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Enter the World of Okapi Bay: A treat for your Senses

In the ever-enchanting world of wellness and lifestyle, Okapi Bay emerges as a beacon of olfactory delight, where the art of handcrafted fragrance products is highly cherished. At the heart of this aspiring start-up is a unique fusion of tradition, heritage, and worldly inspiration, embodied in their signature essential oil blends. Let’s dive into the aromatic journey crafted by Sarah Hamid, co-founder and Sudanese American Interior Designer, as she infuses the spirit of her heritage and global explorations into each bespoke creation.

Founded in 2020 by siblings Sarah and her brother, both seasoned designers, Okapi Bay set out to curate a collection defined by purity and quality. Essential oils, the heartbeat of their creations, draw inspiration from age-old traditions of incense burning, smudging, and the exotic essence of botanical treasures discovered during Sarah’s worldly travels.

Sensory Wellness and Interior Alchemy:

Sarah’s background as a high-end hospitality interior designer and avid traveler seamlessly merges with her passion for wellness. The alchemy of blending essential oils transcends the visual aesthetics of interior design, introducing another dimension that influences air quality, resonance, and emotional well-being. It’s a sensory experience that transforms spaces into havens of tranquility and vitality.

In late 2021, Sarah delved into the world of Aromatherapy, botanical scents, and the historical use of essential oils. The revelation that the essence of a plant is its “energetic imprint,” akin to DNA and Aura combined, became the driving force behind Okapi Bay’s creations. The belief that everything needed for healing and replenishment exists in nature permeates every bottle.

Beyond crafting individual blends, Okapi Bay extends its expertise to design signature scents for wellness and spa establishments. These fine mists, permeating larger spaces, create distinct olfactory experiences tied to emotions and lasting memories. The subtle yet powerful role of scent in public spaces becomes a thread weaving through the tapestry of our collective experiences.

The Language of Scent:

Scent, often underestimated, plays a profound role in shaping our experiences and emotions. Okapi Bay encourages us to listen to our bodies and how they react to the scents that surround us. From the soothing embrace of certain spaces to the discomfort induced by others, scents become allies, influencing our thoughts, ideas, and potential.

Exploring Okapi Bay’s Signature Blends:

Step into Tranquility with Okapa Bay’s Open Waters

Embark on a sensory voyage with Okapi Bay’s “Open Waters,” a 15ml elixir that transcends the boundaries of conventional scents. In this aromatic masterpiece, the essence of rainforest dew, the whisper of a sea breeze, and the enchantment of moonlight converge to create a symphony for the senses. Let’s dive into the depths of “Open Waters” and explore the transformative power held within this petite bottle.

The Essence of Nature:

“Open Waters” is more than just an essential oil blend; it is a concoction of natural elements inspired by founder Sarah Hamid’s heritage and global adventures. Infused with Palo Santo, native to South America, this sacred blend echoes the grounding essence of nature, evoking the spirit of pristine rainforests and serene seas.

A Symphony of Aromas:

The elixir carries a bright and earthy melody, intertwining the freshness of rainforest dew with the invigorating touch of a sea breeze. The subtle dance of moonlight adds a mystical layer to the blend, creating a scent that transcends the ordinary. Each note in “Open Waters” harmonizes with the others, fortifying your space from stale energies and offering a soul-renewing experience with every breath.

Daily Rituals with “Open Waters”:

Okapi Bay’s “Open Waters” is designed for daily use, inviting you to incorporate its transformative properties into your routine through various methods:

  1. Aromatic Diffusion: Elevate your surroundings by adding a few drops to your diffuser. Let the crisp and smooth blend permeate the air, creating an atmosphere of tranquility.
  2. Fabric and Linen Spritz: Transform your personal space by creating a fabric and linen spritz. A few spritzes on your sheets or in the air will infuse your surroundings with the rejuvenating essence of “Open Waters.”
  3. Spritz Mix: For a refreshing air freshener, combine 20 drops of “Open Waters” with 4oz (120ml) of distilled water in a glass spray bottle. Shake before each use to enjoy a burst of freshness and clarity.

Strength of the Blend:

“Open Waters” boasts strong and sharp notes, creating a distinct olfactory experience that lingers in the air. The infusion of Palo Santo adds depth to the blend, grounding you in the present moment and connecting you to the natural world.

Add to your Bathing Ritual:

To elevate your bathing experience, consider incorporating “Open Waters” into your ritual. Add 12-15 drops to ½ cup of Himalayan bath salts in warm running water. As you immerse yourself in the soothing waters, let the elixir envelop you, calming your senses and creating a sacred space for relaxation.

Renewal with Every Breath:

The philosophy behind “Open Waters” extends beyond its aromatic allure. Okapi Bay believes in the power of scent to influence emotions and create memorable experiences. Just as a specific scent can transport you to a cherished space or evoke a particular feeling, “Open Waters” aims to renew your soul with every inhale.

In the palm of your hand, “Open Waters” becomes a vessel for tranquility, a gateway to the rejuvenating essence of nature. Okapi Bay’s commitment to crafting unique and handcrafted products is encapsulated in this 15ml elixir. As you embark on this aromatic journey, let “Open Waters” be your guide, enveloping you in the serenity of rainforests, the freshness of sea breezes, and the enchantment of moonlit nights. Discover the transformative power of scent with Okapi Bay’s “Open Waters” and redefine your daily rituals.

Top of Form

A refreshing dance of rainforest dew, sea breeze, and moonlight, Open Waters invites you to indulge in a bright and earthy melody. Fused with Palo Santo, native to South America, this sacred blend grounds you to nature’s essence, clarifying the air and renewing your soul with each breath. Perfect for daily use through aromatic diffusion, fabric, and linen spritz.

Cogito: A Botanical Symphony for Mindful Moments by Okapi Bay

Dive into the world of botanical serenity with Okapi Bay’s “Cogito”, a 15ml elixir that transcends the ordinary. This carefully crafted blend is an invitation to experience the essence of spring and embrace the calming embrace of nature. Join us on a journey into the heart of “Cogito” and explore the mindful moments it promises.

The Essence of Spring:

“Cogito ” is a manifestation of the essence of spring, captured in a petite 15ml bottle. Crafted by Sarah Hamid, this botanical blend is a symphony of five oils, finely tuned with Chamomile and Lavender. These carefully selected elements create a full-bodied aroma with floral notes that bring the spirit of spring into your space.

Aroma for the Nervous System:

The choice of Chamomile and Lavender in “Cogito ” is intentional, as both are known for their significant impact on the nervous system. The blend opens pathways to calm and release, providing a sensory retreat for the mind. It’s not just an aroma; it’s a mindful journey designed to promote relaxation, mental clarity, and a sense of balance.

Versatile Applications:

“Cogito” is versatile, offering various ways to incorporate its calming properties into your daily life:

  1. Aromatic Diffusion: Add a few drops to your diffuser and let the floral notes permeate the air, creating a serene atmosphere in your surroundings.
  2. Linen Spray and Laundry Ball Scenting: Infuse your personal space with tranquility by using “Cogito” as a linen spray or on laundry balls. The calming scent will linger, creating a peaceful ambiance.
  3. Bathing Rituals: Elevate your bathing experience by adding 12-15 drops of “Cogito Tranquilis” to ½ cup of Himalayan bath salts. Allow the warm water to carry the essence of spring, promoting relaxation and mental clarity.

Strength of the Blend:

With medium floral notes, “Cogito” strikes a delicate balance that is perfect for stress reduction, relaxation, and improving mental clarity and memory. The blend is designed to offer a gentle yet transformative olfactory experience.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Daily Wellness Rituals:

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, “Cogito” invites you to carve out moments for mindful wellness. Whether you diffuse it while working, use it in your bedtime routine, or incorporate it into your bathing rituals, this blend encourages you to pause, breathe, and embrace the tranquility it provides.

Sarah’s Personal Regimen:

Sarah Hamid, the creative force behind Okapi Bay, shares her personal regimen for a truly immersive bath experience. Adding 3-5 drops of frankincense essential oil to “Cogito” enhances the feeling of cleanliness and reduces anxiety. The carefully curated blend becomes a sacred elixir, transforming your bathing routine into a moment of serenity and elevation.

Embracing Mindful Living:

The philosophy behind “Cogito” goes beyond the aromatic experience. It aligns with the belief that essential oils carry an energetic imprint of the plant, offering a unique way to connect with nature. As you breathe in the essence of spring, allow “Cogito Tranquilis” to be a companion on your journey to mindful living.

 Okapa Bay’s commitment to crafting handcrafted products that resonate with nature’s essence is encapsulated 15ml elixirs ready for you to step into a world of rejuvenation and calmness. Let Okapa Bay’s scents transport you to a garden in full bloom, where serenity and clarity abound. Elevate your moments of mindfulness with the transformative power of botanicals, one drop at a time.

Closing Notes:

Okapi Bay’s aromatic odyssey is an invitation to explore the transformative power of scent. From signature blends to bespoke creations for larger spaces, each product is a testament to the belief that the essence of nature has the ability to enhance our well-being, evoke emotions, and create spaces that resonate with our ideal lives. Discover the enchantment, one drop at a time. All blends are available in a small 5ml trial size for our first-time customers.









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