LifestyleDiscover the Soothing Power of HempWell's Calm Dog Products

Discover the Soothing Power of HempWell’s Calm Dog Products

Even after all these years, one thing cannot change: humans’ love for animals.  We cannot underestimate the happiness and joy pets bring to our lives.  This deep connection is unmatchable. They have a unique ability to bring joy to our hearts in countless ways. 

This connection is something more than companionship. They remain by our side in any condition.  Unlike humans, they don’t judge us.  No matter in which condition we are in, they always offer their shoulder to lean on.  They can easily lift our mood just by waving their tail.  After a long, hectic day, when we enter home and they welcome us with their loyalty and devotion, this feeling is unmatchable.  This reminds us that we are loved by someone, and this feeling is great!!!

The love of pets is a powerful emotion that can’t be neglected.  It’s a relationship that enriches our lives and teaches us valuable lessons about compassion and love.  Just like they bring smiles to our faces, we have to take care of them with devotion.  We should love them, pamper them, and treat them to cheer them up.  When you own a pet, you should understand that you are taking responsibility for a soul.  They depend on you for their needs.

Animals can’t express their needs verbally like humans.  Sometimes, they become aggressive when we can’t understand their needs.  By caring for them properly and making them calm, we can easily bridge the communication gap and take care of them.

You need to pay attention if you own a pet that becomes cranky sometimes or shows aggression.  You need to identify the root cause immediately, but you can’t handle the crankiness of your pet alone.  In this case, you need to try a calming product.  A calming product would be a game changer in a stressful situation for your dog, and will make your life smoother. 

Don’t worry!  Hemp Well’s calm dog product is all you need!

The Vision Behind Hemp Well

Only one thing drives the Hemp Well: “love of animals and pet wellness”.  Hemp Well vision is to improve the health of pets and to bring joy into the lives of pet parents.

Hemp Well believes that hemp has magical powers and it does wonders for pet health.  The brand focuses on sourcing premium hemp extracts from trusted suppliers and turning them into useful wellness products backed by scientific research to make pet parents’ lives smoother.  This commitment to purity is to provide safe solutions for your furry companions. Hemp Well is redefining pet wellness and helping pets live happier and healthier lives.

Story of Hemp Well

Thomas Bowers, a veterinarian by profession and animal lover by passion, sowed the seed of Hemp Well.  Hemp Well’s story goes back to his childhood when CBD oil healed his furry family member named Ginger.  Thomas was raised in a town from Michigan, where he grew up surrounded by animals. He developed a deep connection with these fuzzy, friendly creatures. This passion led Thomas to improve the lives of animals and their owners. 

The Ginger’s remarkable recovery lingered in the corner of his mind, and he began researching hemp-derived products and their potential benefits for pets.  Recognizing the need for safe and veterinarian-tested solutions, Thomas plunged into the market with his hemp-based products.  Thus, Hemp Well was born.

Now, Hemp Well has been ruling the pet wellness market since 2012 with its hemp-based products that have brought a difference in the lives of pets and their owners.

Hemp Well’s Calm Dog Product Line

Do you own a dog?  Does it become nervous when hearing loud voices?  Does it become overwhelmed when you take him to any event?  If so, don’t worry; it is absolutely normal behavior.  They become nervous and experience stress and anxiety just like we humans do!

Hemp Well is here to take stress off your shoulders with its magical “Calm Dog” product.  It’s a perfect solution designed to relieve your cranky furry companion instantly.

We understand that calm nerves are vital for the overall health of dogs.  That’s why Calm Dog is made only with selective ingredients known for their soothing properties.  This perfect blend of soothing ingredients promotes relaxation in dogs. 

This formula contains chamomile, which is known for its calming properties.  It immediately acts on nerves, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.  The other ingredient is Thiamine HCl, also known as vitamin B1.  It regulates mood and behaviour by producing the neurotransmitter.  Thus, your dog feels calm and relaxed.

Hemp Well encourages the use of natural ingredients.  Hemp Well has also added Lemon balm leaf extracts to make this formula ideal.  These are the main ingredients that alleviate nervousness.  Wait!  GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, has also been added, acting as a neurotransmitter inhibitor.  GABA helps dogs cope with stress and anxiety more effectively, allowing them to be more poised during stressful situations.  Tranquility is vital in promoting a greater sense of well-being in dogs.  For this purpose, melatonin is added, which lifts your dog’s overall mood. 

Using Calm Dog is simple and convenient.  The recommended dosage for dogs weighing up to 25 lbs is half a dropper (0.5 ml).  On the other hand, dogs over 25 lbs can be given a full dropper (1 ml).  It depends on your ease whether you want to give it orally or mix it with food to incorporate it into your dog’s daily meal.  You can also divide the dosage throughout the day for optimal effectiveness.

For best results, giving Calm Dog 30 minutes before stressful events is recommended.  Its effect can differ depending on the species of dog, so be careful to monitor your dog’s behaviour before giving the full dosage.

Hemp Well is committed to providing quality products to all pet owners.  You can enjoy free delivery all over the USA.  Calm Dog is GMO-free, showing our dedication to providing natural and wholesome pet solutions.

With all premium, carefully selected ingredients, Calm Dog is formulated to address the root cause of stress and anxiety in dogs.  This unique formula helps to make your dog at ease and comfortable in any situation. 

Now, you don’t need to panic about your dog’s aggressive behaviour; give Calm Dog to your dog and enjoy happy moments with your dog.  Happy parenting!

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Calm Dog Soft Chews

Your furry companion can sometimes be aggressive and wild.  It’s common in pets as they are more sensitive than humans.  To tackle this situation, you can use Hemp Well’s calming products.  Mostly, these products are available in drop or oil form.  It’s been observed through experience that many dogs do not like taking drops or liquid supplements.  Maybe they want some delicious treats?

What about chews?  Your dog will surely love them.

Also, chewing has a lot of benefits that improve their physical and emotional wellness.  Chews provide dogs with a natural way to maintain their dental health.  Therefore, Hemp Well has developed its innovative product: Calm Dog Soft Chews.

These chews are specially formulated for dogs that suffer from anxiety or nervousness.  These tasty chews offer an enjoyable way to promote relaxation and tranquillity in our beloved furry friends.  Not only does it taste delicious, but it has the best soothing ingredients.  These ingredients include lemon balm, hemp seeds, and chamomile extracts.

Most people need to be made aware of the therapeutic benefits that hemp seeds offer.  They are rich in omega-3 and omega-6, essential for maintaining healthy skin and coat.  Chamomile has calming and anti-inflammatory properties.  It contains compounds such as apigenin and chamazulene, which relax the nervous system.  Last but not least, Lemon Balm produces a sense of calmness and tranquillity in dogs.  With this perfect blend of ingredients, Calm Dog Soft Chews is all set to make stressful situations more manageable for dogs and their owners.

Instructions for dosage of the soft chews:

  • For dogs weighing up to 25 lbs: Give 1 soft chew daily.
  • For dogs weighing 26-50 lbs: Give 2 soft chews daily.
  • For dogs weighing 51-100 lbs: Give 4 soft chews daily.
  • For dogs weighing over 101 lbs: Give 5 soft chews daily.

Make sure that the soft chews are given according to your dog’s weight for perfect results.  The product contains 135 grams, with each pack containing 30 soft chews. 

Calm Dog Soft Chews are a treat for your beloved pet.  It has a delicious beef flavour.  They are manufactured with organic hemp grown in the USA.  This ensures the highest quality and safety standards.  Also, these soft chews are GMO-free, giving pet owners peace of mind knowing they are giving their furry friends a natural and wholesome treat. 

Market-available products contain psychoactive products.  These products produce intoxication in your pet’s body.  Therefore, Calm Dog Soft Chews only contains ZERO THC non-psychoactive products.  These soft chews undergo rigorous third-party lab testing and verification to ensure safety.

After all, your pet’s safety comes first.

So, if you are worried about your dog’s cranky and aggressive behaviour, Calm Dog Soft Chews are here to save the day.  With a delicious beef flavour and carefully selected natural ingredients, these chews are the perfect way to help your dog feel calm and comfortable.  Try them today and give your pet the peace of mind they deserve.









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