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Burn Candles at One End Instead of Both

The use of candles is a part of our culture. It is the holiday season, and natural candles and electric ones are burning from coast to coast. The history of the use of candles in society goes back many years. It has been intertwined with various aspects of daily living. Even with how much the use of candles is a part of our culture, there is one thing that, until now, has been overlooked concerning their use. This relates to the very ingredients that a candle contains. Companies have focused so much on improving the ingredients of things we ingest, and rightfully so. However, people must remember that the ingredients from candles affect one’s physical and mental health just as much as what we put in our mouths. When we inhale the aroma put off by burning candles, we stimulate our senses and allow the ingredients from the candles to react with our inner organs. That’s why one must consider the specific types of candles one uses. Unfortunately, not many companies have considered this. Luckily, Chthonic Co. has taken it upon itself to ensure its candles are filled with natural ingredients that can significantly benefit one’s physical and mental health.

As mentioned, candles have certainly played a role in society for years. However, since the world has been run by electricity for a year, they are not as necessary when it comes to illumination except when the power goes out. Therefore, over the past 100 years, candles have gained notoriety for their therapeutic use. They are a great way to help people relax via their visual appeal and the aromas that certain types of candles give off.

Use of Candles

Relieving Stress

Arguably, one of the most common purposes of modern candle use revolves around relieving stress. No matter who one is, they are destined to have various amounts of stress. The real world is a stressful place. People are constantly on the go, trying to fulfill all their daily responsibilities. These are the responsibilities of life. People must work to support themselves. With jobs comes stress. While some job environments are more stressful than others, one will inevitably encounter specific amounts of stress no matter what the circumstances. This can be mental or physical stress. For instance, specific jobs require one to partake in a lot of manual labor. This causes great stress and tension in the physical body. Other jobs require one to use their brains to solve problems. This can contribute to feeling mentally drained after a while.

Besides work, the stresses involved in everyday life can be overwhelming enough as it is. For people who have children, stress is just a part of life. When the children are extremely young, they require constant attention and care. Working parents probably experience some of the most significant stress as they must tackle their jobs and parenthood responsibilities. One could argue that worrying about children never totally subsides, even when they reach adulthood. Parenting is stressful all around. In addition, people are constantly stressed by the overload of images portrayed on social media. All of these stressors can be alleviated with the help of candles with particular ingredients.

Helping One Fall Asleep

Another benefit of using candles that is related to the relief of stress is helping one fall asleep. Sleep is an essential part of living. Like food and water, getting adequate rest is a part of survival. It takes sleep to enable the body to function correctly. Without sleep, one would not be able to fulfill their duties at work properly or take care of their families. In addition, lack of sleep is linked to specific health problems like obesity. Like how the responsibilities of life cause a lot of stress, they also take up a considerable amount of one’s day. Sometimes, there’s not even time for sleep, which there should be. In addition, some of the stimulants that people consume can contribute to losing the necessary amounts of rest. For instance, coffee, while suitable for awakening the body, is very addictive. Some individuals drink too much of it, and it causes them to have trouble falling asleep at night. The same goes for caffeinated soft drinks, as they are also very addictive and can cause the same problem when it comes to trying to obtain adequate amounts of rest. Certain candles have a unique coffee scent, which can help people not crave the extra amounts of unnecessary and expensive coffee.

Besides the issue of drinking too many caffeinated beverages, another problem that contributes to the problem of losing sleep is the overabundance of media. We live in a world where people are always exposed to enormous amounts of media. In the era of smartphones, people are constantly glued to their phones, looking at social media or perusing the internet. In addition, one may look at their computers at work or at home. When you add that people also watch television consistently, this amounts to massive digital overload. This overexposure causes one’s brain to become overly stimulated, which can cause people to have trouble shutting down their thoughts to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Using scented candles with the right natural ingredients can help people experience the most excellent sleep they have had in years. The very smell of the candles affects the physical body, calms the nerves, and puts one in a relaxed state. Also, when the aroma of these candles enters the nostrils, it sends signals to the brain that enable one to feel just as mentally relaxed as they are physically. This relaxed state leads to a good night’s sleep. In addition, it can help people who have problems with anxiety to stay more comfortable in certain types of stressful situations.

Maintaining Overall Well-Being

In addition to contributing to reducing stress, a huge mental benefit of using scented candles is maintaining overall well-being. Many people across the world suffer from various degrees of anxiety and depression. For those who are anxious, the aromatic candles provide significant amounts of relaxation for the body. The aroma of these candles also helps the mind feel more upbeat, therefore alleviating symptoms of depression. When one can maintain their levels of anxiety and depression properly, they can handle the daily tasks of life better and become a more productive citizen. It also can help them interact with people better daily. A happy and positive mindset is vital to maintaining a whole life.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Maintaining Great Décor

While physical and mental benefits are their most essential qualities, it should not be forgotten that they help people maintain great interior décor in their houses or businesses. Aside from their outstanding smell, candles help make one’s surroundings look attractive and inviting. The inviting aspect of candles in houses stems from the fact that they provide so much relaxation and freedom from stress. In addition, many of them are beautiful looking and smell wonderful. It’s kind of like having a sense of self-expression.

Problems People Encounter when Using Candles

The big problem people have encountered in using candles is the same thing they have seen regarding the stuff they put in their mouths.  Not all of them have the most natural ingredients, and this has caused people to have various physical ailments. For instance, individuals who have asthma have inhaled the fragrances of different types of candles, and this, in turn, has caused them to experience worsening symptoms of their condition. Also, during other times of the year, people experience allergy problems. If a scented candle has unnatural ingredients, that can cause some people’s seasonal allergies to kick in. Besides these issues, artificial scents can contribute to physical illness. It uses the most natural ingredients that are also very powerful.

Besides the problems that some of the ingredients of many readily available candles cause people specifically, they also cause environmental issues. Unnatural ingredients can act as pollutants to the environment. When candles are burned, their aromas travel a long way, even past the doors to which they are confined. If the ingredients of a candle are not up to snuff, they can negatively affect the atmosphere and harm the environment. We owe it to the land and animals to keep the environment clean and free of pollutants. We can contribute to this by using the right kinds of candles with ingredients.

Hemp Wick

Hemp is a distinct type of plant. A hemp wick is a string of fibers taken from hemp and coated in beeswax. Breathing in the flavors of burning hemp wick helps the body and the environment. When hemp wick is burned, it does so at a low temperature. This, therefore, means that the flavors one inhales are fresh. In addition, with this process, there are fewer chances of carbon emissions being released into the environment. Both the body and the environment win!

Natural Soy Wax

Like hemp wick, natural soy wax benefits one’s health and the environment. Since it contains no toxins, its vapors do not cause harm to the atmosphere. Also, it does not trigger allergies in people. As mentioned, many people experience problems with their allergies, especially during the winter months.

Organic Essential Oils

Organic essential oils have a variety of benefits to one’s physical and mental health. Their scents have been shown to improve sleep, boost mood, reduce inflammation, and relieve headaches, to name a few.

Chthonic Co.

At just 20 years old, Bria Burton had a vision and a passion for entrepreneurship. With a desire to create a product that would help her calm her asthma and not cause flare-ups like the synthetic fragrance candles she burned, she founded her own company, Chthonic Co., to purify the air and not harm her health. Her product was a unique line of handmade candles made from all-natural, organic, sustainable ingredients that helped her breathe.

Chthonic Candles Lavender Sage

  • Helps get rid of bad vibes and negativity.
  • Contains Natural Soy Wax, Organic Essential Oils, and Hemp Wick.

Chthonic Candles Coffee Craze

  • Perfect for Coffee Lovers or People Who Love the Smell of Coffee.
  • Contains Natural Soy Wax, Organic Essential Oils, and Hemp Wick.

Let Candles Show You the Way

Wouldn’t you like to let candles with the most natural ingredients show you the way to a new life free of negativity and shame? Isn’t it time you helped yourself just as much as the environment? You don’t have to worry about upsetting your allergies or harming your inner health from the aromas you breathe. In addition, you won’t have to be concerned about releasing pollutants into the atmosphere.

If you’re looking to join the worldwide movement of people finally using the right kind of candles to benefit themselves and others, look no further. Various scented candles are available from Chthonic Co. that can increase the chances of you feeling better, sleeping better, and maintaining a more positive mindset. It takes natural ingredients such as these to ensure that people’s health is considered just as much as planet Earth itself. It’s the holiday season, and images of candles are everywhere. Why not gift yourself and others a candle that shines brighter than others!!









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