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All it Takes Is a Drop

Vitamin D3 is a very popular nutrient that people try to get plentiful amounts thereof, regularly. This fact is understandable because vitamin D3 does wonders for the body. The benefits of vitamin D3 on one’s immune system, bone and heart health, overall mood, and much more, are outstanding. A big trend has surfaced worldwide among millions of people consuming vitamin D3 products. However, the problem that many people still encounter when supplementing themselves with vitamin D3 is getting enough of it in the first place. Many of the products that contain vitamin D3 are in such a form whereby the body cannot absorb them properly. In addition, many of the vitamin D3 supplements that have been readily available are either hard-to-swallow tablets or pills, or oil-based products. Luckily, there is a solution as Good Rᾱz offers an easy-to-use water-soluble drop with vitamin D3. Simple aqueous drops are an ideal way to allow your body to absorb vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is one of two primary forms of vitamin D. Vitamin D inherently is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in developing strong bones. Vitamin D3 is produced in the skin when it is exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from the sun. The body then converts vitamin D3 into the active form of vitamin D, calcitriol, through a two-step biochemical process that takes place in the liver and kidneys. All in all, the type of vitamin D produced by the body begins to decline as people age. This scenario is also the case with how the body converts vitamin D3 from ultraviolet rays. As a person gets older, the body starts to show a reduced response to these rays, thereby preventing the development of adequate amounts of vitamin D3 to help the body.  However, there are other reasons for a deficiency in vitamin D3. During the winter months, when the sun is not as out as much as it is during the spring and summer, the body cannot convert as much vitamin D3. Also, long-sleeved shirts and pants leave the body unexposed to the sun’s rays, no matter the season. Even people who have not reached the age when vitamin D3 becomes hard for the body to process, need to take action to supplement their vitamin D intake. Like many things that the body produces, there is a certain amount of vitamin D3 in some kinds of food. However, obtaining the right amount of nutrients from diet alone is very difficult. It takes a specific type of supplement with just the right amount of vitamin D3. When searching for a vitamin D3 supplement, it’s essential to locate nutritional products and a form that allows the body to absorb all of the needed vitamin D3 efficiently. Allowing the body to absorb the necessary amounts of vitamin D3 is essential because there are so many benefits to one’s physical and mental health that vitamin D3 can help.

Vitamin D3 helps support immune health.

The importance of maintaining a healthy immune system is something that is constantly being emphasized. This factor is undoubtedly a good thing because one’s immune system acts as a “shield of health”. A high immune system helps fight off bacteria and viruses that cause unwanted sickness. Getting sick is one of the most unpleasant experiences of life. When one gets sick, they miss days from work or school and, therefore, get behind on their work. Also, people miss out on fun activities with their family and friends. Vitamin D3 has a unique way of activating the body’s signaling systems that boosts the immune system, leaving people protected from unwanted bacteria and viruses. Satisfactory levels of vitamin D3 means fewer sick days and fewer chances of getting behind and missing out on life.

Vitamin D3 Helps Support People Having Positive Moods

Maintaining a happy, positive mood is a huge priority for most people. A positive attitude is good for communicating better with others and preventing one’s body from succumbing to the issues associated with stress and anxiety. A negative mood or mindset can contribute to the physical body becoming more susceptible to illness and the slowing down of the immune system. Since vitamin D3 already helps boost immunity, a person can cover several things at once with adequate levels of D3. By adequately supplementing with vitamin D3, a person can better maintain a positive mindset, which will help their relationships with friends and family. Everyone wants to be around a positive person!!!

Vitamin D3 Helps People Have Great Heart Health

Excellent heart health is a huge part of living healthy as a whole. A person needs a healthy heart to pump blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients to various parts of their body. In addition, a healthy heart helps people keep their blood pressure low and can reduce the risk of heart attacks. Besides the many physical benefits, a healthy heart can also assist with better mental health. One can have more positive moods with a healthy heart. As mentioned, vitamin D3 can contribute to a more positive mindset and helps to maintain a healthy heart. Since a healthy heart also contributes to good moods, recommended amounts of vitamin D3 in our bodies can help achieve these results.

Vitamin D3 helps People Have Good Bone Health

Without vitamin D, our bodies cannot effectively absorb calcium, which is essential to good bone health. Since vitamin D plays a role in developing strong bones, you can only imagine that vitamin D3 plays a significant role in assuring proper bone development. Studies have shown that vitamin D3 is crucial to bone health as a “regulator of minerals”. It regulates calcium and phosphate which helps keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. Having excellent bone health is essential for protecting one’s internal organs. Along with muscles, bones help support the body and maintain a person’s ability to stand upright and move correctly. Strong bones and other body parts also help us maintain our energy. That is also why keeping an adequate amount of vitamin D3 in the body is so important.

Supplementing with Vitamin D3

As previously mentioned, the ability of one’s body to convert vitamin D3 certainly diminishes with age. Also, during the winter months, when the sunshine is more limited, one’s body doesn’t have the tools to form vitamin D3. People have supplemented with various products over the years. However, so many of these items have been in the form of a hard-to-swallow pill or something oil-based. Products from a company with an excellent reputation in the health community are key ingredients used to combat Vitamin D deficiency

Good Rz

Good Rᾱz is proud to be ranked among several other unique and innovative brands. As a wellness brand, Good Rᾱz was recognized as a winner of the 2021 Kosherfest New Product in their Health & Wellness category. The competition honors the best new products, trends, and innovations in the kosher sector across food, beverage, lifestyle, and wellness categories.

Good Rᾱz is a water-soluble D3 drop brand manufactured by MORRE-TEC, Industries, Inc. Their outstanding product was the product recognized when they won Kosherfest’s New Product Competition. This product has been sold to manufacturers in the Beverage, Nutritional, and Food Industries for many years. Good Rᾱz is their first entity to be sold directly to consumers.

Vitamin D3 Drops

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Vitamin D3 Drops from Good Rᾱz contain 1000 IU of vitamin D3 per drop. These awesome drops support one’s immune system, bone health, and heart health and contribute to better moods and a positive mindset. Good Rᾱz’s Vitamin D3 Drops are easy-to-use and allow all the necessary amounts of vitamin D3 to absorb adequately. This way, all the benefits of vitamin D3 are correctly addressed with just a drop.

Keep Your Priorities Close to Your Vitamins

Proper vitamin D3 supplementation has now been clearly recognized by the public. It takes something special to allow one’s body to absorb all of its needs properly. Whether a person is getting older or the days are getting shorter, the obligation to keep adequate amounts of vitamin D3 in their body has been put front and center. So many aspects of physical and mental health are interconnected; it’s almost mind-boggling. That’s why a person must keep themselves stocked with everything needed to keep all these health functions operating smoothly and in conjunction with the body itself.

As far as staying stocked with vitamin D3, all it takes is a drop. Try Vitamin D3 Drops from Good Rᾱz.

You will experience a stronger immune system, better bone and heart health, and a more positive mindset. Drop on in and get this health party started!

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