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Even the Darkness Can Be Clean

When people hear the word goth, various things probably come to mind. They might think of darkness, witchcraft, or even ghosts. Others might conjure images of individuals applying makeup to their faces and dressing in all black. Many individuals do not want anything to do with anything related to the goth movement or anything associated with the darker side of life, for that matter. These people have many preconceived notions about people in the goth movement. They may find them odd and out of step with the norms of society. Other than these false preconceived notions, one thing that people outside the goth movement would probably not associate goths with is cleanliness. However, there has been a recent movement within the entire goth community proving to the world that they maintain their hygiene just as much, if not more so, than people who are totally outside the spectrum of anything gothic. Beautiful Freak Cosmetics has made this possible with their excellent fresh-smelling soaps that can clean the entire body to the nth degree.

Goth Subculture

The term goth refers to a historical movement that dates back many centuries. While there are similarities between this historical goth movement and goth as it pertains to pop culture, it should be noted that what is referred to as ‘goth’ is a subculture all in and of itself. Goth is a music sub-culture that originated in the United Kingdom. Around the early 1980s, gothic rock became a fad. It was a style of music that branched off of the post-punk scene. Within this musical fad came a distinct style of dressing and using makeup. While goth music and fashion have certainly evolved since the early 1980s, certain aspects of this fad have stayed consistent. Goth music has always been based on themes about horror, while its fashion has always been associated with dark clothing, dark makeup, and black hair. As goth evolved as a sub-culture, different festivals and conventions began to be put together so that various individuals within the goth community could gather as one.

As mentioned, there have been many types of stereotypes that people have placed on those who are considered goths. Many individuals find them evil due to their association with the darker side of life, like horror. Others find goths to be socially awkward due to their dress and appearance. One untrue stereotype of goths is that they do not maintain excellent hygiene. This assumption is probably made because their appearance is messy and unkempt. Certain people may automatically associate this with body odor and unclear skin. However, goths are proving that this is a false idea that people assume based on their preconceived notions. They are showcasing just how clean they are. So many people attend goth festivals that it is undoubtedly essential for them to maintain good hygiene. Also, despite what some people may think of the appearance of those who attend these events, good skin hygiene contributes to a youthful-looking appearance, accentuating the eccentric features of goths.

Caring for One’s Skin

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to care for one’s skin. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body. It acts as a shield to one’s inner organs and protects one from exposure to bacteria and pollutants that float in the air. Without the skin, we would all just be a bowl of unpleasant-looking flesh. The skin’s general health is essential not only for one’s overall health. It is also crucial for one to maintain a youthful-looking appearance. Unfortunately, many individuals have tried to keep the skin looking young via unnatural methods. This, therefore, has not only contributed to bad skin health but also a fake-looking appearance. Maintaining the most significant type of skin health and the best youthful appearance requires particular ingredients.

Ingredients that Help One Maintain Great Bodily Hygiene

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

While baking soda has been long associated with helping aspects of oral health and the inner body, it has been becoming just as related to cleaning the exterior of one’s body. With the addition of baking soda in soaps that people use, one helps rid themselves of unpleasant odors that build up from bacteria and exposure to unpleasant things throughout the day. Including baking soda in certain soaps, along with other specific ingredients, has also been shown to help regulate excess sweating. Perfuse sweating is the thing that is heavily associated with contaminating one’s skin with germs and bacteria and also causing one to smell unpleasant. Therefore, regulating sweat with the help of baking soda is very beneficial.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is an odorless powder used in particular types of soaps to help one smell good and maintain great-looking skin. When activated charcoal is included as an ingredient in specific types of soaps, it assists in the absorption of dirt and excess oil. This keeps the skin from breaking out and leaves it smelling nice and fresh. Activated charcoal can do this through its anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential part of soaps and body washes. It especially helps people who have dry skin as it acts as a moisturizer. Therefore, vitamin E helps one maintain the elasticity of their skin. This is an essential factor in preventing wrinkles and fine lines. People don’t have to look their age if they supply their body with the proper nutrients. Over the years, too many individuals have rid themselves of wrinkles via unnatural methods. With the help of vitamin E and other ingredients in soaps, one can maintain a youthful look in a natural, healthy way.

Coconut Oil

Like vitamin E, coconut oil helps people keep their skin moisturized, which is very important for people with dry skin. Coconut oil has potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help the skin recover faster from wounds and infections. It’s one thing to try to keep up the youthful appearance of one’s skin; however, it’s also essential to protect one’s skin from bad things that it can be exposed to regularly.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Zinc Sulfide

Zinc sulfide has many benefits to people in combatting skin conditions. Acne, for instance, is something that afflicts many people worldwide. While it generally affects teenagers or young adults, acne can affect people of all ages. With the anti-inflammatory properties of soaps and body washes that contain zinc sulfide, acne can be put at bay. In addition, it also helps counter certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Sorbitol is a carbohydrate that is also an essential element in helping the skin maintain moisturization. Whether dry or oily skin, the body produces a certain amount of moisture to keep the skin hydrated. Unfortunately, everyone reaches a certain age where their body does not have as much as this to help the skin. This is where wrinkles and fine lines start to become visible.

Iron Oxide

Iron oxide is a chemical compound that helps protect the skin from various things it is exposed to regularly. Since the skin is on the outside of the body, it is constantly exposed to things in the air. Considering this factor, pollution, ultraviolet rays, and other environmental factors can affect it. Skin rashes and different types of conditions can result from this.

Tin Oxide

Tin oxide is a compound that helps people maintain their overall skin tone. The look of one’s skin tone can significantly indicate one’s overall physical health. When the skin tone is pale or uneven, it can be a sign that one is not taking care of themselves very well or that one might be sickly. Tin oxide has been shown to help even out one’s skin tone. When added to products, tin oxide can help balance pigments.

Titanium Dioxide

Like iron oxide, titanium dioxide plays a huge part in protecting the skin from certain things it is exposed to daily. More specifically, though, titanium dioxide helps protect the skin from extensive damage from the sun’s rays. When the skin is constantly exposed to the sun’s rays, especially during the spring and summer months, it can be prone to wrinkles and redness. In addition, constant sun exposure leads to the risk of developing even more severe skin conditions like skin cancer. Titanium dioxide comes in handy when included in skin products as it helps prevent people from becoming sunburned and obtaining damage from the sun.

Synthetic Fluorphlogopite

Synthetic fluorphlogopite is a mineral that helps one maintain excellent skin tone. It adds a sparkling effect to the products it is added to.

Magnesium Sulfate

Magnesium sulfate is a chemical compound that has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help counter certain skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It also can help one recover from wounds to the skin, like cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

Beautiful Freak Cosmetics

Beautiful Freak Cosmetics was born on Halloween 2016, a product of founder Avril Korman’s experience as a long-time DJ in the Goth/Industrial scene, her years as a designer and artist, and her desire to explore the connection between art, music, and the body in a brief form; a tiny temporary art object that is always intended to be consumed and enjoyed. Beautiful Freak’s delightfully spooky bath and body products – including soaps, shower steamers, bath bombs, hand sanitizers, body butter, scrubs, and lip balms – are entirely hand-designed and hand-made. Nearly every product available from Beautiful Freak Cosmetics is named after a song from the goth scene.

Chemistry – Scent Collection

  • It has a Surprisingly light, unisex, green scent with delightfully crisp notes.
  • Named after a song from Shadows Beyond.
  • Common Ingredients of Some of the soaps include Sodium Bicarbonate, Activated Charcoal, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Zinc Sulfide, Sorbitol, and Titanium Dioxide.

In Elegant Decay – Scent Collection

  • It’s a Complex, sweet mixture that floral fans will love.
  • Common Ingredients of Some of the Soaps Include Sodium Bicarbonate, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Magnesium Sulfate, Sorbitol, Vitamin E, and Titanium Dioxide.

Prove to Others You Are Just as Clean and Healthy as They Are.

Whether you are someone who takes part in the goth and horror scene or not, it’s safe to say that you now know one can take care of their hygiene with the most untraditional products. It’s so awesome that unique types of soaps are named after songs. The movement of spreading awareness to the doubters of how clean, unique individuals such as goths and horror fanatics can be is growing by the minute. You don’t want to miss out.

Now is the time to prove to others how well you take care of your skin and overall hygiene. You may have been told by the goth haters that people like you are dirty and messy. Even if you already address your skin and hygiene needs, there is still something that has prevented you from taking these things to the highest level. You can use the Chemistry – Scent Collection and In Elegant Decay – Scent Collection soap bars from Beautiful Freak Cosmetics to obtain what you have been missing. A new year is upon us, and it’s time to join the movement of individuals such as yourself who are proving to the world why you may be different from what some consider mainstream; you’re not that different!









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