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Cannabis Energy and Beyond

It’s become well-known that specific components of cannabis, like Cannabinoid (CBD), have gained ground when it comes to the awareness of their numerous benefits. For years, however, anything having to do with cannabis was considered taboo. Luckily, a massive wave of people are taking the time to educate themselves about how beneficial cannabis is to one’s health and life.  However, people have started looking beyond just CBD and its benefits. They are looking at the aspects of all the different components of cannabis, like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Items with THC are changing people’s lives left and right. Unfortunately, since this is a relatively new health phenomenon, people have not been able to locate these types of items just anywhere. 2024 is everyone’s lucky year in that Not Ya Son’s Weed is making people’s lives easier with their specially made products designed to assist individuals with so many areas of feeling better.


Like CBD, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a cannabinoid that is one of the main components of cannabis. It is an additional benefit of using cannabis-based products that is just now being discovered for how it can help change people’s lives for the better. It’s essential to take the time to learn about the positive aspects of using products with THC. CBD-based products are certainly beneficial. However, there are certain things that they can’t do that THC can.

Most people wouldn’t usually think of a component of cannabis as being able to improve one’s energy levels. However, the use of specific THC-based products is proving to the world that it can do just that. Let’s face it! Everyone needs a certain amount of energy to deal with the tasks and responsibilities of daily life. Many of us live hectic lives that have tight deadlines. Fulfilling the duties of one’s job is one thing. However, taking care of a family is undoubtedly another. Those who must tackle both must be able to sustain the most significant amount of energy possible. Unfortunately, like when trying to relax, people have gone about attempting to gain substantial amounts of energy the wrong way. For instance, some have abused caffeinated beverages, which not only do not contain the most natural of ingredients but can also cause harm to areas of one’s health, such as the heart. Also, they can cause people to feel nervous and jittery, which is the wrong kind of energy people seek. Not to mention, many are very expensive. THC has a unique way of working through a person’s body to give them significant amounts of stamina via stimulating the appetite and boosting processes that help the body store energy. You will no longer have to worry about harming your health via the use of expensive items that are not designed to benefit the body the natural way.


Arguably, the most abundant form of THC is Delta-9. It has its distinct type of benefits. When people hear about THC helping people gain adequate amounts of energy, they may have concerns that it might contribute to nervousness and irritability. However, when you learn about Delta-9-THC, your mind is put at ease just as much as when you use THC-based products.

Benefits of Delta-9 THC

Helps with Pain Management

One of the most significant benefits of Delta-9-THC is how it helps people manage bodily pain. Anyone at any age can suffer from problems associated with arthritis, which is a condition that involves the inflammation or swelling of one or more of the joints. It’s a condition that usually builds up over time, but some individuals start experiencing problems sooner than others. Some people have occupations that require a great deal of manual labor. Over time, the constant over-exertion of the body causes people to build up pain in their muscles and joints. For some people, the hustle and bustle of everyday living builds up over time. However, even young athletes can start to experience problems with arthritis due to their bodies constantly being in motion. The most excruciating types of pain, though, have to do with the breaking of the legs and the tearing of the muscles. Regardless of whether these scenarios happen to people or the onset of arthritis occurs, the pain is accentuated if someone has high amounts of inflammation in the body. Fortunately, Delta-9-THC helps lower the levels of inflammation that are in one’s body and, therefore, possibly helps the body recover from the pain quicker and in a more bearable manner.

 Helps with Nausea Relief

Many people have stomach issues or just flat-out have weak stomachs. Nausea is a very unpleasant condition that a variety of factors can trigger. For one thing, many people have trouble with their sinuses, which can cause stomach problems. This can especially be a problem during the winter or spring seasons or even just during the transitional phases of one season to the next. In other cases, nausea results as a negative side effect of certain medications that people take. Regardless of the cause of nausea, there is an agreement that it is an extremely inconvenient circumstance that generally causes people to vomit profusely. With the help of items that have Delta-9-THC, people can alleviate the problems associated with this.

Helps Stimulate Appetite

You always hear about people wanting to decrease their appetite to help them lose weight and eat less. However, there are those out there who aim to increase their appetite. Some people, especially those who have trouble with nausea, have issues obtaining an appetite. This can be very irritating, especially when people want to eat their favorite foods at a certain time. Delta-9-THC helps increase one’s appetite by activating cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1).

Helps Increase Creativity

As people worldwide have been discovering the outstanding benefits of Delta-9-THC, a stir has been discussed about how it can help people better express their creative abilities. Certain studies have shown that artists in various realms have boosted their creative endeavors with the help of Delta-9-THC. This includes everyone from musical artists to painters and even actors. Delta-9-THC interacts with the CB1 receptors in the brain, creating feelings of euphoria and an excited state of mind. This, in turn, helps artists of all kinds to put all their energy into their works.

Helps Relieve Stress and Anxiety

The euphoric state that is created using Delta-9-THC can help relieve various amounts of stress and anxiety that people suffer from regularly. Everyone suffers from stress to a certain degree. If one didn’t, they wouldn’t be human. We live in a fast-paced world where people are always on the run. People have occupations that have strict deadlines. Keeping up with these tasks is easier said than done. This is where stress and anxiety can rear their heads. This stress and anxiety are accentuated when people must take care of their families. Looking after children, regardless of age, is not a walk in the park for anyone. One must devote so much time and attention to the needs of their children that their nerves often become susceptible to the societal pressures being placed upon them.

Helps People Concentrate Better

Another contributing factor to people’s overall well-being caused by the positively induced state of mind from Delta-9-THC is that it helps people concentrate better. Trying to stay focused is a huge priority among millions of people, and rightfully so. It takes a great amount of concentration, in addition to energy, to counter the tasks and responsibilities that are placed in front of us every day. Some people have jobs that require a lot of critical thinking, and it certainly helps when one’s mind is concentrated and always focused on this. Even for people with jobs that require tasks that are more related to manual labor, it still takes a concentrated mind to ensure that the physical movements the body makes are done carefully. Some would argue that one of the biggest reasons that people generally have trouble concentrating nowadays is that there are more distractions than ever in the modern era. Everyone is constantly screening their phones or social media, and staying focused on one thing at a time is much more of a challenge today since concentration is more of a problem than ever in society; why not help the matter with Delta-9- 9 THC?

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Helps Improve One’s Sleep

Although Delta-9-THC is so strongly associated with helping increase one’s energy and focus, it can also help people sleep better. Like how having energy and staying focused is so important to complete daily tasks, having adequate amounts of sleep is one of the key ways that people obtain this energy. When one is well rested, they not only feel better physically and mentally, but they can also actually concentrate better. Like food and water, sleep is an essential part of living. However, many people, for whatever reason, do not fall asleep as easily as others. Unfortunately, many people have resorted to using expensive over-the-counter sleep aids that can cause problems for their health. Using Delta-9-THC in whatever form is a natural, healthy way to sleep better and maintain a healthy rest habit.

Not Ya Son’s Weed

The focus of Not Ya Son’s Weed has always been to provide the cleanest, highest-quality products for individuals to enhance their quality of life. They remain dedicated to redesigning cannabis and allowing all individuals with a variety of preferences to enjoy the benefits of their products. Whether you like smoking or eating edibles or enjoy an energetic high or a calming high, Not Ya Son’s Weed has something for you!

Blueberry – 50 MG Delta 9 Gummy Sachet

  • Contains 50 mg of Delta-9-THC.
  • Sachet
  • Each Gummy is Perforated into 10 Pieces.

Delta 9 Disco Gummies

  • 30 mg Delta 9 infused gummies.
  • Assorted Flavors.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Cannabis Beyond Just Relaxation

You know now that there is much more to how cannabis helps people’s physical and mental health than just the aspect of CBD. By educating yourself about THC, most specifically Delta-9-THC, you know that the components of cannabis can keep you energized and focused just as much as staying cool, calm, and collected. Also, even though you will become more energized, you might help yourself sleep better naturally. It’s a new year, and people are trying new things. Don’t look back at 2024 and realize it was the year you missed out on so many things that are changing people’s lives from coast to coast. It’s time to act now!

If you want to obtain natural energy, help fight nausea and bodily pain, stay better focused on projects, or even boost your creative juices, look no further! With the help of Blueberry – 50 mg Delta 9 Gummy Sachet and Delta 9 Disco Gummies from Not Ya Son’s Weed, you can change so many aspects of your health and life, all with the help of just a tasty gummy. You will no longer have to go from store to store, wasting your hard-earned money on multiple products. Take the benefits of the ingredients of cannabis to the next level and beyond!









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