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The soaps we use on our bodies while taking a shower or bath hold much more power than we generally think. The stronger the soap and its ingredients, the better one’s physical and emotional health.  This is something that, until recently, has been disregarded. For years, soaps were just advertised as merely a means to an end. What I mean by that is that it was just something meant to provide people with a way to quickly cleanse their bodies. However, there can be so much more to this when using soap on the skin. Besides keeping up one’s hygiene and cleanliness with the soap they use, they can help various physical functions of the body. People can improve their lives with the soap they use to cleanse their bodies.  The problem is that it takes soap that has particular ingredients. For years, people have been forced to go from store to store, wasting their hard-earned money on multiple soaps to obtain all the ingredients that their bodies need. However, it’s a new year, and people worldwide are taking it upon themselves to finally provide their bodies with inexpensive soaps that have almost magical powers. Soaks ‘n’ Scrubs has taken it upon themselves to make people’s lives easier with powerful bars.

Important Uses of Soap

Taking Care of the Skin

Taking care of one’s skin is a massive priority among millions of people, and rightfully so. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It acts as the body’s shield, protecting it against unwanted germs and bacteria. Without the skin, people would simply just be walking flesh. That’s why washing one’s skin with soap with the most potent ingredients is super important. Doing this can help prevent certain skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. The skin of the human body also needs to be able to heal properly and in a decent amount of time. Specific ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin recover from these wounds that the body succumbs to regularly.

Believe it or not, the health of one’s skin is very much interconnected with the appearance of one’s skin. The healthier one’s skin is, the younger it looks. Undoubtedly, hundreds of advertisements have been pushing good looks over actual health. The problem with many of these things that have been advertised is that many of them do not contain the most natural ingredients. In addition, some procedures that have been pushed to enable someone to achieve younger-looking or beautiful skin have not always been the safest methods. This has resulted in fake-looking facial features. If someone uses the right kinds of ingredients, they can obtain that healthy, youthful skin they want to gain or maintain.

Smelling Pleasant Around Others

An often-overlooked use of soap revolves around one’s ability to maintain a decent body odor when around other people. Until recently, so much focus has been on expensive perfumes, colognes, and deodorants. However, people must remember that their entire scent can be controlled with the right type of soap they use when they shower or bathe. When one has a decent smell about them, it makes face-to-face conversations with others, especially with those one is not very familiar with, easier and more bearable. People can feel more confident when they know they are carrying a pleasant smell. Many people began to neglect their hygiene and smell when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Now that we are far removed from the lockdown and a new year is here, there is no excuse for anyone not to have a decent odor in public.

Helps with Digestion

Since soap soaks into one’s skin, it can help bodily functions if it has the right ingredients. One of the body’s most essential systems involves the digestion of one’s food. The digestive system is very crucial to one’s health and overall well-being. When one properly digests food regularly, they feel alive and full of energy. In addition, people feel more comfortable and relaxed, which is very important when communicating with others. People feel more comfortable talking to others when they are calm. Arguably, one of the most significant benefits of having a healthy digestive system is how it boosts one’s immune system. A robust immune system is an essential part of being and feeling healthy. When one’s immune system is high, there is generally less chance of getting sick. Let’s face it: no one likes getting sick. It is a huge inconvenience that causes people to miss out on life. When one gets sick, they get behind in their work or schoolwork. In addition, getting sick prevents people from spending quality time with their friends and family. However, using the right kind of soap with ingredients can possibly decrease the chances of getting sick with a healthier digestive system.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Soap can also have various therapeutic qualities. When certain types of soap are absorbed into the skin, it can help relieve stress and anxiety. Everyone suffers from some form of stress and anxiety. The real world is a stressful place. People are constantly on the go, trying to meet deadlines. With this constant pressure to get things finished on time, stress and anxiety start to build. There are different types of stress associated with specific jobs. For those who work jobs requiring much manual labor, for example, one must endure a lot of physical stress.

On the other hand, those who work certain types of office jobs must put up with a large amount of mental anguish since their brains have to think constantly and retain so much information. Besides work, parenting is a job in and of itself and brings some of the most significant amounts of stress imaginable. When a child is an infant, parents must get up in the night to care for their child’s needs. Then, when they are toddlers, attention must be placed on the child and their overall safety. When children become less needy, they still require guidance and direction in life from their parents. Even when a person becomes fully grown, it’s arguable that the parent never stops worrying about them. All in all, parenting is a stressful job. People who work full-time or part-time and are also full-time parents experience some of the most tremendous stress imaginable. That’s certainly not to say that non-working parents don’t as well.

In this technology-based world of smartphones and laptops, people experience a unique type of stress in the form of digital overload. The mind is constantly being exposed to digital images, which can often result in overstimulation of the brain. Constant social media use has also caused this kind of stress. When people are constantly perusing other people’s social media profiles, whether these people are celebrities or someone they know personally, they are constantly comparing their lives to them. This makes them feel inadequate and can increase the desire to change one’s life at all costs. This is an example of anxiety that is influenced by social media use. Whatever kind of stress and anxiety that one suffers from, whether physical or mental, it’s safe to say that it takes specific ingredients to help alleviate this stress. This can be obtained by allowing ingredients in soaps to be absorbed by the skin and then into the body when taking a bath or shower.

Helps with People’s Sleep Patterns

Related to relieving stress and anxiety, establishing healthy sleep is an essential part of maintaining excellent physical and mental health. Like food and water, sleep is an integral part of our existence. We need it to survive. Getting enough sleep is an integral part of helping one’s body. We need it to handle the physical and mental tasks of daily living. The body must move well to go from one spot to the next. When one is rested, these movements are more manageable. Likewise, for people to think and use their brains consistently, it helps to have a relaxed mind. As mentioned, parents with young infants, and even toddlers, lose a lot of sleep looking after their children’s needs. The sporadic sleep patterns often throw people out of whack, and they have trouble going back to sleep once they have fulfilled their responsibilities. Some people, in general, have trouble falling asleep altogether. Some people, for instance, are just naturally wired and have trouble winding down at the end of the day. It helps to have a helping hand with this.

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Important Ingredients Needed in Soaps

Olive Oil

Olive oil is oil that comes from, you guessed it, olives. When used in soaps, olive oil has been shown to help improve one’s skin health by making it smoother and boosting the development of new skin cells.

Coconut Oil

The oil from coconuts has been used to assist people with obtaining a healthy digestive system. In addition to its benefits to one’s skin, when coconut oil is absorbed into the skin via soaps, it starts to work on the functions of the inner body.

Castor Oil

In addition to castor oil being a common remedy for problems related to one’s skin and digestion, it has also been shown to help alleviate a person’s stress and anxiety levels.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is a great way to maintain moisturization when it comes to hydrating one’s skin. This helps when the body cannot hydrate as easily, therefore helping prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Soaks ‘n’ Scrubs

Soaks ‘n’ Scrubs provides high-quality bath and body products made with the best ingredients. Each item is handcrafted in small batches to turn your everyday routine into some luxurious “me time.” When all else fails, take a bath!

Green Tea Lemongrass

  • Soap that contains Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oils, Palm Kernel Flakes, and Micas and is Scented in Green Tea Lemongrass.
  • Great Smell


  • Soap that contains Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, and Micas.

Start Using Magical Soap

Now that you know what your bathing soap needs to fulfill so many aspects of your skin and overall physical health, it is up to you to act. It’s a new year, so you must show the world you can be a new person. You can do this with the help of magical soaps from Soaks ‘n’ Scrubs like Green Tea Lemongrass and Lavendar. If you want to obtain the most fantastic smell you’ve had in years, healthy skin, an excellent digestive system, and relief from stress and anxiety, look no further. 2024 is the year of new beginnings and adventures for people worldwide. People are seeing this brand-new lap around the sun as an opportunity to prove to themselves and the world how valuable their bodies and minds are to everything on Earth. This planet is a unique place full of lots of extraordinary things. Why not prove to the world and all its inhabitants how wonderful you are in every single way? Experience the magic of excellent soaps, and let the new year be a new you!!









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