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Enjoy the Benefits of Biking Rain or Shine at Any Time With Allerbi

Regular biking is a fun exercise that can help improve your overall fitness and health and also help improve your performance as an athlete or bike racer. Biking benefits include losing weight, toning and strengthening the lower body and core muscles, strengthening the heart and lungs while also being gentle and not putting too much stress on the joints, and boosting our mental well-being. However, some circumstances can get in the way of our biking exercise or training, such as the unpredictable weather that can bring rain, harsh winds, hail, snow, and extreme temperatures and even our own busy schedules.

Although there’s also the option of indoor biking that can allow us to exercise or train whatever the weather and at any time that fits our schedule, it can tend to be boring, as you’re confined in one room with no change of scenery and you won’t be able to enjoy the pleasant sceneries of nature and challenging natural terrains. There is a company that can provide just the right indoor fitness equipment that can resolve all those aforementioned issues. They are Allerbi Inc., and with their Allerbi Upright and Allerbi Core, you can enjoy a more advanced, more convenient, and more fun way to do indoor biking that can also simulate realistic outdoor biking for a more fun and more motivational biking experience.

Allerbi Inc. – Bringing More Fun and Nature to Indoor Biking

Allerbi Inc. is a Carmel, Indiana-based company that provides indoor fitness equipment that also allows people to have more fun biking or training by also allowing them to enjoy the beauty of nature and the outdoors at the same time. It was established by engineering and business graduates from Purdue University who have years of experience in technical development out of the love of cycling, nature, and the outdoors.

Allerbi Inc. incorporates nature and the outdoors in their indoor fitness equipment because when it comes to indoor cycling vs outdoor cycling, one thing that indoor cycling can’t provide is the delightful experience of being surrounded by and interacting with nature and the outdoors. Being able to exercise or train around nature and the outdoors can add a fun factor that can boost motivation for exercising and training and can improve your mental well-being. By incorporating nature and the outdoors in their indoor fitness equipment, Allerbi users can also enjoy and benefit from nature and the outdoors even while exercising indoors.

Imagine doing indoor biking and you would be provided with a display of actual routes all over the world on your TV screen with the route video being played at the same speed as you are biking and resistance is also applied to simulate the wind resistance, road slopes, and road surfaces. Interesting right?

Not only that, Allerbi also provides accurate route and riding data on a separate monitor to give a more realistic, immersive outdoor cycling experience, and so much more. So without further ado, let’s delve into their products. Introducing Allerbi Upright and Allerbi Core!

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Allerbi Upright

Unlike the traditional indoor bikes that have a mostly hardware-oriented approach, the Allerbi Upright operates with vertical integration that combines hardware with software and content. Not only would it help you achieve your fitness and health or training goals, but it would also give you a more enjoyable indoor biking experience and help motivate you to do indoor biking through a realistic, immersive cycling experience in different nature and outdoor scenes all over the world.

Moreover, it’s great for leisure rides too. So it’s perfect for fitness enthusiasts with consistent efforts to maintain or improve their fitness, cycling enthusiasts who always like to go biking, athletes who wish to boost their performance, bike racers who want to use it for training for racing, seniors who want to add vigor in their life, or anyone who wants to be more fit and healthy. Now, let’s look into its features that set it apart from other indoor bikes:

  • Provides Cycling Routes All Over the World

Even without going out or traveling far, you can experience cycling in different countries in different types of routes, whether coasts, mountains, cities, parks, or campuses, through the provided high-quality route videos. Moreover, this feature would also allow bike racers to prepare themselves and train on a racing course without the expensive cost of traveling.

  • Provides Integrated Content

In addition to the international, diversified route videos, geographic, local, and historical information are also provided, which can be educational and entertaining at the same time. This feature, along with the cycling routes would also help prepare people for trips they may have in the future.

  • Two-Way Interaction

Two-way interaction means Allerbi Upright interacts with both the rider and the road. And through Allerbi Upright, the interaction between the rider and the road is also made possible.

For example, when you pedal faster, the route video will play faster as well. But there will also be an increase in resistance to simulate the increase in wind resistance as well.

  • Real-Time Interaction

The road in the route video would move instantly as you pedal without any delay. This real-time interaction makes for realistic cycling like you are on a real road.

  • Automatic Resistance

Allerbi Upright is an indoor bike with auto resistance, which is adjusted according to the riding speed, wind speed, road surface, road slope, and body profile. For example, when you’re going uphill, the resistance will increase depending on how steep the road is.

  • Dual Displays for the Cycling Route and the Riding Control and Data

While the road is displayed on your TV, the riding control and data are provided on a small monitor, the same as how it would be in actual outdoor cycling. This feature adds to the realisticness and immersiveness of the simulated outdoor cycling.

  • Accurate Route and Riding Data

Thanks to the integrated torque sensor, Allerbi Upright provides accurate route and riding data.

  • Multiple Riding Modes

Allerbi Upright comes with three riding modes, particularly pro, exercise, and leisure. This allows anyone, whether a bike racer, athlete, or any person of any age to bike around the same routes for whatever goal they wish to achieve or whatever purpose, whether for training, exercising, or leisure.

  • AI-Assisted Training Plan

Allerbi Upright also provides adaptive training planning assisted by AI. It would help plan your cycling exercises based on your progress. This is also another motivational feature that would encourage you to keep training or exercising.

  • Easy to Assemble With Pre-Installed Routes

For users to start cycling with the Allerbi Upright seamlessly in no time, the bike is pre-assembled as much as possible and comes with many routes already pre-installed. Moreover, it can be easily and quickly set up and connected to your device. Once it’s set up and connected, you can already select a route and start biking.

Allerbi Core

Although not a vertical integrated indoor bike, Allerbi Core is a fitness equipment that when connected to a bike and smart bike trainer, can allow an enjoyable biking experience around beautiful nature and outdoor scenes anywhere in the world with realistic interaction with the road and resistance while cycling. It runs on the same software as the Allerbi Upright. It’s an option for those who have a bike and a smart bike trainer.

Enjoy Biking Anywhere in the World at Any Time Without Leaving Your House

With Allerbi, you won’t ever miss your biking exercise, training, or leisurely biking due to bad weather or inconvenient timing or miss out on the beauty of nature and the outdoors. Even better, you can bike anywhere in the world without leaving your house.

If you take your biking exercise or training seriously and/or if biking is one of your favorite leisurely activities, then Allerbi is the best indoor bike for you. Click on the product link provided above to make your purchase and bike at your heart’s desire.









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