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Convenient Healing and Comfort

Taking care of one’s physical and mental health is an essential thing that everyone needs to prioritize. We must be healthy to live comfortably. How people choose to take care of their health and well-being varies. However, there are several healthy practices that everyone should adopt. It’s well-known from all the constant advertisements over the years that diet and exercise are two of the most vital things in maintaining one’s health. While dieting is essential, people can never get enough of the nutrients their body needs from just food, which is why supplements with vitamins and minerals are purchased. In addition to the fact that people cannot obtain all the nutrients they need from food, they need professional assistance from doctors to ensure everything regarding their health is accurate. When you think about it, though, dieting, exercising, taking supplements, and going on doctor’s visits are many different things on one’s plate.

Important Aspects of Maintaining Health

Since there are so many necessary aspects of maintaining excellent overall health, it is a challenge to fulfill every one of them. Arguably, the significant demand to care for all these health matters has harmed people’s psyches. It has caused people to become worried and overstressed and, therefore, turn away from caring for themselves. So many expensive diets have been advertised as the next big thing. However, not only are they very costly, but many have provided limited results. Doctor visits are no fun. The constant face-to-face meetings with physicians often result in people never wanting to see any doctor. Also, many supplements are over-priced and, like diet plans, have usually been insufficient in helping people stay healthy. For years, people have been in a no-win situation, unable to approach health matters with comfort and confidence. SonLight Functional Medicine & Nutrition is changing all that as millions worldwide have the health assistance they need, and they obtain it all in the comfort of their homes.

Before delving into the most comfortable ways to stay healthy, it’s essential to examine the actual aspects of one’s health that must be addressed.

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Having Great Gut Health

Although one may not think of gut health as integral to maintaining multiple aspects of physical well-being, great digestion goes a long way. First and foremost, when one’s digestive tract operates smoothly, one usually feels better, physically and mentally. Not only do they have more energy, but they can think more clearly. There is a messaging system that takes place between the gut and the brain. When one’s digestive system is working correctly, a signal is sent to the brain that puts one at ease and helps them be in a better state of mind. Conversely, when one’s mental health is in check, it sends a signal to the stomach, allowing for a healthy digestive system.

Arguably, one of the most overlooked aspects of excellent gut health has to do with the immune system. The immune system acts as a shield for the body, protecting against germs and bacteria that can cause sickness and disease. Let’s face it. No one likes getting sick. It is a huge inconvenience that causes people to miss time at their jobs or school and, therefore, fall behind in their work. In addition, sickness results in people missing quality time with their friends and family. Taking care of one’s gut health strengthens the immune system, thereby preventing the chances of falling ill.


Cells are what make up everything in our bodies. Therefore, we must take action to heal and detoxify any damage that may be inflicted on them. Cells are constantly exposed to internal and environmental toxins. Toxic damage to cells can be very devastating to one’s health. Cell death can occur if this damage to the cells is not addressed. When these cells die, the functioning of the various bodily organs starts to decline in efficiency. In addition, cellular damage results in the body being unable to recover from infections as quickly. Also, the immune system is negatively affected. Since cells make up our very being, we must keep them strong and growing.

When the body’s detoxification process takes place, its metabolism is boosted. The body’s metabolic process involves the transformation of food into energy. Therefore, a strong metabolism is essential to multiple aspects of living. We need energy for so many physical and mental activities that it’s almost ridiculous. Physical energy is a part of what enables people to move from one spot to the next. Many people work jobs that require a massive amount of manual labor. An adequate amount of physical energy is needed to handle these tasks. On the other hand, a significant number of individuals have professions that warrant them making rational decisions. People in those situations must maintain their mental energy.

The body’s metabolism is more associated with weight management. Detoxification boosts one’s metabolic rate, which is provided by detoxification, and helps one maintain one’s weight better. As mentioned, for decades, numerous products have been advertised that promise people they can lose weight just by using them. However, many of these types of products do not have the most natural ingredients, which has resulted in people not being able to maintain their weight like they were promised. In addition, they are costly. Besides the fact that so many weight loss products have given people limited results over the years, many people don’t know what their body needs for a significant metabolism. Not everyone is a certified nutritionist, so they must rely on others to inform them of the best weight loss and management practices. Although going to see a doctor is a way to become properly versed in nutrition, many individuals find doctor visits to be intimidating, not to mention costly. It helps to have suggestions on detoxifying the body in a more comfortable setting.

Balancing Hormones

Like detoxification, balancing the body’s hormones is another contributor to proper weight management. Hormones are the chemical messengers that send signals to cells. As mentioned, cellular management is essential to the functions and very makeup of the body itself. Since hormones influence cells, they are very much intertwined with metabolism, blood sugar management, and even fertility rates. Hormonal balance is also part of improving one’s mental health. With the right kind of hormones prevalent within the body, the symptoms of anxiety and depression are alleviated.

 An essential function of the body that hormones influence is sleep. Getting adequate amounts of sleep is part of the mandatory process of helping one obtain the most significant physical and mental health. When one gets a good night’s sleep, they have enough energy to manage their daily tasks. In addition, they can think more clearly and make the most rational decisions. Sleep is also connected to the metabolism process. The more sleep one gets, the higher their metabolism is. Also, adequate amounts of sleep help boost the immune system, thereby preventing the chances of one becoming ill. That’s why hormones must always be kept in check.

As mentioned, not only have most people not had access to the most efficient products for maintaining multiple health matters, but a significant amount of people do not have the personal knowledge of what their bodies specifically need. In addition, doctor’s visits are very intimidating and can be a nightmare for some. That’s why people can finally get the health assistance they need without going to the doctor or wasting their hard-earned money. This is accomplished by the guiding hand of SonLight Functional Medicine & Nutrition.

SonLight Functional Medicine & Nutrition

Margie Setterlof, the founder of SonLight Functional Medicine & Nutrition, helps women who are ready to give up on their weight loss efforts, those who are done with doctors who don’t “get them,” those who are tired of prescription medications, and frustrated because they can’t figure out how to FEEL BETTER on their own. Setterlof is a Physical Therapist turned Health Coach with a Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition and Certifications in Health Coaching and Functional Medicine. Her practice is 100% virtual, providing the 3-step process for ideal health.

HEALING Beyond Diets, Drugs, and Doctors

The 3-step method of HEALING Beyond Diets, Drugs, and Doctors from SonLight Functional Medicine & Nutrition, while not diagnosing disease, helps to determine the ROOT because of your symptoms, and that’s where the healing begins! The three steps of the process include the following: Heal the Gut, Detox & Heal the Cells, and Reboot Metabolism & Balance Hormones. HEALING Beyond Diets, Drugs, and Doctors will help you experience health FREEEDOM.

Start Healing Your Body Without Hassle

Taking care of one’s body should be a priority for everybody. Unfortunately, for years, people have been turned away from health matters due to the oversaturation of advertising, chaotic visits with doctors, and expensive prescription medication and supplements. 2024 is the year that that is changing. SonLight Functional Medicine & Nutrition makes staying healthy very convenient and comfortable. Their HEALING Beyond Diets, Drugs, and Doctors process helps people experience the utmost freedom from the traditional and undesirable aspects of addressing health. The year is still young, but before you know it, it will be ending. Make sure you make 2024 the year that you join the millions of people worldwide who are finally feeling positive and happy about how they look after their health and, most importantly, their lives!









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