Eat Well“C”, the Celebrated Vitamin

“C”, the Celebrated Vitamin

Ever wonder why certain nutrients are actually labeled with the word, vitamin before their letter? To answer this, we need to look no further than the root of the word vitamin. “Vita” in Latin means life.   In short without these vital nutrients we cannot sustain life. O.K., but how much vitamins do we need to sustain health? This question immediately brings to mind powerful Vitamin C, the king of all vitamins. This vitamin which comes nicely packed in fresh fruits and vegetables is natures anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine. Unfortunately too often, it disappoints. Why is this?

To use an analogy, would you expect a half of a headache pill to rid you of your headache or reduce your fever, of course not? We know that the dosage should be at least double that.  This is precisely the problem with taking too little vitamin C! Too little effect! The key in getting a proper effect is in the higher, necessary doses.

The RDA of vitamin C is little more than that of a single mid size orange. No wonder the human condition is a sniffling, sneezing, wheezing, virus ridden mess. Unfortunately, if it weren’t for a gene mutation that must have made sense 25 million years ago, we would still be able to synthesize our own vitamin C, just like most animals on earth.

A lion or a tiger for example, makes vitamin C all day, every day and more in times of stress. A 150 pound animal can synthesize fifteen thousand milligrams of vitamin C daily and that is considered an average amount!  Therefore one really needs to ask themselves, why is the RDA of 75 mg. for a human considered ample?

Fruits and vegetables are nature’s way of providing many vitamins.  However sometimes we need more.  It came to our attention that Sufficient-C®, an innovative product on the market has made getting non-GMO Vitamin C thoroughly delicious!

They actually combined L-Lysine, an essential amino acid, Bromelain, a digestive and proteolytic enzyme and a patented green tea extra into a refreshing and satisfying drink mix. We found it impressive that not only does this drink mix offer great flavor, it is Stevia sweetened and totally water soluble!  The concept is great because it delivers 4,000 mg of non-GMO vitamin C per serving and even generous doses of the aforementioned nutrients too!  Sufficient-C made their lemon peach iced tea into a product that you will find yourself looking forward to drinking.  In addition, given that it is a mix, you can travel with it, drink with meals or even make it part of your daily work out.  An intense workout requires ample hydration and ample fortification of vitamin C too!

Don’t let a gene mutation get in your way of getting what you need through-out your day.









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