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Experience Tranquil Bliss with Roam Homegrown Candles


Candles have enchanted humanity for hundreds of years. They are usually used as a means to light up the atmosphere, but have a solid ability to elevate the aesthetics of any settings as well as stir emotions. They can easily convert a simple space into a cozy cocoon with its warmth and glow.         

The flickering flame of candles shows the artistry of their creator. Each designer candle is created with a blend of premium ingredients. One of the most fascinating things about candles is their ability to trigger memories with its various scents. Whether it’s the smell of baked cookies or the fragrance of freshly plucked roses, a scented candle has a magical way of taking us back to our memories.

Moreover, candles are associated with traditions that celebrate life’s moments. We see candles on birthdays. They play an essential role in cultural practices around the world. Candles also offer many benefits for the mind, body, and soul. The glow of candlelight has a calming effect on the mind. This relaxing effect helps us relieve stress.

They are more than just decorative objects; they’re a symbol of love and passion.

Introducing Roam Homegrown, which is more than just an ordinary brand of candles. It is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures. We have a passion for handcrafted excellence, reflected in every piece. We believe that elegance lies in simplicity. The Roam Homegrown candles are hand-poured in small batches. This allows us to add a personal touch to every piece. Our manufacturing process of candles has different steps, with love added to every step. Each act is done with sincerity and love, from the selection of fragrances to the blending of soy wax and essential oils.

The Vision behind Roam Homegrown

Our vision is simple: enlightening your soul and space with love and warmth. We believe that scent has a strong power to evoke emotions. We want to infuse the beauty of the natural world and its scent into wax to make it a masterpiece. Our aim is to make a community of like-minded people who share our passion for candles and authenticity.

We prefer to source our ingredients from the USA. We believe that by handcrafting products, we can connect with our customers personally. As we grow, our vision is to become a symbol of light and warmth. We want people to know that there is a lot of beauty around them.

Our Story

Every invention you see has a story behind it. The idea behind Roam Homegrown is to connect its customers with their memories through fragrance. The journey of Roam Homegrown starts with a desire to create products that not only nourish the soul but also respect the earth. We know the best things in life are made with care and love.  

ROAM Luxe Soy Candles & Gifts began as we traveled, explored, and found ourselves. Our candles are inspired by the places we’ve seen. Each one tells a story of adventure and discovery. Manufactured with care, our candles have the scents of nature – from mountains to oceans – bringing a piece of our journey into your home.

But more than just candles, ROAM is about connections. It’s about sharing moments and spreading joy with the ones we love.

Whether you’re lighting a candle after a long day or gifting a loved one, ROAM is there to make your day special and add warmth to your life.

Lavender Driftwood Luxe Cream Soy Candle

Roam Homegrown has introduced its signature ROAM Luxe Soy Candles. These candles are hand-poured to bring warmth and comfort to your home. This magical candle has a serene and soothing fragrance that transports you directly to the blooming lavender fields. With this lavender-infused candle, you will feel yourself drowning in the sea of lavender fragrance. 

Lavender Driftwood Luxe Cream Soy Candle is made from pure ingredients and has a perfect composition. The composition of this Lavender Driftwood candle is a blend of creamy soy wax. We source only premium quality soybeans directly from fields. 

When you look at the candles available in the market today, you will often find candles made from low-grade wax. This low-grade paraffin wax is very harmful to our health as it directly affects our lungs and deteriorates the air quality around us. On the other hand, the Lavender Driftwood candle has a natural wax base.

Also, we use lead-free cotton wicks in all our candles. It ensures an even burn, so you can enjoy hours of fragrance without worrying about harmful toxins or pollutants. Our candles have a burn time of up to 65 hours, providing you ample time to enrich your moments of relaxation. This ensures a longer-lasting and more environmentally friendly candle experience.

As we stated previously, each of our every scent is associated with a memory and place. In this blend, the driftwood gives you coastal vibes. We all know that lavender has relaxing properties. When the aroma of lavender and the warmth of driftwood are blended together, it creates a scent that calms the mind. Not only does it smell great, but it also adds appeal to your space. This luxurious candle comes in a beautiful glass jar to add an elegant touch.  

Experience Tranquil Bliss with Roam Homegrown Candles

For the best performance of your candle, allow your candle to burn for approximately 3.5 to 4 hours before use. It helps to even out the wax on the outside of the candle.

Another tip is to trim the wick to about 1/4 inch in length before any subsequent light. 

Our Lavender Driftwood Luxe Cream Soy Candle is proudly cruelty-free and vegan. Our values include compassion and kindness towards animals. We ensure that no animal testing or animal-derived ingredients are used to manufacture our candles.

Lavender Driftwood Luxe Cream Soy Candle is the perfect way to bring a touch of beauty into any space and enjoy its soothing aroma.

Santal + Coconut Luxe Cream Soy Candle

Our sense of smell is powerful in its ability to control our emotions ad evoke certain memories. Scents have the ability to elevate our mood. Aromatherapy is the use of oils to enhance physical well-being. You can reap the benefits of aromatherapy with the scent of this luxurious candle. Add Santal + Coconut Luxe Cream Soy Candle to your daily routine and experience the calming effects of aromatherapy. It can help reduce stress and improve mood.

When the sweet, tropical fragrance of coconut strikes your nostrils, it will wash you over with feelings of relaxation, vacation, and leisure. This makes it a popular choice for candles and skincare products.

Taking into account this fact, Roam Homegrown has introduced its Santal + Coconut Luxe Cream Soy Candle. Its enchanting fragrance will directly transport you to tropical paradise.

As all our candles contain the same ingredient of love and care, this luxurious scent experience gives you the feelings of relaxation that you want after a long, hectic day. Our Santal + Coconut Luxe Cream Soy Candle has a scent that transports you to a sandy beach with its sundrenched shores. The sweetness of the coconut and woody undertones of the sandalwood is a perfect combination.

One of the best things about Santal + Coconut Luxe Cream Soy Candle is that it burns cleanly. This means that the melted wax will not destroy the aesthetic of your space and will give a clean look. Our artists hand pour it into a beautiful, recyclable vessel, and our packaging materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Its beautiful packaging contributes to the aesthetics of a bedside table, a mantelpiece, or a coffee table.

We are committed to purity, and that is the reason we use only natural and pure products. Whether it is soy wax base or the coconut and sandalwood fragrance oils, all the ingredients are sourced carefully from trusted suppliers only.

Most of the candles available in the market today have Phthalate in them. Phthalates are the chemicals, or artificial scents, that are used to enhance the fragrance, but they have many adverse health effects. But this is not the case with our candles; we always add phthalate-free fragrances. Also, our candles have lead-free cotton wicks, which provide a safe burn. 

Rome Homegrown candles offer more than just a sweet smell. They create lasting memories and meaningful relationships. Whether you share it with your loved ones or you enjoy it yourself, our Santal + Coconut Luxe Cream Soy Candle is a soothing treat for you.

Moreover, Santal + Coconut Luxe Cream Soy Candle lasts up to 65 hours. All the ingredients in this candle are vegan and contain no animal-derived ingredients. This makes it safe to use even for people who follow a vegan lifestyle. 

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your dear ones, then a scented candle is an ideal gift. Roam Homegrown offers you the option to create a customized gift by pairing Santal + Coconut Luxe Cream Soy Candle with any other scent. 

Wellness Magazine Master Club

You can simply incorporate this sweet coconut-scented candle into your daily life. Light this amazing candle and soothe your nerves if you are feeling low or tired after a long day. You can enjoy it while taking a leisurely bath, reading a good book, having dinner, or during moments of contemplation and meditation.

Every flicker of Santal + Coconut Luxe Cream Soy Candle is guaranteed to give you moments of serenity and joy. 









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