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Today society is extremely health-conscious. Finding effective weight loss solutions and adequate protection for your body is more important than ever. Obesity is at an all-time high, the effects thereof are far-reaching on a physical health and emotional health level. Dietary supplements have proven to be valuable tools and provide targeted support for weight management and overall health.

Beyond weight loss, your body is constantly threatened by oxidants that can impair normal bodily activities and contribute to chronic diseases. Antioxidant supplements serve the vital function in neutralizing these toxic substances, protecting your health and increasing your vitality.

Why is Weight Loss Such a Hot Topic?

Weight loss has recently become a popular topic due to the increasing prevalence of obesity. According to the World Health Organisation, obesity rates have nearly risen drastically since 1975, affecting over 650 million adults globally. The resulting health risks and consequences are numerous and range from mild to severe, making weight loss more crucial than ever.

Health Implications of Obesity

Obesity is a major risk factor for many chronic diseases. Excess body weight puts undue burden on vital organs, impairs bodily function, and may lead to a shortened life span. The implications for general health are severe, and require a weight management strategy that includes dietary changes, physical activity, and, in some cases, pharmacological interventions.

Emotional and Psychological Impact

Obesity has severe effects for your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Many overweight or obese individuals have low self-esteem, feel unhappy, and anxious. The stigma attached to obesity frequently exacerbates these problems, leading to social isolation and mental health issues.

Impact on Personal and Professional Relationships

Excess weight can damage both personal and professional relationships. You may struggle with body image issues in your personal life, which can disrupt intimacy and social connections. Professionally, weight discrimination can lead to unfair prejudice in the workplace, limiting career advancement and job satisfaction. The emotional toll of obesity pervades practically every facet of life.

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Importance of Focusing on Weight Loss

Given the substantial medical, mental, and societal effects of obesity, an emphasis on weight loss is essential. Effective weight management can significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve mental health, and enhance overall quality of life. It can also improve personal connections and provide more equitable chances in professional contexts.

Weight loss has remained a popular topic due to its importance in boosting overall health and well-being. Individuals who address the numerous difficulties of obesity can enjoy healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives.

Lose Weight and Balance Blood Sugar Naturally

This strong blend, which contains Berbevis® berberine extract, Greenselect® green tea extract, and Albion® chromium, promotes natural, healthy weight loss and blood sugar control. This mixture is clinically proven to lower visceral fat by 22% and help you lose up to 30 pounds in 90 days. It also improves metabolic health.

Durable BERBERINE, developed by Dr. Kevin Passero, provides a daily dose of 1,100 mg of standardized Berbevis® berberine, which is known for enhanced absorption and efficiency. This next-generation phytosome delivery technology assures ten times greater absorption than previous berberine pills. The solution also includes 300 mg of standardized, caffeine-free Greenselect® green tea extract to increase metabolism and 200 mcg of Albion® chromium to help regulate blood sugar levels.

Synergistic Benefits

This combination of clinically validated ingredients offers numerous benefits:

  • Reduces visceral fat by 22% in 60 days
  • Helps you lose up to 30 pounds in 90 days
  • Lowers BMI by up to 13.9%
  • Shrinks waistline by up to 10.7%
  • Suppresses appetite and promotes satiety
  • Reduces insulin resistance in 30 days
  • Lowers fasting insulin levels by 42% in 60 days
  • Supports metabolic health and blood sugar balance
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Durable Berberine

The Power of Berberine

Berberine, a powerful plant alkaloid, is present in medicinal plants such as barberry and goldenseal. It stimulates AMPK, the “metabolic master switch,” which promotes healthy blood sugar levels and general metabolic function. Berberine improves insulin sensitivity, regulates blood sugar levels, curbs hunger, and lowers fat storage. Its anti-inflammatory qualities and capacity to support a healthy gut microbiome may help you lose weight.

Berbevis® berberine extract, utilized in Durable BERBERINE, has been shown in clinical trials to improve insulin resistance, visceral fat, and fasting blood sugar levels. Its revolutionary phytosome delivery method assures optimum absorption, making it one of the most potent berberine supplements available.

Additional Ingredients

Greenselect® Green Tea Extract (300 mg) is a decaffeinated, proprietary green tea extract that promotes weight loss and metabolism. Clinical investigations demonstrate that it can help you lose up to 30 pounds in 90 days. Greenselect® increases thermogenesis and fat oxidation, controls appetite, and promotes fullness.

Albion® Chromium (200 mcg) is an essential mineral that helps manage blood sugar and stimulates fat loss. Chromium boosts the body’s ability to absorb sugar, reduces cravings for carbohydrates and sweets, and promotes lean body mass while lowering body fat percentage.

Amber Glass Bottles for Sustainability

  • Sustainability: Glass is infinitely recyclable and reusable.
  • UV Protection: Amber glass protects ingredients from light damage.
  • Non-Toxic: No risk of chemicals from plastics leaching into the pills.

Experience the benefits of Durable Berberine and achieve natural, effective weight loss and balanced blood sugar.

The Threat of Oxidants

Aside from the problem of weight reduction, our bodies are continually under attack by oxidants, commonly known as free radicals. These unstable molecules are produced by normal metabolic processes, but they can also be caused by external factors such as pollution, radiation, tobacco smoke, and industrial chemicals. Oxidants are extremely reactive and can damage cells, proteins, and DNA, resulting in a wide range of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s. The mechanism by which oxidants cause damage is known as oxidative stress, which happens when free radicals outnumber the body’s ability to counteract their negative effects.

The Role of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that donate electrons to free radicals, keeping these unstable molecules from inflicting further harm. Although the body naturally creates antioxidants, these internal defenses are not always sufficient to counteract the large doses of oxidants we face on a daily basis.

Health Benefits of Antioxidant Supplements

  • Antioxidant supplements are vital for lowering the risk of chronic disease. Antioxidants help to prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals, which can result in heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. For example, vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, has been found to protect cells from oxidative damage and lower the risk of heart disease.
  •  Oxidative stress is a major element in the ageing process. Free radicals damage skin cells, resulting in wrinkles, loss of suppleness, and other signs of ageing. Antioxidant supplements, such as vitamin C and beta-carotene, help protect the skin from oxidative damage, resulting in a more youthful appearance and slowing the ageing process.
  • Oxidative stress plays a critical role in the ageing process. Free radicals degrade skin cells, resulting in wrinkles, loss of suppleness, and other signs of ageing. Antioxidant supplements, such as vitamin C and beta-carotene, help shield the skin from oxidative damage, resulting in a more youthful appearance and slowing the ageing process.
  • Oxidative stress can lead to fatigue and decreased energy levels. Antioxidants improve mitochondrial function, which is necessary for energy production in cells. Antioxidants improve energy metabolism by reducing oxidative damage, enhancing overall vigor, and decreasing feelings of weariness.

Incorporating Antioxidants into Your Diet

Vegetables, nuts, and seeds all contain antioxidants. Vitamin C and E supplements, as well as selenium and other antioxidants, can help to prevent oxidative stress.

While decreasing weight is an important health goal, fighting oxidative stress with antioxidant supplements is equally crucial for general health. Antioxidants protect our bodies from chronic diseases by neutralizing free radicals, delaying the ageing process, improving immune function, and enhancing vitality. Incorporating antioxidant pills into your daily routine will help you stay healthy and live a long, fulfilling life.

Durable Shield

Provides Unparalleled Protection

Dr. Kevin Passero developed Durable SHIELD, which uses Zanthin® astaxanthin and Pomanox® pomegranate extract to deliver unmatched cellular protection. Zanthin® astaxanthin fights free radicals 6,000 times more effectively than other antioxidants, and Pomanox® pomegranate extract decreases inflammation and oxidative stress. This powerful combination improves general health, keeping your body youthful and resilient.

Key Benefits

  • Neutralizes Free Radicals: Protects against accelerated aging.
  • Fights Inflammation: Eases joint discomfort and boosts endurance.
  • Promotes Youthful Skin: Shields against UV damage.
  • Supports Vital Organs: Benefits the heart, brain, eyes, and more.
  • Enhances Performance: Improves exercise endurance and recovery.

Why It Works

Free radicals, unstable chemicals produced by stress, pollution, UV light, a bad diet, and regular biological functions, can harm healthy cells, compromising health and longevity. Antioxidants serve as a barrier, neutralizing these damaging chemicals. Durable SHIELD draws on Dr. Passero’s 20+ years of clinical experience to identify the most powerful antioxidants: Zanthin® astaxanthin and Pomanox® pomegranate extract.

Astaxanthin, a potent carotenoid, neutralizes free radicals at a rate 6,000 times that of other antioxidants. It decreases inflammation, improves joint comfort, promotes endurance, boosts exercise performance, and protects the skin, heart, brain, and eyes. Durable SHIELD provides a potent 12 mg dose of organically produced Zanthin®, which ensures maximum health benefits.

Pomanox®, made from Spanish pomegranates, contains 30% punicalagins, powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammation, protect skin from UV damage, and keep skin looking youthful.

Durable SHIELD, with its powerful combination of Zanthin® astaxanthin and Pomanox® pomegranate extract, offers comprehensive protection against free radicals, inflammation, and oxidative stress, supporting optimal health and vitality.

Your Path to a Healthier, More Vibrant Life

In today’s world, when your body is continually threatened by bad nutrition, stress, and environmental contaminants, it is critical to support and safeguard our health with effective dietary supplements. Durable Berberine and Durable Shield provide comprehensive solutions that not only help weight loss but also have strong antioxidant capabilities that protect your cells.

Durable Berberine has been clinically shown to help with weight loss, blood sugar management, and overall metabolic health. Its robust combination of Berbevis® berberine, Greenselect® green tea extract, and Albion® chromium enhances absorption and efficacy.

Durable Shield, made with Zanthin® astaxanthin and Pomanox® pomegranate extract, offers superior antioxidant protection. It neutralizes free radicals, reduces inflammation, and supports overall health, helping your body to remain youthful and resilient.

Take control of your health now. Embrace the power of Durable Berberine and Durable Shield to attain your wellness objectives. Visit our website today to learn more and begin your journey towards a better, more vibrant lifestyle. Act now to reap the benefits of these advanced vitamins.









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