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Conquer Everyday Skin Stressors and Achieve Healthy, Beautiful Skin With Progress in Health, Inc.’s Hemp Balm Products

In our day-to-day lives, our skin and our under eyes and eyelids can encounter a lot of environmental stressors. Our skin can get exposed to damaging UV rays, pollution, extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, microbes, etc. While our eyes can look puffy and tired due to eye strain, psychological stress, sleep deprivation, etc.

The adverse effects of these environmental stressors are not only unsightly but can also bring discomfort and pain. So our skin and skin around the eyes need special attention to soothe and protect them from these environmental stressors.

Highly recommended are the hemp balms from Progress in Health, Inc., namely the Hemp Healing Balm and Hemp Infused Organic Eye Depuffer Balm to give the best, natural, effective care for your skin without harmful chemicals. Read further to learn about hemp and its benefits for the skin and eyes, Progress in Health, Inc., the aforementioned hemp skincare products, and each of these products’ specific benefits.

What Is Hemp and What Is It Used For?

Hemp is one of the many varieties of Cannabis Sativa, which only has a very low level of the main chemical that gives a psychoactive effect or “high” feeling that is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), at less than 0.3%. While it doesn’t have psychoactive effects, it’s harvested for its fiber, seeds, and extracts, which have many uses. With hemp fiber used for textiles, clothing, ropes, cordage, cosmetics, personal care products, etc; hemp seeds used for dietary supplements, protein powder, food, hemp seed oil, cosmetics, skincare, etc; and hemp extracts used for dietary supplements, pain relief, anti-inflammation, skincare, topical treatments, anxiety/depression/stress relief, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Hemp for the Skin?

There are several hemp skin benefits. It’s the hemp oil or hemp seed oil derived from hemp seeds and hemp extracts or CBD (cannabidiol) oil derived from hemp’s flowers, leaves, and stalks that are that are responsible for them. These are listed below:

  1. Moisturizes the Skin

Hemp seed oil and hemp extract can keep the skin moisturized with their rich fatty acids that give them humectant and emollient properties. Their humectant properties attract moisture from the environment while their emollient properties trap moisture in the skin. This makes them beneficial for dry, rough, scaly skin.

  1. Regulates Sebum Production and Prevents Acne

By moisturizing the skin, hemp seed oil and hemp extract prevent excess sebum production caused by dry skin. In addition, it’s also non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog pores. These two benefits of theirs overall help prevent acne.

  1. Treats Inflammatory Skin Conditions

The fatty acids in hemp seed oil and hemp extract can also provide relief to inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, etc. However, hemp extract has greater anti-inflammatory properties due to its cannabidiol content. Also aiding in soothing inflammatory skin conditions are their anti-oxidants.

  1. Prevents Skin Infection

Hemp seed oil and hemp extract have compounds that are antimicrobial and antioxidant as well as can strengthen the natural skin barrier. So they make it more difficult for bacteria, viruses, and fungi to invade and infect the skin while at the same time, killing these microbes that get in contact with the skin.

  1. Repairs UV Damage and Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Hemp seed oil and hemp extract’s moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and skin-regenerating properties can help repair UV-damaged skin. Moreover, their fatty acids can also help reduce hyperpigmentation by suppressing melanin production and promoting cell regeneration.

  1. Fights Skin Aging

Hemp seed oil and hemp extract are rich in antioxidants, which can make skin more youthful by protecting the skin from environmental stressors that can cause free radical damage that results in skin aging. They can stimulate cell regeneration, increase collagen production, enhance skin elasticity and firmness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce skin dullness, brighten the skin, and retain skin moisture.

How Does Hemp Remedy Puffy, Tired Eyes?

When the eyes have been stressed and overworked, it results in an increase of fluid retention around the eyes, which makes the eyes puffy. Hemp seed oil and hemp extract also make an effective remedy for this because of their anti-inflammatory, vasodilatory, moisturizing, and antioxidant properties as well as their calming and soothing effects. These are explained below:

  1. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Puffy eyes are inflammation around the eyes, which can be resolved by hemp seed oil and hemp extract’s anti-inflammatory properties. These oils’ anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the accumulated fluid around the eyes that makes them puffy.

  1. Vasodilatory Properties

Hemp seed oil and hemp extract have vasodilatory properties that can improve blood circulation. By improving blood circulation, the excess fluid that makes the eyes puffy along with the toxins around the eyes can be reduced. At the same time, it can also reduce dark eye circles.

  1. Moisturizing Properties

Hemp seed oil and hemp extract’s moisturizing properties can also help with puffy, tired eyes. Because when the eyes are strained, they tend to become dry and dehydrated, which leads to exacerbated eye puffiness and dark eye circles. By keeping the skin moisturized, the moisture levels in the skin will be balanced and eye puffiness would also be reduced and prevented while also refreshing and revitalizing the skin around the eyes.

  1. Calming and Soothing Effects

Hemp seed oil and hemp extracts can relieve strained eyes with their calming and soothing effects. Moreover, these oils have a gentle nature that’s suitable for the delicate, sensitive skin around the eyes.

  1. Antioxidant Properties

The rich antioxidants in hemp seed oil and hemp extracts can protect the skin around the eyes from free radical damage, which is one of the causes of eye puffiness. At the same time, they can strengthen the skin barrier, which helps prevent puffy eyes.

Progress in Health, Inc.: Where Good Skin Health Is the Foundation of True Beauty

As we often encounter various skin stressors in our day-to-day lives, it can adversely affect not only our appearance but also our skin’s health. So it’s important to give our skin the proper care it needs by pampering it with products that nourish it and support its health and not just using superficial products that mask skin problems. Well-taken care of skin can reveal your true beauty.

A company that delivers this need is Progress in Health, Inc., which is a natural, organic, holistic cosmetics and skincare company. Headed by their president, Rhonda Demars, they provide products that promote good skin health to truly enhance and beautify the skin.

Their president, Rhonda, is a nationally recognized, seasoned natural cosmetic formulator and holistic nutritional consultant. Apart from providing holistic products, she is also dedicated to spreading awareness of the adverse effects of chemical-laden everyday products and encouraging responsibility for one’s health and well-being.

Progress in Health, Inc.’s products are made with highly beneficial, natural ingredients derived from their natural sources in their gentlest form to work gently but effectively on the skin. Rhonda ensures that they deliver the best formulations for their customers with thorough research and testing. Moreover, Progress in Health, Inc.’s products are animal cruelty-free.

Their products are 100% organic and free of harmful chemicals, such as acrylates, BHT, bismuth oxychloride, glycols, parabens, PEG’s, petroleum bi-products, phthalates (plastic esters), synthetic silicones, and talc. Moreover, Progress in Health, Inc. carries out its all-natural standards to its co-op suppliers and its sustainable, eco-friendly product packaging.

Two exceptional products of theirs that naturally remedy various skin problems are the Hemp Healing Balm and Hemp Infused Organic Eye Depuffer Balm. Check them out below.

Soothe Your Skin With the Hemp Healing Balm

The Hemp Healing Balm is an all-purpose healing balm that comes in a handy .15-ounce or .55-ounce tube, which makes it great for home use or when traveling. It’s formulated with miracle-working organic hemp oil and broad-spectrum hemp extract. These hemp-derived ingredients’ healing powers are reinforced with other effective natural, organic healing ingredients, such as olive oil, hemp-infused grapeseed oil, beeswax, shea butter, etc.

We’ve already delved into the hemp skin benefits earlier in this article, but generally, this healing balm works wonders for:

  • Dry skin
  • Fungi
  • Skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, etc.
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Itching
  • Insect bites
  • Cuts
  • Scrapes
  • Abrasions
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Burns
  • Injection sights
  • Post-surgery
  • Tattoo healing

It provides quick relief and rejuvenation for the skin in a healing action-packed, convenient, portable tube. Moreover, its formulation is guaranteed safe without parabens, acrylates, artificial fragrances, other synthetic ingredients, and gluten.

Revitalize Your Eyes With the Hemp Infused Organic Eye Depuffer Balm

Watch the Hemp Infused Organic Eye Depuffer Balm miraculously vanish the puffiness and tiredness in your eyes with just a smear on your under eyes and eyelids. Coming in a convenient .15-ounce or .50-ounce tube, this handy hemp eye depuffer is super easy to apply on the eyes and can be used at home and brought to work or when traveling. It can be handy for mornings after you’ve been on late nights out, when you’re working late nights, when you spent long hours on the computer, when you have long drives, or any situation that puts your eyes under too much stress.

This action-packed eye revitalizer harnesses the natural revitalizing powers of organic hemp seed oil as well as other organic ingredients, such as hemp-infused grapeseed oil, argan oil, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, etc. They join forces to provide an effective, quick, refreshing fix for puffiness and tiredness in the eyes by reducing water retention and soothing your eyes with just a smear on the skin around the eyes.

It can also help with sinus issues such as inflammation, pressure, and pain around the sinuses. Moreover, it can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles with consistent use. Like the Hemp Healing Balm, its formulation is also guaranteed safe without parabens, acrylates, artificial fragrances, other synthetic ingredients, and gluten.

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Arm Yourself With Progress in Health, Inc.’s Hemp Balm Products

Everyday skin stressors and inflammatory skin conditions can be a nuisance due to the unsightly appearance as well as the discomfort and pain they bring. But you can arm yourself with a trusty holistic skincare product like the Hemp Healing Balm and the Hemp Infused Organic Eye Depuffer Balm to provide your skin some relief and protection. Links to these products are provided above, so scroll back up if you wish to purchase any of them.









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