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Be Ahead of Your Hair by More than Just a Hair

When one takes a shower, they are often unaware of their surroundings. The sound of the water splashing down from the nozzle or drain blocks any noise outside the bathing area. This is a scary thought because it reveals how vulnerable people are to outside threats and occurrences. You don’t know if a stranger lurks beyond the shower curtain or even in a nearby room. We often don’t think about it because a shower or bath is refreshing, cleansing the body and hair of dirt and grime. Undoubtedly, people become unaware of outside dangers that lurk beyond the shower curtain, which should be considered when one takes a shower. However, there is another danger that should be more evident. These are the concerns of what you put on your hair or body and the risks to the world that are presented via the plastic bottles in your shower or bathroom.

For many years, liquid shampoos have been used by millions of people worldwide to wash their hair. People have even used a combination of bottled liquids to wash both their bodies and hair. It may not seem like a big deal to most people. Many individuals might tell themselves that all that matters is that they use something to get the job done regarding the hygiene of their body and hair. However, many of the liquid shampoos people have used for years have not contained the most useful types of ingredients. Even more concerning is that the plastic bottles people have used to dispense shampoo have wreaked havoc on the earth and contributed to the decline of a clean environment. Since so many people used liquid shampoos for years, there were no alternatives. Fortunately, Shower Candy is an awesome company that provides a perfect alternative to liquid shampoo that is eco-friendly and has the most extraordinary type of ingredients.

Shampooing Hair

Shampooing our hair makes us feel refreshed. When the hair is left unkept for a significant amount of time, it starts to look grimy and nasty and even begins to feel that way. Once the hair has been washed, people almost feel like a new person altogether. The washing of our hair enables us to feel confident approaching other people. When people smell decent, others feel more comfortable approaching them in public. Not only does clean hair make people feel good about themselves, but people respect others who have decent-looking hair. Since taking care of one’s hair is an important priority among everyone, how one does it carries a lot of weight.

Like how we use soap to ensure our bodies are clean and refreshed, we shampoo to do the same for our hair. It’s a process that we often overlook as just a chore. However, it’s much, much more than that. The washing of our hair is a daily ritual that is part of preserving our sense of self and well-being. Like the bacteria and germs on our bodies that are washed away with soap, the bacteria and dirt accumulating in our hair are meant to be eliminated via shampoo. However, how much of this dirt and bacteria has been eliminated from liquid shampoos over the years is questionable. A new tradition has been gaining steam daily whereby people want to utilize the best means necessary to replenish and refresh their hair.  

Shampoo Bars

Shampoos and conditioner bars are a safe alternative to liquid forms of hair care. It would help if you became aware that there is a coming together of thousands upon thousands of people from coast to coast who are now using shampoo bars. Just as important is that you become aware of how people use these shampoo bars for the sake of their hair’s health and the world itself.

Benefits of Using Bar Shampoo over Liquid

Easy to Use, Convenient, and Great Value

Arguably, the greatest benefits of using bar shampoo, as opposed to using liquid form, is that it is very easy for people to use and is very convenient. Liquid shampoos create a lot of mess in the shower and bathtub. Also, the plastic bottles containing the shampoos are hard to manage. They can easily break. This makes it especially difficult when traveling or going on vacation. When the liquid-based shampoo is packed in a traveling bag or suitcase, it will likely break and leak all over one’s clothes or luggage. One can easily travel with bar shampoo without worrying about ruining or damaging anything else they bring. You can carry shampoo bars with any luggage you carry on a trip. You have nothing to worry about, whether taking a backpack, duffle bag, or suitcase. Also, there is less of a mess made in the shower when using a bar.

Because shampoo bars are convenient and can be used for travel, it helps that they are of great value to people. Shampoo bars are very economical and help people save both money and time. A single shampoo bar from Shower Candy will last 50-75 washes. Think of not only the amount of money that you will save using this bar as opposed to using a liquid. You can’t beat saving money while you save time and help your life become more accessible and convenient.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Consistent Hair Care

One of the biggest priorities about caring for one’s hair involves consistently doing it. Sticking to a regular item and routine is important as it helps the appearance and feel of the hair stay steadily good. Talking about travel earlier, when a person is constantly on the road, keeping one’s hair consistently clean and styled can be quite a challenge. As mentioned, traveling with liquid shampoo is a huge inconvenience. Due to these inconveniences, many people have chosen to travel with no hair accessories and use shampoo and soap provided by a hotel. This causes a lack of consistency in the routine and, ultimately, the look and feel of one’s hair. Therefore, people don’t look appealing to others they meet on travel, whether family or business associates. To counter this issue, traveling with a simple, easy-to-use shampoo bar helps people maintain consistent hair care no matter how many days they are on the road or how many miles they may travel.


It’s interesting to note that the average bottle of liquid shampoo or conditioner is over 80% water! This raises a problem that occurs when people shower and use these types of products at the same time. When you think about it, one is already using large amounts of water as it is while they shower. Since liquid shampoo is comprised almost entirely of water, what is this point since you are already showering in it and wasting water as it is? The waste of water via the shower and other household appliances has caused monumental issues because it drains (no pun intended) both the energy and resources used in the processing and delivery of the water itself. People also do this when they leave the water running while they brush their teeth or overload their washing machines. When it comes to liquid shampoos, the abundance of water it contains could be used somewhere else. A bar shampoo would enable people to reap the benefits of natural ingredients without unnecessary amounts of water that could be utilized in other areas.

Besides the waste of water, which, as mentioned, already occurs enough, the use of liquid shampoos also contributes to plastic waste. This involves the building up of plastic objects and particles in the earth’s environment. This, in turn, has caused problems for human beings regarding their health and the care of their habitat. Even more concerning is the amount of plastic waste released into the ocean. First and foremost, this causes problems for the ocean’s water itself. Also, ocean wildlife has been greatly affected by plastic pollution. There are many endangered oceanic wildlife whose numbers are dwindling significantly. Many of these endangered species have encountered the problem of getting caught in plastic containers littered into the ocean. In other cases, they end up inadvertently eating the plastic. Since they are endangered as it is, this is certainly not helping their species’ status on the earth. Think of all the liquid shampoos you’ve used over the years and how much water you’ve wasted doing so, in addition to the harm you’ve done to the water in the ocean and its inhabitants, many of whom are not as prevalent as they once were.

Quality Natural Ingredients

In addition to how expensive and inconvenient many of the liquid shampoos are, many have also been filled with unnatural ingredients that don’t truly help the hair’s hygiene and appearance. Some of these ingredients have contributed to problems such as hair loss and thinning. It takes all-natural ingredients combined into one. Another issue people have encountered in using liquid shampoos is the loss of necessary substances that get diluted when mixed with water. With its solid form, the bar form of shampoo is likely to prevent essential components from washing away, as is the case with liquid shampoos. Bar shampoos are more compact, enabling natural ingredients to be bound together. With its solid form, the bar form of shampoo is likely to prevent necessary components from washing away, as is the case with liquid shampoos.

Shower Candy

Shower Candy believes that it is their communal responsibility to make an effort to reduce plastic waste and leave this earth in better shape than they found it so that future generations can enjoy a clean planet. By switching personal care products to eco-friendly solid shampoo bar alternatives, people help do their part. Shower Candy took the extra step to pack all their bars in compostable pouches for a zero-waste head-to-toe cleansing solution.

Solid Shampoo Bar

  • Enjoy Salon Quality Haircare while Reducing Your Environmental Impact.
  • Free of Harsh Chemicals and Unnatural Ingredients
  • Long lasting: 50 washes per bar

Wash Your Hair with Greatness

Are you ready to start feeling the greatness of a convenient shampoo that will change your life regarding your hair, health, expenses, travel time, and feelings of self-worth? Wouldn’t you like to finally know that what you wash your hair with is not only worth it but is also cheaper than things that are advertised as such? You now have the opportunity to experience this greatness and knowledge once and for all. The year 2023 is ending, so it’s time to join the movement of millions of individuals coast to coast who have recently taken it upon themselves to give their hair precisely what it needs without regret. The Solid Shampoo Bar from Shower Candy is a convenient, easy-to-use product that is both long-lasting and provides people with all the natural ingredients they need to take care of their hair consistently. The knowledge of renewed hair health is now in your head, so let this knowledge positively affect what is actually on your head. Wash your hair with greatness and, most importantly, be ahead of your hair by more than just a hair.









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