LifestyleBurning or Itchy Bum? A Solution That Really Works!

Burning or Itchy Bum? A Solution That Really Works!

Having chronic itching downstairs can be one of the worst experiences imaginable. Not only can it be incredibly painful and annoying, but it can also be really embarrassing and a real mess in your social and professional lives. Nobody wants to be seen scratching their bum all the time or walking with squeezed cheeks, after all!

For obvious reasons, anal pain is something most of us don’t talk about every day. Sometimes we’re too embarrassed about it to even look into it on Google or tell a doctor. And we sure don’t blame you; it’s not the most pleasant thing to talk about, that’s for sure! But if you’ve come across this, you’re already a step further than many of the estimated 40 million Americans who suffer from chronic anal burning. So, let’s help you get a step further in combating this one-of-a-kind bodily curse.

Just Why Won’t It Stop Bothering Me?!

That’s what most of us ask!

And with how common (and annoying) of a problem this is, affecting nearly one in ten adults at some point in their lives, you would think there would be pages and pages of scientific research on the matter, and some quick over-the-counter solutions that are as readily available as aspirin or penicillin.

But sadly, that’s not the case. Despite chronic anal pain (in its various forms) being a very common condition, there is a surprising lack of mainstream medical treatments and research on it. Amongst the public, anal discomfort remains largely taboo and continues to fly under the radar for most of us (except, of course, when our bum starts bothering us!). Most doctors, when consulted by a patient experiencing it, view the issue as idiopathic, or in other words, a symptom that can have numerous causes that are difficult to pinpoint. And given that a doctor’s job is to treat the cause, not the symptom, medical professionals usually turn their tails, unable to offer much.

Perhaps even doctors are still stuck scratching their bums on this one. But we’re not! An itchy bum isn’t rocket science, after all, so a cause and solution can’t be that far away. So rather than turning our rear end to the problem, we dove into some of the positive research that has been done and uncovered some fascinating discoveries.

In their search to develop an effective treatment for anal discomfort, the biomedical startup Pranicura Group conducted an in-depth research between 2010 and 2014 with thousands of chronic sufferers and found that there are many more patterns linking cases of anal discomfort to a common cause than most doctors understand. In the vast majority of cases, the research found that the root cause can be traced back to bacterial issues in the digestive tract.  Something has gone wrong. Something has changed in the gut that is now different from “normal” people. This leads to irritation (burning and/or itching) around the anus when the germs hitch a ride out the bum on fecal matter or other types of bodily excrement.

The research concluded that the burning and itching nearly always originated from something going on in the digestive tract. Not, as many seem to think, from some type of skin allergy, fungal infection, hygiene issue, or dietary cause. While maintaining better hygiene (read: cleaning the anus more frequently) can help to alleviate symptoms as it does rid the anus of some unwanted bacteria, this is merely an ‘after the fact’ treatment, not something that can be relied on. Similarly, modifications in one’s diet can also help alleviate symptoms, as depending on the bacteria at play, the types of food going through the digestive tract can be part of the equation. But there is so much guesswork involved in this potential “solution” that making just the right dietary change your body needs here would be like finding a needle in a huge haystack that may not even have any needles at all!

The researchers also found that most respondents who had tried various ointments and diets reported no improvement. Many even reported a worsening of their symptoms. With obvious signs pointing to existing research and treatments being not much more than a bum note, the team at Pranicura sought to develop a treatment that could actually do its job in relieving at least some of the potentially life-ruining discomfort in most, if not all, of their thousands of subjects.

The Solution You Need to Get That Back(side) on Track!

It didn’t come quick, but after years of research and testing, Pranicura 5 finally hit the market and is available over-the-counter in the US.

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Truly a one-of-a-kind treatment, the formula is fully patented, is FDA-approved via the OTC monograph for ano-rectal ointments, and it’s made with ingredients that are not found in any existing anal relief ointment on the market.

And don’t just take our word for it! A 2023 independent survey of over 60,000 Pranicura 5 users confirmed its effectiveness. Approximately 9 out of 10 respondents confirmed that it had been effective and that they would be likely or very likely to recommend Pranicura to friends and family. We’ve done a lot of research on this, and we could not find any similar treatment or medication with such a high effectiveness rate—not even close!

Pranicura 5 is not a steroid, and is FDA-approved as over-the-counter, meaning that it only contains active ingredients in amounts proven safe and effective, and does not contain any ingredients (active or inactive) that can be harmful to the body. There are four active ingredients in Pranicura 5: Glycerin (a skin protectant), Calamine (an itch reliever), Kaolin (also an itch reliever), and menthol (a pain reliever).

Depending on how serious your condition is and how often you experience anal discomfort, a single bottle of Pranicura 5 can last up to a year. Even in the worst cases where daily use is required, users find that it still lasts them at least a few months.

The cream can both work as a remedy as well as preventive care. In milder cases, likely all you’ll need to do is apply a thin layer to the anus when you experience discomfort, and you’ll notice a difference. The irritation will probably heal, and with the help of Pranicura’s formula, the skin on your bum will strengthen to prevent it from reoccurring.

Though symptoms can reoccur when irritated by bacteria that flows out every day. If this is a regular occurrence for you, try applying the ointment regularly (after every BM and every time you feel burning, itching or pain) for a few weeks. It should be applied in a thin layer around the entire anus (not just the opening) after defecating and/or after cleaning your bum. The vast majority of chronic sufferers notice a significant change within 1 day to 4  2–4  weeks of usage, though in some extreme cases it can take a couple of months.

No medical solution can be 100% effective, of course, so if Pranicura 5 still isn’t working, and you’re still experiencing regular discomfort after a few months of treatment, we recommend consulting a doctor. While not nearly the most common cause, fungal infections can be a cause of anal irritation, and fortunately, this can be easily identified and treated by a medical professional. In even more rare cases, anal discomfort can be a symptom of a more serious medical condition, so it is always recommended to seek professional medical treatment if symptoms continue, even if they are only mild.

Whether itching, burning, or worse, discomfort in the rear end can sometimes feel like a problem that just won’t go away. The pain springs out of nowhere so randomly sometimes that it just feels unpredictable, and to make matters worse, there hasn’t been really much that can be done to relieve it most of the time. This often makes us feel at its mercy, unable to do anything beyond try to hide the pain, displeasure, and social discomfort and get on with life.

But if you’re one of the more than one-in-ten Americans who suffers from some degree of chronic anal irritation, the good news is that there IS something you can do about it. And the even better news is that it’s not difficult at all! In fact, it’s as easy as making a few clicks to place an order online. You don’t need to start seeing a doctor, change your habits, change your diet, or start some sort of complex treatment process that you’ll probably soon give up on.

While this might all sound too good to be true, we’re here to tell you that it’s certainly not! Sometimes science can come up with some truly amazing things, and this is one of them. Pranicura 5 has been patented, is FDA OTC compliant, and has an effectiveness rate of upwards of 90%, as verified by independent surveys with tens of thousands of participants. When it comes to solutions for that discomfort you feel in your bum, there is truly nothing like this. Order yours today and start feeling better before you know it!

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