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Are you becoming more forgetful with age? It may not be just your imagination

You put your keys down somewhere but now they’re nowhere in sight. Someone asks you a question and the answer’s at the tip of your tongue but the word you’re looking for isn’t coming to you. You read an interesting article last week but now have trouble recalling all the details that made a compelling argument. These types of everyday scenarios are examples of memory-blocking and absent-mindedness. The bad news? Scientists say it only gets worse with age. Age-related cognitive decline can include difficulties sustaining attention, finding words, and overall ‘slowness’ in thinking. If you find that you’re repeating yourself, going into a room to search for an item only to forget what you were looking for, forgetting names, or calling people by the wrong names – you’re not alone. Occasional forgetfulness can happen at any age – stress, lack of sleep, side effects of medications, and even mental illness can cause memory lapses. In addition to that, however, our brain does change as we get older. If you find yourself forgetting things more often now than you did at 20, then it might be a good time to start thinking about brain health. The good news is, it isn’t evitable, and yes there are things you can do to mitigate cognitive decline.

As we advance into older ages, cognitive decline can lead to devastating consequences, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The sad reality is that most people mistakenly accept this type of decline as a reality of aging, when in fact, it isn’t. The risk of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias increases as we age, but they can be delayed and even prevented. Accepting increased forgetfulness as a regular occurrence without seeking adequate treatment for your brain health leads to problems that can be avoided.

Although you are likely far from the years where you need to start worrying about dementia, there are things you can do now to increase your mental clarity today and keep it strong for years to come.

Brain Booster Liquid could be life-changing!

If you want to improve your focus, make it easier to learn new things, multitask more efficiently, and problem-solve more easily daily from now and as you get older, then there’s an effective solution you need to try: NovaStar Health’s Brain Booster Liquid is the answer to treat cognitive decline. It is designed to support cognitive functions such as energy, focus, attention span, and short and long-term memory* by treating the root cause of age-related cognitive decline. This unique product seeks to differentiate itself from others on the market by utilizing an extensively clinically trialed key ingredient combined with a modern delivery system that comes in an easy-to-take liquid that tastes great.

The magic of citicoline and how it boosts your brain

Citicoline is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that like many things, depletes in our body as we get older. It supports both short and long-term memory. Citicoline is a common supplement taken today but was originally a prescription medication in Japan. Research shows that not only is it safe to take Citicoline every day but it should ideally be taken daily for the most effective cognitive-enhancing, long-term brain health. Citicoline supports your brain by helping your body produce phosphatidylcholine, which plays a major role in our cognitive functions, making up about 30% of our brain’s phospholipids. Phospholipids maintain the main building block for brain cell membrane integrity. If there are not enough phospholipids, our brain cell functions can break down. The brain begins losing phospholipids in our twenties and continues every year until we reach a total of 10–20% loss between the ages of 80-90 years old (for healthy individuals.) The enhancement of the phospholipids is what we believe helps with memory, potential focus and attention, and brain health over time.*

Proven reasons why Citicoline can boost brain performance

As mentioned, Cognizin® Citicoline has been extensively clinically studied. Results in recent studies show the following: in one study of Cognizin® Citicoline, the results showed improved attentional performance in healthy adult women aged 40-60 years old*1 in those who took Citicoline versus those who did not. In another study, the results suggest that Citicoline supplementation may help to mitigate cognitive decline associated with aging by increasing energy reserves and utilization, as well as increasing the amount of essential phospholipid membrane components needed to synthesize and maintain cell membranes*2. One previous study shows supplementation of citicoline over a 12-week improved overall memory performance, especially episodic memory, in healthy older males and females with age-associated memory impairment. The findings suggest that regular consumption of citicoline may be safe and potentially beneficial against age-related memory loss*3.  All this science helps to show that citicoline is a potent brain nutrient*.

What’s important about this is that citicoline is encapsulated by liposomes in your body. Liposomes are like protective “shells” that transport the citicoline to where in your body it will be the most efficiently absorbed. This is the same process that helps your body absorb prescribed medications. The benefit to you is that you get more of the citicoline being used by the body instead of a lower amount due to premature loss due to the aggressive environments in the stomach and intestinal tracts.

But what exactly is in this Brain Booster and how does it taste?

Brain Booster Liquid uses simple ingredients that can be found in children’s liquid cold medicines. NovaStar has incorporated these ingredients and brain-boosting nutrients into an easy-to-swallow liquid that has a tangy lemon flavor. This means there’s no need to dilute the product with water – it’s enjoyable and easy to consume as is!  In addition, it is also vegan, soy, and gluten-free!

Long-term solutions to maintain clarity, sharpness, and attention span

Brain Booster Liquid is not a quick-fix energy boost like coffee or Red Bull. Brain Booster Liquid contributes to the long-term health of your brain as you age by nourishing your body with nutrients that naturally deplete over time. By taking the Brain Booster supplement, you’re replacing and supplementing the loss of nutrients which we all experience as we get older*.

Instead of accepting increased forgetfulness, attention span problems, and difficulties multitasking as something that just naturally happens over the years, you can take steps to nourish the brain with nutrients that gradually lose over time. By replenishing these nutrients, you’re giving your brain a fighting chance to be sharp and strong, from the age of 20 until 90 and beyond.

NovaStar Health was founded to provide high-quality products backed by scientific data that are designed to support people’s health and well-being. We aim to ‘stand out from the crowd’ by providing you with the information and transparency to make the most informed choices about supporting your brain health. Our tried and true product, Brain Booster Liquid is consistent with these beliefs. From our partnership with Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd of Japan, the manufacturer of high-quality Cognizin® Citicoline to our development and manufacturing partners, we look to provide you with a high-quality, state-of-the-art product delivered in an easy-to-take, delicious-tasting liquid. 

If you want to nourish your brain for long-term cognitive enhancement, why wait? Try NovaSpark’s Brain Booster Liquid today!

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