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Enter the Garden of Healthy Skin and Hair

Taking a bath and washing the hair is a part of one’s daily, or in some cases, weekly, self-care routine. It’s an essential part of caring for one’s inner and outer health. However, because it is such a part of people’s regular routine, just how important this process is has often been forgotten. Besides the disregard for the overall importance of taking care of one’s skin and hair, there has not been, until recently, a total awareness of the importance of including the most natural ingredients in soaps and shampoos. Conversations about including specific types of ingredients in soaps and shampoos, including one would least expect, like honey, have now become commonplace, and rightfully so.  The components of soap and shampoo are strong determinants of how healthy one’s skin and hair are and how well they look. The aging process can even be reversed with the help of certain ingredients. With the help of products from OM’S Garden, one can experience some of the healthiest and best-looking hair and skin imaginable.

Importance of Washing One’s Skin

As mentioned, washing one’s skin and hair is such a regular routine that people tend to forget their importance. The skin is significant to care for because it is the body’s largest organ. It acts as a shield to one’s inner organs, guarding against unwanted germs and bacteria. Without our skin, we would be walking flesh. That’s why we must be careful about what we put on our skin, especially when bathing. That involves applying something all over the entire body’s skin. For years, people have been using soaps and body washes containing unnatural ingredients that have not provided people with the most top-notch hygiene. In addition, many of the ingredients included in readily available bath products have even caused the risk of people developing certain skin conditions. The purpose of soap or body wash is to help protect the skin rather than cause harm to it. The skin is also one of the first things people notice upon seeing others. Since this is the case, if the skin looks unhealthy, it gives off the impression that people are not taking care of it properly or are too sloppy.

Importance of Washing One’s Hair

The importance of washing one’s hair is very much intertwined with the essential act of washing one’s skin. One’s hair needs to stay fresh and clean to help the skin of the scalp and the whole body, for that matter. The hair is a part of the scalp, a significant layer of skin on top of the head. Therefore, the health of one’s hair is a determining factor in the health of the skin located on the head and even the face. Excellent hair hygiene can affect how healthy and fresh-looking one’s facial skin appears. Acne is a skin condition that, while generally more of a factor for adolescents and young adults, can affect anyone at any age. When the hair is unkept and unwashed, it can contribute to one’s skin becoming oily, which, in turn, can contribute to skin conditions on the forehead and face, such as acne. In addition, hair, like the skin of one’s face, is one of the first things people notice when you approach them, whether you are a stranger or someone well-known. When it is unkept and unhealthy looking, it gives the impression to others that one is not addressing their hygiene and personal needs.

Skin Conditions

As mentioned, acne is a common skin condition that affects many people. While several things cause acne, it is often exasperated by bad skin and hair hygiene and the lack of proper nutrients in soap and shampoo. There are other skin conditions that, while also caused by various factors, can be influenced by a lack of adequate skin care. Eczema and dermatitis are inflammatory skin conditions that can be triggered using certain types of soaps and shampoos. Environmental factors and allergens can also influence them. With the help of anti-inflammatory ingredients in soaps and shampoos, one can help prevent these conditions from occurring or help alleviate the associated symptoms.

Hair Conditions

A specific skin condition is very much intertwined with one’s hair. While psoriasis can form on any part of the skin, it is widespread on the scalp, where most of the hair on one’s body is found. When psoriasis occurs, patches of skin become scaly and inflamed.  This can become very dominant on the skin of the scalp. Therefore, the hair can look infected in areas where the skin of the scalp is infected by psoriasis, showing the correlation between skin and hair health with this condition. Like with soap and body wash, it uses shampoo on one’s hair, which contains specific anti-inflammatory properties.

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Aging of the Skin and Hair

Proper care for one’s skin and hair is very much a part of caring for both skin and hair health. The healthier one’s skin and hair are, the better they look to others. However, no matter how hard one attempts to care for their skin and hair, it will start showing signs of age after a while. In the case of one’s skin, wrinkles and fine lines are the most evident signs of aging. The human body produces a certain amount of moisturization to hydrate the skin. Regardless of whether one has oily or dry skin, one will reach an age whereby one’s body does not produce as many of these moisturizing features as it used to. Collagen is a protein produced by the body that contributes to the skin’s overall elasticity. The production of collagen starts to decline when a person reaches a certain age, so it takes a helping hand of natural ingredients used on one’s skin to help fight the aging process. Other factors can cause skin aging, such as the lack of ingesting certain nutrients and certain personal scenarios like stress and environmental factors. Like with the loss of hydrating features, it takes the assistance of items that keep one’s skin looking youthful and healthy.

Like the skin, the hair can show signs of aging after a certain number of years. Some people lose their hair while others don’t. For those who do lose their hair, for some, it occurs later in life, while for others, it can even start in young adulthood. For those who are at risk of losing their hair or already experiencing it, it helps to use a particular shampoo with just the right components to help strengthen their hair follicles and, therefore, stop or prevent the chances of future hair loss.

While the health of the skin and the hair is undoubtedly a part of looking decent, it should be noted that trying to look youthful overall is not necessarily a negative thing. The problem is that so many people have tried to keep their skin and hair looking youthful the wrong way. Besides the fact that people have used soaps and shampoos that do not necessarily contain the most natural ingredients, it is also well-known that people have gotten very expensive and questionable plastic surgery. Many of these operations have not always succeeded in keeping people looking youthful. The opposite has been the case. Also, going under the knife has contributed to additional health problems as well as cheap-looking skin and hair. These surgeries have included everything from facelifts to help the appearance of the skin to hair implants to prevent the signs of hair loss. Instead of wasting money on expensive operations that may damage one’s health, it’s safer, cheaper, and easier to use the right kinds of products with the right ingredients.

Helpful Ingredients

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is a type of oil that comes from, you guessed it, hemp seeds. It is beneficial when it comes to taking care of one’s skin. Hemp seed oil contains a variety of fatty acids and antioxidants. In addition to the fact that it is anti-inflammatory, hemp seed oil is known to help people fight off the symptoms of various skin conditions, such as skin dryness, itchiness, and pain. It can also help people at risk of developing it. Through the balance of sebum production, hemp seed oil helps prevent the skin from becoming inflamed, decreasing the risk of acne breakouts. In addition to helping fight off the symptoms of skin conditions, hemp seed oil also has an anti-aging effect. Since it is vital in specific antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E, and F, hemp seed oil helps strengthen the outer layer of the skin, which is at risk of losing its elasticity over time. Also, the strengthening of the skin allows it to preserve water so that it can stay hydrated once one reaches an age where the skin doesn’t stay as moisturized as it once was.


Honey, yes, I said it; it can help one’s hair’s health and appearance. While it might be more associated with something that tastes good, the benefits of honey beyond something we ingest are now being fully considered. Much like how the skin starts to lose moisture over time, the hair begins to do the same. Luckily, using shampoo with honey can help the hair maintain moisturization. Also, it helps to strengthen hair, reduce breakage, and aid in hair growth. This is handy for people who are starting to lose their hair or are at a high risk of doing so. In addition to these benefits, honey is excellent for the skin of the scalp, where the hair on the head directly grows. The components of honey help counter any dryness that builds up on one’s scalp, which, therefore, can help counter skin conditions that the scalp may develop.

OM’s Garden

OM’s Garden Inc. was founded in February of 2017 out of a need for the highest quality, clean bath, body, skincare, and home fragrances that are not only good for you but give you the most luxurious pampering experience imaginable. OM translates to “peace in the body, peace in mind, peace in spirit.” When you experience their products, you’re taking a moment for yourself and feeling peace in your body, mind, and spirit.

Unscented Hemp Seed Oil Body Bar

  • Helps protect against skin dryness
  • Alleviates symptoms of skin conditions
  • Anti-inflammatory

HoneyBee Hair Shampoo Bar

  • Perfect for dry hair that needs extra nourishment

Let your Skin and Hair Flourish Like Never Before

Isn’t it time you gave yourself a break? Why not let your skin and hair become more robust than ever by allowing them to have the ingredients they have been missing out on for years? You will no longer have to worry about going from store to store and wasting your hard-earned money on different items to ensure your skin and hair are covered. You will also increase the chances of receiving the most age-defying results you’ve seen in years without resorting to artificial means.

If you want to see the strongest hair and skin you’ve seen in years, then look no further. The holiday season is here, and it’s time to gift yourself and others just what your body needs with products from OM’s Garden. Your skin and your hair are an essential part of your daily existence. Why not make 2024 the year that you are living your best existence?









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