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Concentrate on What You Need to Hydrate

Drinking water and eating food are essential parts of living. We do these actions daily without realizing that we are doing something that helps us survive. Consuming water is a recommended aspect of maintaining good health. Even for people who don’t drink straight-up water either from the faucet or the bottle, it’s important to remember that most of the drinks they consume have some form of water. However, even for people who drink straight-up water, there is a lack of essential nutrients that are contained in the water that people consume regularly. When it comes to eating, it is well known that over many decades, there have been various recommendations on how to eat healthily. While people need to attempt to eat healthy in the best way possible, it is still challenging today to obtain the most natural ingredients. Even those who consume the most natural foods still resort to covering what they eat with condiments full of unnatural components that can cause harm to one’s health. It’s almost a no-win situation for people as most people do their best to drink the most natural water and eat the healthiest of foods, but they are still left empty-handed regarding nutrition. However, this is the year people can finally win this situation with the right kind of electrolytes and minerals to put into their food and water. Mineral Resources International is improving people’s health to the highest degree with the helping hand of their products.

Importance of Drinking Water

As mentioned, drinking water is an essential part of living. There are many reasons why drinking water is so vital to people’s lives. That’s why it’s so crucial for people to take the next step in drinking water to help fulfill their health needs.

Drinking Water Helps People Stay Hydrated

Arguably, one of the most important aspects of drinking water revolves around keeping the body hydrated. When the body is hydrated, its temperatures are appropriately regulated. In addition, proper hydration can help one’s joints and can even help improve one’s sleep and quality of mind. Unfortunately, it takes more than just straight-up water to reach their fullest hydration.

Water Helps with Digestion and Weight Management

Drinking water assists in the digestive process. When people eat food, they need water to help the components of their food pass through the intestines properly. A healthy digestive system is essential as it helps one increase one’s energy and helps with many other bodily functions like the immune system. In addition, it is this assistance to the digestive system that is provided by the consumption of water that also helps people with weight management. When food is passed through the body efficiently, there is less chance of retaining as many fatty elements as possible. Combined with a healthy diet, consistent water drinking can help people lose and maintain a healthy weight.

Drinking Water Helps with Kidney Function

Having healthy functioning kidneys is important because those are the organs that help control one’s blood pressure and help sort out substances in the blood itself. When one drinks adequate amounts of water, they can urinate more and, therefore, eliminate waste that slows down specific bodily processes, such as the processes of the kidneys. However, to reach their fullest potential for kidney function, one needs to have a certain number of electrolytes in their water.

Electrolytes Needed to Add to Water


Magnesium is an electrolyte that helps with aspects of physical health, including the following:

Helps People Gain Energy

Maintaining adequate energy is arguably just as crucial to everyday living as drinking water. We need to stay energized to survive in the real world. It’s a fast-paced world that we live in, full of people being on the go constantly. Many people have jobs that require constant deadlines. In addition, people have families to take care of. When you combine these two life responsibilities, you have requirements that warrant much physical and mental energy from people. Even young athletes must keep their bodies energized to compete as best as possible. With the magnesium electrolyte contained within drinking water, this energy can be obtained. It’s a healthy alternative to many of the unhealthy ways that many people resort to in trying to obtain energy, such as drinking dangerous energy drinks and sugary sodas.

Helps People Sleep

Like food and water, sleep is an essential part of living. We must sleep to obtain the stamina needed to tackle the tasks of daily living. Although one can obtain energy with the help of electrolytes like magnesium, sleep is a massive part of the equation of proper resting. Ironically, as beneficial as magnesium provides energy, it helps people sleep just as well. Like how magnesium is a healthy alternative to energy drinks and sugary colas, it is a safe substitute for expensive over-the-counter sleeping pills that are very harmful and addictive.


Potassium is one of the many essential minerals needed for excellent physical health that can be added to drinking water. While primarily a mineral, potassium is also considered an electrolyte due to the type of electrical charge it sends to body areas, promoting various essential functions. Some of these include the following:

Controlling Blood Pressure

Controlling one’s blood pressure is very important in staying healthy overall. Having high blood pressure can lead to problems like heart and kidney disease and can even result in one having a heart attack or stroke if not treated. Low blood pressure, on the other hand, can cause extreme fatigue and nausea. When potassium is used as an electrolyte in drinking water, it can relax the blood vessels’ walls, therefore helping lower the blood pressure to a decent level.

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Helps with Muscular Contraction

As mentioned, potassium qualifies as an electrolyte as it sends electric signals to the body’s nerves, allowing the muscles to contract correctly. This is important to the overall movement of the body.


Despite the negative associations many may have with sodium as an electrolyte, it serves several purposes.

Sodium Helps Hydrate One’s Body

As mentioned, keeping the body hydrated is vital to excellent physical health. It helps one regulate one’s blood flow and maintain healthy breathing. While drinking lots of water is a crucial way to keep one’s body hydrated, most types of water that have been made readily available to people do not contain the necessary electrolytes like sodium to ensure that the utmost bodily hydration is obtained.

Sodium Helps Control Blood Pressure

Like potassium, sodium is an electrolyte that contributes to healthy blood pressure rates. Unlike potassium, though, sodium is designed to help people suffering from low blood pressure. When one has shallow blood pressure, besides fatigue and nausea, there are still chances of suffering catastrophic health events like heart attacks, which are generally more associated with having high blood pressure. Sodium can help raise blood pressure back to an average rate to avoid the possibility of these things occurring.


Chloride is a type of electrolyte that works in conjunction with other electrolytes like potassium and sodium to:

Assist with Proper Digestion

Chloride can assist the body in maintaining proper pH levels and stimulating the stomach acid needed for proper digestion. As mentioned, having healthy digestion is one of the essential parts of gaining healthy energy. In addition, a healthy digestive tract can help boost one’s immune system. The immune system is what helps shield the body from becoming sick. Let’s face it. No one likes getting sick. It is a huge inconvenience that causes people to miss valuable time at their job or school and, therefore, fall behind in their work. Also, it forces people to miss out on fun-filled time with friends and family.

Contribute to Fluid Balance

As an electrolyte, chloride is well-known for helping the body maintain a proper balance of fluids. This involves the aspect of the amount of fluid in the body being equal to the amount extracted. When there is an imbalance of fluids, one can become dehydrated.


Zinc is an essential electrolyte that helps with many critical bodily functions. These include the following:

Helping Metabolism Function

Zinc helps the body metabolize food better. Within zinc are various enzymes that help the body break down carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, and other nutrients that cannot be broken down as quickly. Having a healthy metabolism is an integral part of maintaining a healthy weight and extracting toxins that enter the body from unnatural food.

Helping Bodily Wounds Heal

With its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, zinc plays a big role in helping the body recover quicker and easier from wounds that it is subjected to. When people have abrasions or lesions on their skin, if their inflammatory rates are high, the recovery process is usually longer and much more painful. However, if one can consume zinc in their drinking water or even sprinkle it amongst their food, they can lower their rate of inflammation and, therefore, help the wounds heal quicker and with less pain.

Adding Minerals to Food

It’s bad enough that people don’t get enough proper nutrients by drinking most of the plain water available in stores. However, it’s important to remind people that no matter how hard they are attempting to eat healthily, there is still that extra something that is missing. What’s interesting to note is that extra something could be in the form of an item that one puts on their food to make it taste better. So many people put salt, pepper, ketchup, or whatever type of condiment is available to spice up their foods. If only they would use something else to give their body just what it needs.

Mineral Resources International

Mineral Resources International (MRI) prides itself on its ability to provide innovative products in keeping with its mission to improve global well-being through mineral nutrition. They set rigorous standards for each of its mineral products. MRI thoroughly tests each lot of mineral at the company’s in-house quality assurance laboratory and independent labs to ensure potency and purity.

Elete Electrolyte Add-In

  • Hydrates Better Than Water.
  • Supports Hydration, Muscle Function, Energy Usage, and Heat Tolerance.
  • Contains Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Sulfate, and Zinc.


  • Provides mineral nutrition to foods in ways natural to the digestive system.
  • Contains every essential trace mineral (except iron)

Start Making Minerals a General Part of Your Life

Well, now you know it takes more than just regular water and food to give your body exactly what it needs. Therefore, it’s up to you to choose whether you will achieve the best hydration and heart rate possible or continue being deficient. It’s a new year, so why not make 2024 the year you give yourself the gift of essential minerals? People make New Year’s Resolutions, but, in your case, why not make a solution to your problems? It’s a solution helping people worldwide obtain the greatest health imaginable.

If you are ready to maintain great hydration, obtain the greatest energy, sleep better, help your muscles function well, and control your body temperature, look no further. Change your life with the help of elete Electrolyte Add-In and FortiSalt from Mineral Resources International. You will now know that you are drinking water for nothing as you handle your hydration levels and much more. Also, you will no longer be wasting your time on unhealthy additions to your natural foods. Start making minerals a general part of your life.









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