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Don’t Leave the Beef, Especially This Kind

Millions of people worldwide consume large amounts of beef. The number of hamburgers purchased from fast food restaurants daily is astounding. People also eat tons of steaks of all kinds. Barbequing is a popular pastime among many. Like with most food, though, people often overlook the type of meat they are consuming. People must take the time to learn about the details of the beef they are putting in their mouths because, unfortunately, much of the meat consumed is not of the most excellent quality. 2024 is the year that people are looking to obtain a quality life. A quality life is more than just about maintaining a healthy lifestyle; it’s about enjoying life to the fullest. Why not enjoy the meats that you eat like you never imagined with high-quality items that suit your life and schedule?

The problem with much of the meat that people consume regularly is that it is not only not of the greatest quality but also very processed. Much of the meat found in most hot dogs and hamburgers at fast food restaurants and deli products in stores has undergone a modification process to try and improve their taste. The problem is that this modification process has not improved the taste of these meats but instead caused them to be filled with chemical preservatives that can be very harmful to one’s health. Some of these chemical preservatives include sodium nitrate and nitrite, which can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. In addition, other artificial ingredients in processed meats can contribute to the development of chronic illnesses such as certain types of cancer. Let’s face it. Most of us don’t have a lot of time to cook, and much of the natural meat available in grocery stores is not only very expensive, but there are also not plentiful amounts of it. It’s certainly a challenge for people to try and find healthy, natural meat that is both affordable and plentiful.

Specific testing procedures are used in different countries to grade meat. Most of them grade meat based on the process of marbling. What is marbling, you ask? Marbling is the process of determining the eating quality of meat based on the amount of intramuscular fat (IMF), which is what marble is referring to, that it contains. IMF is located inside the skeletal muscle fibers. When the meat is cooked, the components of the IMF bathe its muscle fibers. Then, when the meat is chewed, fat is released, which causes the meat to taste juicier. Arguably, the healthiest way to enjoy meat while preserving your health is by consuming quality meat that is moderately marbled. While most countries appraise meat based on marbling, how each country grades it differs. The United States uses USDA grading, while others use letters and numbers. G-1-certified USDA Prime Beef is the highest quality meat in the United States, while in Japan, for instance, A5-graded meat is at the top of the scale. Whether it’s A5-graded meat from Japan or G-1-certified USDA Prime Beef from the United States, the public has difficulty accessing these items.

Finding the right meat quality is undoubtedly a problem many people have worldwide. As mentioned, so many low-quality processed meats are readily available to the public for affordable prices that it’s almost ridiculous. The sad truth is, until recently, most of these premium meats have only been readily available to chefs from high-end purveyors. The public has not been able to access the right kinds of meat with the highest quality that soothes the taste buds, doesn’t supply the body with harmful chemicals, and does not drain one’s bank account. 2024 is people’s lucky year, however, for obtaining the most quality meat at an affordable price. Meat N’ Bone provides people with the most cherished meat products of the highest quality to ensure a great tasting experience that stays ingrained in one’s taste buds for some time.

Meat N’ Bone

Meat N’ Bone is an omnichannel butcher shop that has been disrupting the meat industry by empowering consumers to access premium meats previously available only to chefs from high-end purveyors. They sell more than 400 premium quality stables – individually packed from the best programs in the US, Australia, Japan, and Spain. Meat N’ Bone focuses on G1 Certified USDA Choice and Prime beef sourced from Midwestern farms, Wagyu-Angus Cross Beef (Prime +), and Japanese Wagyu A5. Their 60-Dry Aged Porterhouse and A5 Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon are two of their most popular items.

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60-Dry Aged Porterhouse

The Porterhouse steak from Meat N’ Bone is a high-quality meat that no one should miss out on. It is known for its perfect texture, flavor, and marbling. It’s also important to note that the 60-Dry Aged Porterhouse is G-1 certified USDA prime meat, which means it is of the highest quality. Its moderate marbling implies that it is super tasty. What also makes the Porterhouse steak unique is the dry aging process that it goes through.

The dry aging process of the Porterhouse steak, or any type of meat for that matter, is a very strenuous process that takes a lot of time and a lot of attention to detail. During the dry-aging process of any type of meat, the enzymes it contains break down the connective tissue of it. This, therefore, results in a more tender, juicier-tasting meat than before. The fact that Meat N’ Bone provides a steak like the 60-Dry Aged Porterhouse that has gone through this process is a rarity. In the past, most people had to go to expensive steakhouses to obtain this kind of beef, which, as one might assume, most people don’t have the luxury of doing every day. Luckily, Meat N’ Bone provides you with the luxury of this awesome-tasting steak that can’t be found anywhere else.

Although the United States certainly has some of the most incredible tasting, high-quality meat imaginable, people often overlook how desirable many high-quality meats from other countries are. As mentioned, Japan grades its beef using a somewhat different system. Instead of G-1 certified USDA prime, which is the highest quality beef in the United States, A5 is the highest quality in Japan. A delicious, high-quality meat from Japan that is sweeping the world is the A5 Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon from Meat N’ Bone.

A5 Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon

The A5 Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon from Meat N’ Bone provides people with an unforgettable, mouth-watering experience. One could argue that authentic wagyu beef, which is what this item is composed of, is one of the world’s most luxurious and desired meats. Considered to be the #1 Wagyu brand in Japan, Miyazakigyu Wagyu provides people with some of the most prized beef worldwide, such as the A5 Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon. As one can imagine, this type of meat is not readily available to people in the United States. One would probably have to go to an expensive Japanese steakhouse to be able to sink their teeth into this kind of meat. However, Meat N’ Bone has made it so that one can experience this type of steakhouse in their living room without wasting money. Although the A5 beef of A5 Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon might seem fattier than most meats, this aspect makes it much tastier. Once it is cooked, the marbled fat creates a juicy taste that does not leave much to the imagination.

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No longer will you have to waste your hard-earned money at luxury steakhouses to consume high-quality meats that can’t be found anywhere else. You can now experience the mouth-watering taste of prized meats in the comfort of your own home with no feelings of guilt. We live in a world full of readily available processed meats that are supposed to be super tasty. Not only are these types of meats harmful to one’s health, but they are also not as delicious as they are advertised to be. Why not preserve your health and well-being while enjoying the taste of the best meat in the whole world?

If you want to start eating the most mouth-watering meats that are high-quality, hard to find, and affordable, then look no further! Meat N’ Bone is adding quality to people’s lives with quality meats from the United States, Japan, and worldwide. The 60-Dry Aged Porterhouse is G-1 certified USDA prime meat available for your convenience for once in your life. Similarly, A5 Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon has some of the most prized meat from Japan that can’t be found anywhere else. The year 2024 is still new, and it’s a year that people worldwide are looking to finally obtain a quality life. A quality life includes many things, and one of those things is eating quality foods without feeling guilty. Start living a quality life today with the most quality meats you can’t find anywhere else. You deserve to live an abundant existence full of all life has to offer, including awesome-tasting meats.









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