MindEssential pieces for feeling your best

Essential pieces for feeling your best

Imagine you are building a complex machine. Something that requires every piece to be precisely where it needs to be. Parts and components cannot be like the ones required; they must be the necessary ones, placed where they need to go.So, you’re building this machine; let’s say it’s a clock. You begin the process, and it starts fine. This clock comes dismantled. However, everything you need was supposed to be shipped with the kit.

The pieces fall into place.

Small gears and springs assemble with even smaller screws and pins—little pieces coming together to form a wholly functional machine.

You are filled with anticipation as the finished product approaches. Then you notice something is wrong.

A small gear is missing, what do you do?

Maybe you decide to finish the project anyways; after all, it’s just a little gear; it couldn’t be that important. You assemble the rest of your clock, and it looks great; you can’t even see where the tiny gear is missing.

You place the cover on the clock and wind it up. You hear ticking – excellent – clocks are supposed to do that.

Then you notice that something is wrong.

The second hand is not moving – after all that hard work – how could this be? Then you remember the gear, the tiny piece that was left out.

It seemed insignificant; however, the result of not including it is obvious.

The clock may be ticking, but it’s not working correctly and never will.

Your body needs all the pieces.

Even more complex and intricate than the most sophisticated computer, your body needs all the essentials to function correctly.

Over 30 trillion cells are within your body, and if you add bacteria in the digestive system, the number swells to over 70 trillion.

With myriad decisions to make, functions to perform, and messages to send, these cells need to be healthy and complete to work in harmony with one another. Systems such as the digestive, neurological, reproductive, circulatory, and breathing require healthy, vital cells.

These cells require the proper building blocks to do their assigned job.

These building blocks are called amino acids.

The importance of amino acids has long been known by science, and you have no doubt heard of them.

But what makes them so important, what does it look like when you don’t have enough, and how do you ensure you get the right amount?

Why do we need them?

Protein is essential in nearly all body functions, making up over twenty percent of your body. To build these vital proteins, we need the foundation of all proteins – amino acids.

Twenty-two different amino acids appear in the genetic code, making them necessary for the most basic cellular functions.

Of these twenty-two amino acids, there are nine which are considered essential.

Essential means that the body does not naturally produce these compounds and must be taken in through diet or supplements.

These are the nine essential amino acids and a description of their role.

  • Lysine – helps synthesize protein, hormones, and enzymes. Also essential in calcium absorption and immune function.
  • Isoleucine – muscle metabolism, synthesis of hemoglobin, and energy regulation
  • Histidine is involved in synthesizing histamine (a neurotransmitter essential in immune function) and aids in sleep regulation and the sexual process.
  • Tryptophan is essential in synthesizing serotonin, which regulates mood, sleep, and appetite.
  • Leucine helps in protein synthesis, muscle repair, growth, wound healing, and regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Methionine is used in new tissue growth, metabolism, and detoxification of the body and is essential for the absorption of zinc and selenium.
  • Valine helps tissue and muscle growth and regeneration, and this amino acid is also needed for energy production.
  • Phenylalanine is essential for producing and using brain chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. This amino acid is critical for the forming of other amino acids.
  • Threonine is an essential ingredient in structural proteins such as collagen and elastin; it also helps boost your immune system and the metabolism of fats.

As you can see, these amino acids are called “essential” for a reason.

What happens if you don’t have enough?

An amino acid deficiency can present in many ways. These symptoms can be expected when you consider amino acids’ complex role in the body.

Like a clock, all the pieces must be in place for your body to operate correctly.

Here are five symptoms you may have if you are deficient in these critical components.

  1. Difficulty concentrating – If you find it challenging to learn new information, focus, or have a general unmotivated feeling (brain fog), you could be low on an essential amino acid.
  2. Slow healing time – studies have repeatedly shown that the proper level of amino acids is critical in healing times. Not just broken bones but also muscle recovery after exertion.
  3. Digestive trouble – amino acids are critical in a smooth operating digestive system. They help with enzyme production and muscle contraction. One study even shows promise in using amino acids to treat specific digestive issues.
  4. Anxiety and depression – the proper level of amino acids is critical to our body’s production of necessary chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine. If there is a lack of these chemicals, you could see an increase in your anxiety and a depressive mood.
  5. Muscle loss – if you are lacking amino acids for protein synthesis, your body will find protein in the most available place, your muscles. This process can lead to significant muscle loss if amino acids are not plentiful in the body.

How do you maintain the proper levels?

Eating a protein-rich diet can be a great way to ensure you get all the vital amino acids you need.

However, nearly everyone has a busy life, and eating a completely balanced diet can become difficult at best. Fortunately, some excellent choices exist in the supplement world to help augment your diet.

Here are some top picks to keep your amino acids at an optimal level.


Let’s face it, we all become more forgetful with age and stress weighing down on us. This supplement will help fill the void in your brain health needs.

This product is formulated with essential amino acids, bacopa, curcumin, piperine, and monnieri, a once-a-day pill that is truly food for your thoughts.

Aminocare® – MYCOPOWER

Support and maintain your body’s natural immune defense system. This blend of all-natural ingredients has 14 medicinal mushrooms and Astragalus.

It also has essential antioxidants, enzymes, and prebiotics to help foster a healthy microbiome, which is necessary for an adequately functioning immune system.

These products come from Aminocare®, the undisputed amino acid research and supplements leader.

The numbers speak for themselves regarding the science behind all their great products.

  • 30 plus years of clinical research and development.
  • 500+ times they have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • 70,000+ times their work has been cited by other researchers.

There is no better choice.

Remember, when all the necessary parts and pieces are in place, your body will run smooth and efficiently, just as nature intended.

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