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Collagen, It’s What’s for Dinner!

The word collagen used to have a somewhat negative reputation. While it was known for helping lessen wrinkles and the signs of aging, it also had an association with the cheap way of looking younger. People thought collagen made women’s lips puffy and men’s skin look fake. If you still associate collagen with these negative stereotypes, it’s time to change that mindset. It is time to change that mindset now. There is no doubt that collagen decreases the signs of aging in the form of wrinkles and skin roughness. However, the many incredible benefits of collagen have recently become common knowledge worldwide. Collagen helps with maintaining good health all around the body itself. It helps keep people put together and stay physically healthy. However, to obtain all these benefits, a product containing multiple sources of collagen and a combination of other essential nutrients, like vitamin C, is necessary. Even with people jumping on the healthy collagen craze, there is still the difficult challenge of finding supplements that contain varied sources of collagen combined with other valuable items. Whether you are someone who has been looking for this specific type of product or is just now learning how beneficial collagen is to so many aspects of your health, this is your lucky day! TotumVos has chewable gummies derived from various sources of collagen and combined with other healthy nutrients for the most nutritional benefits.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein that is produced by the body. As for what it does for the human body, it helps keep one’s body parts together. It’s like the glue that attaches the skin, muscles, bones, and tissues all into the general picture of the human body. As one gets older, the body’s collagen production begins to subside. Certain foods contain the amino acids that assist the body in producing collagen. However, diet alone is insufficient to keep the body’s collagen production going once someone reaches a certain point. Therefore, it is essential to supplement themselves with fully equipped items with the best sources of collagen known to man. Besides helping one maintain a youthful appearance, collagen has so many physical benefits that it is almost ridiculous.

Benefits of Collagen

Maintaining Great Gut Health

It has been stressed in many health articles how important maintaining excellent gut health is to many of the functions of the human body, and rightfully so. It is probably not stressed enough. A healthy digestive tract is very intertwined with a healthy immune system. A robust immune system protects against diseases and illnesses. Let’s face it; no one likes getting sick. It forces us to miss fulfilling responsibilities and participating in our favorite activities. Also, it has been said that there is a direct messaging link between the stomach and the brain. Messages go from the stomach to the brain and vice versa. A healthy gut generally helps one maintain a more positive mood and mindset.

Conversely, a positive attitude acquired with positive thoughts can help the stomach feel at ease. In addition, excellent gut health generally contributes to lower rates of inflammation, thereby allowing the body to recover from pain and illness faster. Fortunately, consuming collagen can contribute to excellent gut health. Collagen helps with breaking down carbohydrates and proteins. This process by collagen then allows the food being digested to move smoothly in the GI tract.

Assists with Muscle Pain and Recovery

As mentioned, collagen helps one maintain excellent gut health and contributes to lower inflammation. However, it’s essential to know supplementing with collagen, in general, helps lower inflammation in the body as a whole. When supplementing with collagen, there is also increased production of collagen in the body, increasing the body’s anti-inflammatory properties. Lowering inflammation in one’s body can help support one’s joints and muscles when injured. The less inflammation in the body, the easier and quicker one can recover from the pain inflicted.

Assists with Osteoporosis

Many people experience the problems associated with osteoporosis. Like the loss of collagen, osteoporosis generally develops as people age. Osteoporosis involves decreased bone mineral density and bone mass in the body. When this happens, the bones become more prone to fractures and breakage. This factor is a severe dilemma because breaking bones is no laughing matter. Even worse, the fracturing of bones is hard to recover from and takes a long time to heal after surgeries. Since collagen helps join the bones together and other parts of the body, you can imagine that when collagen development starts to subside, the chances of succumbing to osteoporosis are higher. Supplementing with collagen can help keep the bones healthy and strong.

Helps the Skin Maintain Elasticity

The recent trend that has caught the attention of the general populous concerning collagen has centered around the additional benefits of it besides helping one maintain a youthful appearance. Nonetheless, keeping a youthful look does help people feel better about themselves and even assists with how they interact with others. As long as the methods people take to achieve this are natural and healthy, it’s certainly not a problem. The issue is that many people have resorted to using unnatural substances and going under the knife for unsafe surgical procedures to alter their looks. Supplementing oneself with the right kind of collagen product that is natural and safe is the more accessible and safer alternative to this. It is also cheaper. Since collagen is like a glue that helps hold tissues together, it helps skin maintain its elasticity. As people age, the amount of collagen that is produced by the body decreases, which, therefore, contributes to lower skin elasticity. This point is where the appearance of the sagging of the skin and wrinkles become present. If you are already experiencing large amounts of wrinkles and the feeling of sagging skin, you can still help offset this problem by supplying your body with the collagen it has been missing. Even if you don’t have this problem yet, it’s good to start maintaining skin elasticity to look young and feel young.

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Helps Increase Muscle Mass

Besides helping the bones stay strong, collagen also assists people in maintaining their muscle mass and tone. Like how the bones start to deteriorate with age, the body’s muscles lose their firmness and strength as the years go by. People have many different types of goals when working on their muscles. Some people start bodybuilding earlier in life and want to continue for the rest of their life, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. However, since the ability to maintain muscle mass starts to decline as collagen production subsides, it’s good to begin using collagen-based products to keep the large muscles as massive as ever. Unfortunately, like people tend to resort to unhealthy practices to maintain a youthful appearance, many adopt bad habits to gain muscle that are incredibly hazardous to their health and can decrease their longevity. The best way is the natural way. Collagen supplements help people maintain muscle mass while maintaining their health and life. Of course, not everyone wanting to build muscle mass needs to be a bodybuilder. Many just want to keep a certain amount of muscle tone on their body, especially as they get older and their body becomes more prone to different injuries. Like how collagen can strengthen the bones, thereby preventing bone fractures, it can also support the muscles, thereby preventing muscle tears and joint issues.

Helping One Maintain Healthy Hair and Nails

Besides collagen’s impact on keeping healthy and youthful-looking skin, it also plays a massive role in helping one maintain healthy hair and nails. Besides the face and skin, the hair and nails are also a part of one’s appearance that people usually note when analyzing one’s age. As with skin, the production of the nutrients that help hair and nails appear healthy and shining gets lower once a person reaches a point in life. Collagen works with specific proteins, producing the best-looking hair and nails you’ve seen in years.

Obtaining Collagen from Multiple Sources

When deciding to use collagen supplements, it is essential to consider where the collagen you are using is coming from. Regarding maintaining physical health and outward beauty, some of the most outstanding results have been seen with products with multiple sources of collagen and other helpful nutrients. When finding the right company with just the right collagen products, one should look into the company’s background and story. Often, the work that a company has put into its products can make all the difference.


TotumVos was born out of a study on the effects of collagen supplementation on bone mass in postmenopausal women. The study demonstrated with bone scans that women who consumed 5g of collagen daily over a year significantly increased bone density. In addition, those benefits were maintained for four years.

It was found that collagen can be highly absorbed and utilized by the body when combined with vitamin C. TotumVos Collagen Chews were created that combined vitamin C with collagen that is derived from grass-fed U.S. beef, organic chicken, and wild-caught Icelandic Cod. Customers have reported various benefits from using TotumVos Collagen Chews, including helping with muscle pain, repairing the gut, and several other things.

Chai Beet Collagen Chews

  • Great for Full Collagen Synthesis
  • Contains 6,500 mg of Collagen Types I, II, and III from high-quality chicken, beef, and fish sources
  • Contains 50 mg of Vitamin C

Mocha Collagen Chews

  • Contains 6,500 mg of Collagen Types I, II, and III from high-quality chicken, beef, and fish sources
  • Contains 50 mg of Vitamin C

Get Started on a Fresh New Look on Both the Outside and the Inside

Isn’t it time you started doing something that took care of the appearance of your inner health just as much as your outward appearance? Maintaining a youthful look for skin, hair, and nails is good as it helps one feel better about themselves and others. However, it’s not only essential to go about this naturally and healthily. Ensuring one’s inner health functions better than ever is necessary. That way, one can feel good about themselves and feel good physically at the same time.

Specific types of collagen that are infused with essential nutrients like vitamin C are helpful in not only maintaining a youthful appearance for one’s skin, hair, and nails but also in helping the bones and muscles of the body stay strong, thereby helping prevent the chances of fracturing one’s bones or tearing their muscles. In addition, one’s gut health gets assisted, which, in turn, helps boost one’s immune system and maintain a positive mood. Replacing it with diet is hard once the body starts producing less collagen. Even for people whose bodies are still producing adequate amounts of collagen, it’s best to get a head start on things. TotumVos has Chai Beet Collagen Chews and Mocha Collagen Chews to obtain various sources of collagen and other essential nutrients. Now that you are more educated about collagen and its importance to the body, on both the outside and inside, it’s time to give your life to it. You will now have a fresh look concerning your appearance and life!









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