, the story of your skin, woven with the threads of nature’s elegance.

Open the door to a world where the magic of nature meets wellness. This is where your skin’s dreams take center stage, and each application is an invitation to nurture your inner and outer glow.

Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream

The power of seven botanicals, carefully chosen from the organic Slow Botanical Garden and sustainably obtained from the wild, goes into making the Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream. One by one, each bloom and leaf is meticulously chosen. They are chosen because, coupled with the certified organic olive oil and beeswax in which they are combined, they blend nicely together. This cream contains no additional ingredients, just what your skin needs.

Your Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream is working toward the following goals while you enjoy the bliss of peaceful slumber:

Reducing the number of wrinkles by smoothing and softening them, repairing the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun, providing some sun protection, tightening, and firming the skin, skin calming, preventing, or eradicating dark circles and age spots, exfoliation and cleaning the pores, removing blemishes and pimples, reducing the risk of skin diseases, accelerating the healing of your wounds and cuts, and assisting in reducing the effects of eczema.

This sounds too wonderful to be true, but every night, plants and flowers work miracles.

According to science, this is caused by a variety of naturally occurring chemicals. with creative names like carotenoids, flavonoids, phenolic acids, terpenes, phytosterols, organic acids, fatty acids, and alcohol. to carotenoids, flavonoids, phenolic acids, terpenes, phytosterols, organic acids, fatty acids, and alcohols.

These botanicals interact with the systems of your skin, turn genes on and off, and influence one another to offer you the greatest, healthiest skin of your life.

Can you use the Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream during the day?

This isn’t recommended. Believe it or not, while you sleep at night there is a kind of magic that takes place.

  • Your skin can absorb more oil and water at night when you sleep than during the day. This indicates that the botanical benefits of your night cream work better when you are sleeping than they do when you are up. 4:00 am is when absorption is at its highest.
  • There are several different kinds of skin cells in your body. One type of skin cell oversees shielding you from UV light exposure and dangerous microorganisms and maintaining the moisture level of your skin. Midnight is when these skin cells are most abundant, especially if you’re asleep. Around noon, their numbers are at their lowest.
  • Your skin’s DNA is repaired most effectively at night as you sleep, undoing the harm caused by the sun and air pollution during the day.

Are you still perplexed as to why using this all-natural skin lotion at night is recommended? Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream is designed to be used every night just before you lay your head down to sleep. Furthermore, age years and skin years are not the same thing. You can wind back the clock on your skin age. Experience a younger, more attractive you every morning.

Slow Botanicals Wild Winter Blend

Slow Botanicals also produces a remarkable skin cream that soothes your body, face, and even the delicate skin around your eyes. This cream is a nourishing anti-inflammatory.

Four materials, picked in the dead of winter make up the Slow Botanicals Wild Winter Blend. Turkey tail mushrooms, usnea lichen, rose hips, and poplar tree buds are some of the uncommon ingredients that are all carefully hand-picked for you from the wild.

When you massage on Slow Botanicals Wild Winter Blend, a mixture of beeswax, organic olive oil, and certified organic ingredients, you will experience a complete skin makeover. Redness caused by sun damage, age spots, freckles, and dark bags under your eyes will be significantly reduced. Rosacea and psoriasis symptoms are relieved and bloating or edema are minimized. If you apply the blend to your sinus area it can help relieve sinus pain. Plagues by itching insect bites, the Wild Winter Blend is your ally. Skin diseases are kept at bay by using the magical Wild Winter Blend. The benefits don’t stop there. You can also reduce the discomfort of achy joints and muscles.

Yes, it’s true, there is more. It has been demonstrated that the chemicals in this skin cream enhance the actions of your skin genes that control DNA synthesis, cell survival, and the production of new skin cells. By combining all these advantages with the effects of beeswax and olive oil, you have a remarkable and nourishing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory cream that retains moisture, soothes your skin, and keeps out harmful microorganisms and air pollutants by combining all these advantages with the effects of beeswax and olive oil.

Wild Winter Blend is an all-natural cream that restores your skin without doing any harm. You’ll like the tranquility that a simple product brings. Your spirit will soar as you realize how wonderful it is to be wearing a handcrafted, artisanal cream that is rich with the blessings of nature and has been adored by women for all known history.

The Ingredients That Work Miracles Every Day

Turkey Tail Mushrooms, Usnea Lichen, Rose Hips, and Poplar Tree Buds are natural ingredients that have been traditionally used for various health and skincare purposes.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, such as polysaccharopeptides and phenols, which can help protect the skin from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Compounds found in Turkey Tails Mushrooms may support the immune system, which can indirectly contribute to healthier skin.

Usnea Lichen contains usnic acid, which has antimicrobial properties. It may help combat certain skin infections and support overall skin health. The anti-inflammatory properties might help soothe irritated skin and reduce redness.

Rose Hips are a powerful antioxidant that supports collagen production and helps to brighten the skin. Maintaining skin’s suppleness and firmness requires collagen. Rose Hip also contains fatty acids that can help improve skin hydration and moisture retention.

Poplar Tree Buds contain salicin, a compound that is related to salicylic acid, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This might help soothe inflamed or irritated skin. Salicin and other bioactive compounds in poplar tree buds might promote skin cell compounds and renewal, leading to a more youthful appearance.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Slow Botanicals

Chwynyn Vaughan owns Slow Botanicals, which is located at Point Roberts, Washington, a stunning peninsula on the Pacific Ocean. The Slow Botanicals garden, which is wonderful, colorful, encircled by Cedar trees, and just a short stroll from the beach, provides the natural components for skin care products. Skin creams, shampoo bars, and shaving soaps are all manufactured by Slow Botanicals using wild and organically grown botanicals and certified organic oils.

Slow Botanicals products were created so that you could appreciate the way you looked in the mirror. You will notice a slowing of time in your reflection. When you read the label on the glass jar, you’ll have confidence that the product you’re applying is pure, sustainable, and healthy for you.

Most skin care companies suggest picking between being healthy and looking good. This is because other skin care products contain an excessive number of substances, such as scents, fillers, phthalates, parabens, PFAS, and endocrine disruptors, which can mimic and alter your hormones. Both your skin and you deserve better!

You are still seeking what you want, what your skin needs, right?

The search is over.

Slow Botanicals has the answer. Pure, sustainable, well-being on the inside and out. Slow Botanicals creates handmade skincare items that deliver on their promises. The knowledge that has been passed down through many generations, from one knowledgeable lady to the next, is put into effect by Slow Botanicals. The best botanicals for your skin, according to modern research and traditional wisdom, are used by Slow Botanicals.

What the Clients Have to Say

“I must tell you I am absolutely obsessed with your herbal cream!! It is EXACTLY what I was needing!!” – TF, Washington State

“I’ve struggled with seasonal allergies for years and yet it always catches me by surprise. I get earaches, sinus congestion, and lots of inflammation around my neck and throat. Typically, I try an off-the-shelf allergy and sinus medication and/or steroid-based nasal sprays which have a lot of side effects. This time I applied the Slow Botanica Cream to my neck, over my throat, behind my ears, and below my eyes. The relief was immediate and with no side effects! This cream had a real impact and I’m going to make it part of a program for me: more water, less inflammatory foods, and the topical use of this Wild Winter Blend Cream. To someone considering purchasing this cream, I say: Try it! Try it for many applications. If you’re taking a lot of ibuprofen or topical anti-inflammatory creams for pain, this is a great alternative and isn’t damaging to your skin.” – RO, Vancouver, BC

“I got bit by another spider/insect — the Anti-inflammatory balm was instrumental in recovering quickly from that.” – BP, Point Roberts, WA

“I am a 72-year-old woman who is a licensed mental health counselor. Before beginning work for the day, I was walking my big poodle and little Pomeranian on the side of the road in our rural quiet community. As you might guess, this walk involved picking up after my dogs. What I didn’t expect was a severe allergic reaction on my face from touching some wild plant. It was red and itchy and getting worse by the second. I came home as quickly as I could and pulled out of the drawer a jar of Slow Botanical cream smeared on my face, and within minutes the itching and redness were gone. I now have four jars so that I do not run out. I use it daily on my face and under my eyes. Very grateful to Chwynyn for this wild poplar bud, turkey tail mushroom, organic olive oil, and beeswax blend.” – MB, Point Roberts, WA

“Thank you again, I can’t even tell you how much I love your products…so healing on my hands and nails. Then I rub the residual in my hair! Proud to display it on my bathroom counter. Cheers to you!” – QL, Washington


“Such wonderful balm! I use it every day and give it as gifts to everyone!” – SP, Washington

“THANK YOU!!! What a wonderful surprise my hubby gave me for Mother’s Day! You are so talented! I loved everything! Your creams are amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!” – SM,  Washington

Made Your Choice?

Embrace the night as your journey to radiant beauty. With the meticulously crafted Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream, the stars above aren’t the only ones shining. As you drift into your dreams, Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream works tirelessly, partnering with your skin’s natural rejuvenating rhythm. Awaken each morning to a reflection that tells a story of your self-care and indulgence. So, before you close your eyes, remember your path to luminance starts with the embrace of  Slow Botanicals Regenerating Night Cream which makes every night a step closer to the timeless allure. Experience the magic, and let your beauty unfold under the caress of the moonlit sky.

As you embark on your journey to healthier and radiant skin, let the natural Slow Botanicals Wild Winter Blend be your companion in embracing the beauty of nature’s nurturing touch. With each application, you are not just pampering your skin, you are indulging in a moment of self-care that echoes the gentle caress of the world around us. Go ahead, and greet the day with confidence, knowing that you have chosen a partner that not only enhances your skin’s vitality but also connects you to the essence of nature. Let your skin breathe, let your radiance shine, and let the beauty of a new day unfold with the magic of Slow Botanicals Wild Winter Blend.









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