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Better Nutrition, Better Healing

Do your knees or hips hurt? If you are like most people, sooner or later you will face a knee or hip problem — if you haven’t already. That means pain and maybe immobility and isolation. Your knees and hips are among the most active joints in your body. They not only support your weight when you’re standing, they make it possible to bend down and tie your shoes, walk up the stairs, and turn your body to make a great backhand shot in tennis. When you think of all that your knees and hips help you do, it’s not surprising that they’re prone to injuries and other painful problems.

Also, intensive training and athletic performance lead to considerable stress on the muscle, jones, and bones.

Hip and knee pain can keep you from the activities you love, as well as make routine tasks difficult. But there are many ways to get you moving again pain-free, without surgery. According to ‘Knees and Hips’, a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School – here are some of the treatments that can help:

Ultrasound –  Therapeutic ultrasound is a simple procedure that uses sound waves to increase blood flow, relax muscle spasms, and aid healing. The therapist applies gel to your skin and moves an ultrasound wand over your skin around the painful area.

Phonophoresis – In a special ultrasound technique called phonophoresis, medication (often hydrocortisone) is added to the gel. In a survey of orthopedic physical therapists, more than half said they would use ultrasound and phonophoresis to reduce soft-tissue inflammation (in tendinitis or bursitis, for example). These techniques are also used to manage pain, heal tissue, and help muscles stretch.

Iontophoresis  – Iontophoresis uses electrical currents to speed the delivery of medication to damaged tissue, or simply to reduce muscle spasms and related irritation. Patches similar to Band-Aids are placed on the skin, and a painless, low-level current is applied for about 10 to 15 minutes. You may feel warmth or tingling during the treatment.

Exercise may help

Strengthening the muscles around a damaged knee or hip can help reduce stress on a joint. For example, your hips have to do less work to support your body weight if your quadriceps, gluteal, hamstrings, and abdominal muscles are strong. A strong quadriceps can take on some of the shocks – absorbing work of the meniscus or cartilage in the knee. The proper balance of strength in the muscles can hold the joint in the most functional and least painful position. Flexibility exercises (to stretch and relax specific muscles) are also an important part of an exercise plan to improve joint function.

When an athlete is injured, he or she will usually work with an athletic trainer and a physical therapist to treat and rehabilitate the injury. The “Good Athlete” will rely on treatment—e.g., ice, heat, electrical stimulation, massage—and rehabilitation to get back on the field. The “Great Athlete” will also use sports nutrition to heal his or her body quickly.

Using sports nutrition during injury recovery is a great way to gain an edge over your competition. MEND Orthopedic supplement, for example, is designed for tissue repair and recovery from injury, surgery or repetitive stress from exercise and sports.

UCLA Medical Physical Therapist and Ironman Ellen Towles on MEND: “The body starts getting more fragile, and you have to play a lot more attention to maintenance. It does not take much to get out of synch,” she said. “You can recover if you’re diligent and you look at all the components carefully. I still have this mindset of this anticipatory pain, and it’s just not there anymore. And that’s so great. Training without pain is heaven.”

Yes, supplements may also help you get moving again

When an injury happens or surgery is needed, it feels like life is upended. You’re immobilized and frustration begins to mount at your inability to do basic things that you took for granted. Popular sports recovery products are excellent for replenishing carbohydrates and electrolytes but do little to help repair and restore damage caused to soft and hard tissue. You can additionally try the new generation supplement as MEND Orthopedic, which is designed specially to aid in tissue recovery and repair.

MEND Orthopedic – developed by world leading doctors, dietitians and scientists, is 100% natural, GMO-Free and Gluten-Free, and is available in regular and NSF Sport certified for amateur and professional athletes.

NSF Sport certification is the highest standard provided by NSF, which is an independent testing and certifying body for dietary supplements relied on by professional and collegiate sports. This gold standard certification ensures that athletes are using a high quality, pure product, free of any banned substances. “With a growing interest from professional and collegiate sports globally, we wanted to obtain this certification to assure our teams and athletes of the safety of MEND”, says Heidi Skolnik, a recognized authority in nutrition and consultant to many professional sports teams. “This sought after certification is essential to the teams we work with. This further affirms our commitment to using only the highest quality all-natural ingredients that are scientifically supported.”

Professional and college sports teams are increasingly utilizing nutrition not only to fuel performance but now also to prevent injury and support healing from injury. “The field has come a long way and we are arriving at a tipping point where it is becoming normal practice for athletes” states Dr. Robert Marx, a renowned orthopedic surgeon who sits on Nutrition For Healing’s science advisory board. “There is increasing evidence that tissue repair can be enhanced through nutritional support – both the quality of healing and the time for healing.”

MEND Orthopedic

•    Assist with muscle repair and provide building blocks for new muscle

•   Aid bone fracture healing and provide nutrients for bone health and strength

•   Aid in wound healing and anti-bacterial agents to assist with fighting infection

•   Contains herbal and other nutrients that aid the body with inflammatory response

•    Antioxidant for maintenance of good circulation and health

MEND™ is a specific combination of natural anti-inflammatories, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, which are proven to aid traumatized tissue.   “It’s a fallacy that rest and ice alone is what your body needs to repair itself ”, states physical therapist Sheraz Syed.  “I suffered massive injuries from an 80-foot fall and had several invasive surgeries to repair my body.  Nutrition was a key component of my healing regimen and was essential to allowing me to make a fast and full recovery.  I advise all my patients to pay attention to nutrition.”

Professional teams across the globe are using MEND Orthopedic – from rugby in Australia to soccer in Europe, to NHL in Canada and NBA and NFL in the United States. Orthopedic surgeons across the United States are also utilizing MEND with their patients to support healing and recovery from orthopedic surgery. Then, if the pain doesn’t improve, see your doctor. She or he may recommend additional treatments and, in rare cases, surgery.

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Nutrition for Healing® LLC is a company founded by medical and nutrition experts who share the philosophy that with better nutrition comes better healing! We believe that in order for the body to heal optimally, it must be provided with the basic nutritional building blocks it requires for a restoration of health and well-being.  This overriding concept is the basis for all of our products and is our inspiration for the goal of harnessing the natural power of nutrition to help heal the body.

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