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Beer Brings People Together

 Step into any buzzing, busy, vibrant sports bar on any given Saturday afternoon, and you’re sure to bare witness to a game streaming on the big screen, but even more so, bonds being forged between patrons, and friends old and new. The happy moments, laughter, and memories all find their fuel in the golden elixir – beer.  Beer and lager are as diverse as you could imagine, with such a wide variety of brews, strengths, bitterness, you may be spoiled for chose. Among the vast selection from strong, hoppy lagers to rich milk stouts, light beer and lager definitely has pride of place.

Beer or lager is so much more than just a beverage, it is what keeps social interactions flowing. Beer has a way of breaking through social barriers and allowing human interaction and bonding to happen with ease while you share a pitcher of your finest, favorite light beer or lager with old friends, and strangers alike.  

When you think of sport, your mind automatically links that action with beer or lager. At any sports event from baseball, to football, beer enhances your experience and adds a spark of excitement and enjoyment to the game. Sports has always been associated with beer or lager, it is like a generational tradition where family and friends get together to celebrate the athleticism of the athletes, and embrace the joy of living each day.

The next time you reach for a cold one during the big game, take a moment to appreciate the golden, frothy, bubbly light beer or lager, and revel in the timeless pleasure of good company, brilliant conversations, and a common love for the sport, and beer or lager, of course.  

Eight is the perfect choice for you!

Eight – The Best Beer by Far

Eight isn’t just any beer; it was created by the NFL superstar, Tory Aikman, known for his three Super Bowl victories. He is more than a world-renowned player, he is who enjoys having a good time with his friends and family, just like anybody else. His idea was to craft a beer that would mirror those special moments; light, refreshing, and flavorful. That’s how EIGHT came to be.

Think about Troy and his team carefully selecting the ingredients, making sure they’re all organic because quality matters. There is a use of 100% organic grains.

Can you picture yourself cracking open a cold Eight crafted by Eight Brewing Co.?

You can expect the first sip to hit you with a soft citrus tang, followed by a crisp, clean, refreshing finish. It will leave you longing for more. While the taste is phenomenal, the lasting memories forged with every tasty sip make Eight an experience.

Eight is a symbol of wonderful times, good conversation, and unforgettable memories. It was borne from the Troy Aikman’s passion for uniting people.

Eight is made with normal everyday people like you and me in mind, people who are passionate, and strive to excel in their work, giving their heart and soul. Troy is one such person, always giving it all he’s got, every single day. He believes in the value of family time, and ensuring that the simple pleasures in life bring all the joy you need. There is a little of Troy Aikman in all of you, and that is who Eight is crafted for. Everybody needs to remember to take time to relax, recharge, and revitalize before burying yourself in work once more.

It was during Covid that Troy started to pay extra attention to his own health and wellness. He took a mindful approach to his diet, exercise regimen, and his habits. As much as he tried, he just could not find a beer that matched up to his healthy lifestyle. This is how he came up with the idea for Eight. Troy and his partners worked with one of the finest brewing programs in the country at the Food Science & Technology program at Oregon State University. Their goal was to create a beer that was better for your health and well-being through the inclusion of clean ingredients and reducing the carb count and lowering calories.  

Eight was introduced for the first time in Texas in 2022, and later expanded into Oklahoma in 2024. 2024, the brand expanded into Oklahoma as well.

How is Light Beer Brewed?

Brewing light beer results in a refreshing beverage that’s lighter on the calories but still full of flavor.

The finest ingredients are always selected to achieve the finest results. Pure water, hops, yeast, and carefully malted barley are used in the process. On occasion other ingredients like grains, hops, water, and yeast. What’s more, we use 100% organic grains.

Malted barley is blended with the pure water in the same way you would stir up ingredients in a saucepan on the stovetop. This part of the process is called Mashing, and it is where the sweet sugars are extracted from the barley, laying the foundation for the flavor profile.

During the Boiling Phase the blend of malted barley and pure water called Wort, is heated and hops added. Hops offer their unique touch to the flavor and aroma of the brew.

Now that the flavors are all blended together, yeast works its magic. Yeast is carefully added to the cooled wort to kickstart the fermentation process. It is the yeast reacting with the sugars the results in the production of alcohol and gives it the bubbles. The mixture or brew becomes a beer.

Fermentation done, the beer is left to mature and clarify. For light beer there is an extra step in the process. The beer undergoes filtration to reduce the carbohydrates and calories. For an even lighter brew, more water may be added.

The beer is carbonated last and packaged for sales and ready to be enjoyed by those who love to indulge in a perfectly brewed beer.

Brewing light beer is an art!

How Does Light Beer or Lager Differ from Regular Beer or Lager?

While many non-beer drinkers may say that beer is beer, those who frequently enjoy an ale will argue the point profusely, and rightfully so.

Light and regular beer, whether an ale or a lager, are distinctly different from one another in more ways than simply calorie and alcohol content by volume. Light beers are scientifically engineered through very specific brewing techniques, to have a lower calorie count. Techniques include using fewer carbohydrates or adding more enzymes that help to break down sugars so that they are more easily fermented. The deficit in the calorie count results in a beer that is refreshing, has a crisper flavor, and is light-bodied.

Regular beer, on the other hand, is most often fuller-bodies, with flavor profiles that are less crisp and defined, and more complex. They are typically made up of a higher proportion of malted barley used in the brewing process, making them a richer choice.

Both types of beer use common ingredients which include barley, hops, water, and yeast, however, how much and the way in which they are used differs. 

The differences are more far-reaching than their brewing processes, or ingredients. How they are marketed and their target market audience are also profoundly different. Light beer is often marketed as the healthier choice, and targeted at those who are weight-conscious or health-conscious. Regular beer is focused towards a market that takes pleasure in the intense flavor profiles and aren’t particularly worried about their waistlines.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Embracing Togetherness with Eight’s Light Beer

As we wrap up our exploration of how beer brings people together, you can’t help but think of the many moments shared and memories forged over an ice-cold beer. Your mind is instantly transported back to a time when you sat around the fire with your friends, laughing as you toasted to your friendships and the good times past, present, and future.

There’s something so intrinsically and essentially human about special moments like these where you take immense pleasure in the simple act of forging connections over a shared enjoyment of beer. Eight’s light beer has a distinctly inviting aroma and a smooth, silky taste. It is more than just a drink, it is a catalyst for the most amazing moments, experiences, and memories.

Raise your glass of Eight’s light beer and savor the moments that remind us of the beauty in human connection. Are you ready to take the next step and add Eight into your social rituals. Invite your friends over and share in the magic that is Eight. Eight, encouraging toge









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