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Most people don’t associate gels items with helping with various aspects of internal health. This is a shame because there have been distinct types of gels discovered to help strengthen one’s immune system and assist with losing weight. In addition, other gels can assist with all kinds of things, everything from treating the flu to constipation. Unfortunately, until recently, there have not been many forms of these helpful gels that can be used in multiple ways by people. Luckily, Sharelle’s Naturals carries gels that help specific areas of one’s physical health. It’s time to help your health, and, most importantly, help your life.

Both hemispheres of the world are about to go through a seasonal transition. During seasonal changes, many people tend to succumb to sickness. It’s an unpleasant inconvenience almost inevitable for most individuals, no matter how hard they try to stay healthy. It’s essential to learn about what types of substances can help protect one’s immune system from the nasty particles that will try to enter our bodies during this seasonal transition.


The elderberry is a commonly used plant for medicinal purposes. Elderberries can’t be eaten raw. They must be heated and cooked to an edible form. Elderberry syrup is the most convenient form for eating. There are endless benefits to using elderberry syrup. One must take the time to learn about each one.

Benefits of Elderberry Syrup

Boosting One’s Immune System

Elderberries contain antioxidants and vitamins that help boost the body’s immune system. Having a robust immune system is very important. The body’s immune system can shield against unwanted illness and sickness. The world is going through a seasonal transitional phase. During phases like this, the body becomes very susceptible to falling ill. Let’s face it. Getting sick is no fun. It forces people to miss work and school. In addition, sickness causes people to miss out on the joys of life. If one can supplement themselves with a specific type of elderberry syrup, they can provide themselves a helping hand in fighting off unwanted sickness. It’s better to be safe than sorry; elderberries help people take the proper precautions.

Helping One Treat the Flu and the Common Cold

As mentioned, elderberry syrup helps the body fight off the chances of succumbing to sickness by boosting the body’s immune system. However, sometimes, even the most protected of us fall ill. While it is true that supplementing oneself with elderberry syrup can prevent the chances of getting sick, there are still those occasions when illness hits us. In those cases, elderberry syrup comes in handy again. With their antioxidant properties, elderberries help people battle sinus problems during seasonal transitions. Often, sinus problems are associated with the common cold, which elderberry syrup is very beneficial in treating. The flu has more serious symptoms than the common cold. Elderberries help treat the most severe of these symptoms with not only their antioxidant properties but also their anti-inflammatory properties. When there is less inflammation in the body, not only are the symptoms of the common cold, or the more serious flu, not as severe, the body tends to rid itself of the sickness quicker. You can’t beat, not only helping your body be protected against the chances of becoming ill but also possibly shortening the span of illnesses when they occur.

Helps Maintain Great Gut Health

Maintaining excellent gut health is a top priority among many people the world over, and rightfully so. Having healthy digestion helps people function better both physically and mentally. When one can digest their food better, they have better physical energy to approach daily tasks better. Also, one can think more clearly when one’s digestive tract is functioning well, enabling one to make rational, well-thought-out decisions. Having excellent gut health can be a separate factor in supporting one’s immune levels. There’s also a unique messaging process between the gut and the brain. When the stomach functions well, it sends a message to the brain that enables one to keep a positive mindset and good mood. Besides many of these excellent benefits to the gut from elderberries, one can also help treat the symptoms of constipation and have better bowel movements.

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Irish Sea Moss

Irish sea moss is a type of algae or seaweed that grows along the rocky Atlantic coasts. People have consumed it for thousands of years, which is undoubtedly good. Irish sea moss contains so many benefits to one’s physical health that it’s almost ridiculous. Like elderberry, Irish sea moss also helps boost one’s immune system and improve gut health. However, some additional properties are exclusive to Irish sea moss, like weight loss. For those that prefer not to ingest it, Irish sea moss can be applied topically, but if one wishes to eat it, a specific type of gel can be consumed to reap the necessary benefits of the algae.

Benefits of Irish Sea Moss

Helps with Weight Loss

Arguably, one of the most common goals that people strive for as far as a health goal is to lose weight. For decades, thousands of articles have been advertised that showcase the next big thing when it comes to dieting and exercise. Not only have many of these things been overpriced, but many of their results have also been deemed questionable. As of late, people are now jumping on the trend of using more natural, down-to-earth ingredients to achieve their health goals. Irish Sea Moss contains a substantial amount of fiber. The more fiber that one consumes, the fuller one will feel in a quicker amount of time; therefore, that will prevent the chances of overeating. Not everyone is using Irish sea moss to lose weight. Some people are using it to maintain their weight. Regardless of the specific health goal, Irish sea moss helps people pursue a healthy life by keeping one’s weight at a decent level.

Helps with Thyroid Health

Irish sea moss contains a lot of iodine, which helps regulate one’s thyroid health. What is a thyroid, you may ask? A thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck that is responsible for the formation of hormones that control many of the body’s functions. Most importantly, the thyroid plays a huge part in energy use. In general, Irish sea moss can help one to lose or maintain weight. When there are problems with one’s thyroid, however, losing weight can be much more difficult. When experiencing thyroid problems, people tend to put on significant amounts of unwanted pounds. Since one’s thyroid is responsible for hormones that produce energy, when there are thyroid problems, one’s energy level usually decreases. With the helping hand of an Irish sea moss gel, either consumed or topically applied, the chances of one’s body creating thyroid hormones increases.

Sharelle’s Naturals

Since 2020, Sharelle’s Naturals has provided products without all the added chemicals. The founder of Sharelle’s Naturals, Sharelle Foster, uses high-quality ingredients to make her gels, syrups, and body butter. It’s important to her that she not only produces premium products but also creates a personable experience for her customers. Some of the many incredible ingredients in these items include spring water, raw honey, ginger, clove, jojoba oil, almond oil, and vitamin E.

Sea Moss Gel Plain

  • Helps Improve the Immune System
  • Helps with Weight Loss
  • It Contains Irish Sea Moss, Springwater, and Lime Juice.

Elderberry Infused Sea Moss Gel

  • Helps Improve the Immune System
  • Helps with Weight Loss
  • Helps Counter Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Helps with Digestive Health
  • It Contains Irish Sea Moss, Raw honey, Spring Water, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, and Lime Juice Infused with Elderberry

Time to Gel It Up

Isn’t it time that you helped hold back the hands of time with timeless ingredients? With the help of Irish sea moss and elderberry, a person can adequately assist many aspects of their physical health. The seasons are getting ready to change, and we must try and stay protected at all costs. In the past, people wasted their money on unnatural products to assist their health and try and maintain their youth. The problem is that they only made their problems worse than they were. Now, people from coast to coast are going about preserving their bodies and youth in an inexpensive, easy way.

If you’re looking to boost your immune system, improve your gut health and reduce the signs of aging, then look no further!! You will no longer have to worry about going from store to store to get specific ingredients for every health need. With Sea Moss Gel Plain and Elderberry Infused Sea Moss Gel from Sharelle’s Naturals, you can now obtain all you need without all the hassle. All it takes is a gel to excel. Take your health goals to the next level by consuming. It’s all about your convenience and your health.









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