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Butter It Up So You Can Live It Up

Did you know?  Butter can save your life in 2023.  It’s a new year, and it’s time to protect your health and your well-being so that you can have a great life both this year and forever.  I’m not talking about the butter you put on bread.  I’m actually talking about special kinds of butter and lotions that you rub on your body.  It contains specific ingredients that help both your skin and various physical and mental functions.  You can get better sleep, have more energy, reduce stress, and digest your food better.  This can all be achieved without something you have to put in your mouth.  Don’t you want the feeling of feeling better on the inside and the outside by rubbing a good-feeling substance on your skin?  It takes something with specific ingredients.  Many of these ingredients are not readily available in many of the skin lotions and butter that so many people purchase on a regular basis.  Normally, one has to search far and wide to find creams with just the right solution to cover most of your needs.  Fortunately, Butter Me Up Organics has lotions and butter with these specific ingredients to help both your physical and mental health.  Body butter with neem and lotions with magnesium is very helpful for one’s health necessities.  Join the awesome group of people the world over that is getting a head start on their new year’s resolutions by simply buttering it up to live it up!

Body butter and lotions have been used for many years for the maintenance of one’s skin.  However, it is becoming more well-known in modern times that these special substances also serve many other important functions.  Have you ever been told that applying a certain skin lotion can help relieve symptoms of depression?  Has anyone said, “Put this on your skin, and you will boost your immune system?”  More than likely, you haven’t been told this before.  Well, it’s true.  Certain butter and lotions can benefit aspects of your physical and mental health in ways you never thought of before.  In fact, these substances can very well save your life.  With all the great contributions specific body butter and lotions provide for both your inner and outer health, you will feel like a new person in a new year. 

The exposure of one’s skin to the many harmful bacteria that populate the air is a huge problem.  The challenge is trying to keep your skin, which acts as the shield of the human body, guarded against all unwanted elements.  This is quite difficult with seasonal changes and so many different things floating around in the atmosphere.  Your life can be easier if you apply certain lotions with specific ingredients that help fight off this unwanted bacteria year round.  In addition, you can also help heal rashes and eliminate the fungus that has accumulated over time on the skin.  One’s skin is the largest organ of the body that people often take for granted.  When you rebuild your skin, you rebuild yourself into a healthier identity.

One of the biggest dilemmas in searching for proper skin care products is not just locating specific ingredients but also finding natural ingredients.  Just as it is best to put the most natural stuff in our bodies, it is just as important to apply the most natural stuff to our bodies.  The things we apply to our bodies are absorbed into the skin.  After entering the skin, many elements then populate the inner body and all of its biological mechanisms.  We must control both what we put in our mouths and what we apply to our skin.  Now is the time to take care of both.

Here are some specific explanations of why two specific ingredients are very crucial to have in a body butter, lotion, or cream.


Magnesium is a very important component in maintaining great health.  In fact, it should be mentioned that magnesium is actually a necessity for every single cell in the human body as it assists with a lot of biochemical reactions.  These biochemical reactions assist with very important physical and mental functions in our everyday lives.  It’s up to you to obtain the right amount of magnesium so that these biochemical reactions contribute to great physical and mental health for you on a daily basis. 

 As important as magnesium is to the human body, there appears to be a large magnesium deficiency in the American diet.  Anytime there is a deficiency of magnesium, there are big problems.  When the body is deficient in magnesium, there are various physical issues that can occur.  The body is more prone to muscle twitches and even heart palpitations.  Also, people can experience problems sleeping with a lack of magnesium.  In addition, disturbances to one’s mental health can occur, such as increased depression, anxiety, and racing thoughts, among a lot of things.

An aspect of physical health that is greatly affected by magnesium levels is bone health.  When there are adequate amounts of magnesium in the body, calcium, which is extremely important for one’s bone health, is transferred directly to the areas that it needs to go.   Maintaining good bone health is very crucial to the everyday moments of our very existence.  Just getting from one spot to the next is something that we often take for granted.  We don’t realize it is our bones, along with our muscles, that are assisting with this movement.  Regardless of one’s age, using substances with high levels of magnesium with contribute to good bone health.  Even younger people need to get enough magnesium for their bones because they won’t be young forever. Let’s face it. It’s a new year, and you’re a year older.  Time to get a head start on moving well, day in and day out.

Magnesium also benefits one’s muscles and joints.  The muscles are what cover the bones, so they are a part of the everyday movements and motions that encompass your life’s actions.  In addition, high amounts of magnesium benefit one’s digestive health.  Good digestive health is very much connected the one’s overall health and well-being.  Better digestive health can boost one’s immune system and prevent one from getting sick as often.  This comes in handy during these cold winter months.  Also, good digestive health helps your emotional state so you can be in a great frame of mind no matter what.

Since magnesium is a great component of skin butter and lotions, of course, it is only fitting that it actually helps the skin itself.  There is no doubt that skin butter and lotions with great amounts of magnesium show the multifaceted uses of these products.   However, it still is a substance used on the skin, and it even has additional benefits for it.  It helps with the skin’s health and overall appearance.  Think about it for a minute.  You are taking care of both your skin, your physical health, and your mental health, all by simply applying something to your skin.

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Neem, which is taken from neem trees, helps kill unwanted bacteria that affect the skin.  Oftentimes, lotions that are easily found at stores lack the proper ingredients to help fight off unhealthy elements that affect both your skin’s health and appearance.  Also, certain substances that are applied to the skin can actually further damage it rather than let it heal.  Using lotions with neem will help fight off bacteria and fungi that the skin is exposed to on a daily basis.

People who have had bad rashes or fungal infections will greatly benefit from applying lotions or butter with neem as one of their ingredients.  When applying it to their skin, the neem will immediately attack the bacteria that has caused the rash and, therefore, help heal it.  Also, when applying a substance with neem to a fungal infection, the fungi are eliminated.

Butter Me Up Organics

Butter Me Up Organics was started by Jillian Haddad in 2008.  Being unable to find certain skin care products that did not contain unwanted ingredients like sulfates and parabens, Haddad sought to provide products with the most natural ingredients that are of the utmost help to everyone.  Butter Me Up Organics is an organic skincare and home goods company that is truly a labor of love.

All of the recipes in the products from Butter Me Up Organics are free from any and all synthetics.  Anything artificial is avoided.  The most natural products to help with multiple health wants and needs are provided by Butter Me Up Organics.  Every single step in putting together a product is meticulously done with regard to including the most natural ingredients that are going to help you once you start using them immediately.  Finally, you can help both your skin and your entire body the natural way with products from Butter Me Up Organics.

Organic Magnesium Lotion

  • One dose has 500 mg of Magnesium
  • Helps keep skin healthy and good looking
  • Helps you sleep better
  • maintain good bone health
  • Better digestive system
  • Helps muscles and joints

Organic Herbal Skin Save Salve/Butter Me Up Organics

  • Made of Neem, Lemon balm, and Patchouli
  • Helps with rebuilding skin
  • Protects skin from bacterial infections
  • Fights off fungus

Start protecting your Skin and Your Life.

Why spend so much time looking for so many different things at so many different stores for all of your health needs?  Instead, you can apply one simple butter or lotion to your body and help your body, skin, and mind.  It’s a new year, and people are rebuilding their lives.  People have been lacking proper nutrients through the foods they eat and, even more so, the substances they use on their bodies.  It’s time in 2023 for you to jump on the bandwagon of people that are controlling what they put on their bodies just as much as what they put into it. You don’t have to keep searching and searching.  Now, there are just simple ways to keep you healthy with secret ingredients. The benefits of magnesium to the body and mind are overwhelming.  Also, neem acts as the shield of your skin and, ultimately, your body.

If you’re looking to have better skin, stronger bones, sleep better, and fight off bacteria and fungi, look no further.  Body butter and lotions with both high amounts of magnesium and neem are available from Butter Me Up Organics.  Instead of worrying about having to go to several different places to cover all of your health needs, you can now simply apply a special recipe to your body to solve the problem.  The advantages to all of your health needs from Butter Me Up Organics will make you feel like a new person inside and out.  Are you interested? Check out Organic Magnesium Lotion and Organic Herbal Skin Save Salve/Butter Me Up Organics.  They also have products for the face, hair, and even for babies. Who says butter can’t change your life?  Butter it up and start living it up in 2023. 









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