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Faded Kisses Miracle Scrubs: The Best Body Scrubs Ever Delivering Your Glow Goals

As the skin serves as a protective barrier for our body, it’s often exposed to environmental stressors, pollution, and other impurities. If it’s not exfoliated regularly, not only would it cause superficial skin issues, such as dullness, rough areas, uneven skin tone, etc., but it can also have adverse effects on the skin’s health, such as acne around the body, ingrown hairs, skin irritation, etc. Moreover, it can also interfere with the absorption of skincare products.

So it’s important to observe a body scrub routine (typically once to thrice a week). Some of the best body scrubs ever that receive a lot of orders and rave reviews that we are going to discuss in this article are those from Faded Kisses. Read further to know more about Faded Kisses; their best-selling body scrubs; and each of their body scrub benefits that make them so great.

Introducing Faded Kisses, Their CEO, and Their Miracle Scrubs

As a woman-owned business, Faded Kisses is all for women’s empowerment. Like their motto, “Look beautiful, feel beautiful”, they aim to make their customers look beautiful inside and out. So they uphold high standards for their products by valuing quality over quantity and using the finest natural, raw, unrefined ingredients to make the most of natural healing properties for a holistic approach to beauty.

Faded Kisses was born out of the CEO and independent owner, Aryanna Pecoraro’s passion for creating unique products that can help others look and feel more beautiful. It started as a side hustle for her in addition to her waitressing job in her high school years. But when she realized it was her mission to promote confidence in others through her business, she put more focus on it.

After a year of experimenting and doing extensive research, Aryanna finally officially launched Faded Kisses, initially offering lip gloss and lip liners. Every day, she would be flooded with orders and so she eventually made it a full-time business, while at the same time pursuing remote schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was after a few months since Faded Kisses’ business launch that Aryanna delved into body scrub products, particularly sugar body scrubs, as she has always been a fan of Tree Hut’s sugar body scrubs. With a lot of research and trial and error, she was able to achieve the perfect formula that can give remarkably healing effects, consisting of pure cane sugar, dead sea salt, pure essential oils, and raw African shea butter. This excellent mixture serves as the base formula for all their body scrubs, which made them also known as “Miracle Scrubs”.

In addition to the base formula, each of Faded Kisses’ body scrubs offers different benefits to suit different needs and each of them receives positive feedback from customers. But the most popular body scrubs that often would quickly sell out are the Mandarin Oil, Honey, & Mango Body Scrub and the Lavender, Aloe, & Pineapple Body Scrub. But before we look into the specific benefits each of these products can offer, let’s delve into the benefits of their base formula.

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Faded Kisses Signature Base Formula

To give the best healing effect apart from cleansing the skin and achieving beautifully soft, glowing skin, all of Faded Kisses’ body scrubs are made purely with raw, unrefined ingredients starting from the base formula to the additional ingredients for the different body scrub varieties. Although their body scrubs all come with the same base formula, each of them has its own special benefits. The base formula is just a standard to provide the best body scrubs for their customers and below are its ingredients along with their benefits.

Pure Cane Sugar – It’s a gentle exfoliator with its granulated but not too abrasive texture. At the same time, it can also moisturize the skin with its humectant properties.

Dead Sea Salt – It reinforces the exfoliating action of pure cane sugar with its more coarse texture to achieve deeper exfoliation and tackle stubborn dead skin cells and impurities. It’s also rich in minerals that can nourish and detoxify the skin. And can fight bacteria and prevent breakouts with its antiseptic properties.

Pure Essential Oils – Generally, they make the act of body care more enjoyable with the enhanced sensory experience they provide through their aromatic scents. They also help gently remove dead skin cells and impurities with their texture and consistency and also provide several other benefits for the skin and our well-being. The base formula of Faded Kisses’ body scrubs includes many pure essential oils, which are identified below along with the benefits they offer.

  • Coconut Oil – Its fatty acids give it anti-bacterial properties that can help cleanse the skin as well as treat and prevent skin infections. Also, its fatty acids along with vitamins and other bioactive compounds give it moisturizing properties for hydrating and softening the skin.

It also has free radical and environmental damage-fighting antioxidants that help prevent premature skin aging. In regards to its aromatherapy benefits, it has a tropical aroma that gives off a relaxing vibe and promotes calmness and tranquility.

  • Jojoba Oil – As an oil with moisturizing properties that is in close resemblance to the natural oils in our skin, it can deeply penetrate the skin to give intense hydration. It also prevents excess oil by regulating normal oil production. It can also soothe irritation and inflammation with its anti-inflammatory properties.

It also keeps the skin protected from free radical and environmental damage that can cause premature skin aging with its antioxidants. And its aroma can make you feel relaxed and de-stressed.

  • Avocado Oil – Its potency in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats makes it an excellent skin moisturizer. It’s also helpful for irritation and inflammation, as it has soothing anti-inflammatory properties.

It also has great anti-aging action against fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, etc. with its omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. In a therapeutic sense, its aroma is calming and promotes relaxation.

  • Grapeseed Oil – It’s a lightweight oil, which makes it easily absorbed by the skin, making it easy for the skin to take in its many beneficial nutrients. It’s rich in linoleic acid, which hydrates the skin and improves moisture retention. Its soothing anti-inflammatory properties can alleviate irritation and inflammation.

Moreover, it can help prevent premature skin aging with its antioxidants and its ability to promote collagen production. And its aroma has calming and soothing effects.

  • Castor Oil – It’s a highly moisturizing oil that has low molecular weight or tiny molecules that can easily sink deeply into the skin, allowing it to intensely hydrate the skin. It’s also cleansing and can kill bacteria since it has antimicrobial properties, which is helpful for acne-prone skin. Helping with irritation and inflammation is its anti-inflammatory properties.

Scars and stretch marks can also be reduced with its ricinoleic acid, which promotes collagen and elastin production. And for your mental well-being, its aroma can help you to relax better and alleviate anxiety.

Raw African Shea Butter – It promotes skin healing and reduces scars, blemishes, and stretch marks with its potency in vitamins and minerals. It’s also rich in fatty acids that can moisturize the skin, together with its vitamins.

It’s also soothing with its anti-inflammatory properties, which help with irritated skin as well as skin conditions, such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. And with its antioxidants, it can fight premature skin aging by protecting the skin from free radical damage and environmental stressors.

Indulge in the Deliciously Uplifting Mandarin Oil, Honey, & Mango Body Scrub

In addition to the aforementioned benefits that Faded Kisses’ base formula provides, the Mandarin Oil, Honey, & Mango Body Scrub has several other body scrub benefits that made it the first ever of Faded Kisses’ body scrubs that captured the hearts of their customers. It also features mandarin oil, honey fragrance, and mango fragrance. It’s one of their in-demand body scrub products that often quickly go out of stock, which is loved by many for a lot of reasons.

First of all, who wouldn’t be enchanted by its delicious, sweet, fruity, feminine aroma of mandarin, mango, and honey? This delightful scent makes for an uplifting body care experience.

Adding to its comforting effect is its soothing mandarin oil, which is derived from the peels of the mandarin citrus fruit. It’s one of the best essential oils for alleviating anxiety and nausea.

As a whole package, with the mandarin oil incorporated in the formula, it provides several benefits for the skin and overall well-being. It can also remedy acne, scars, and stretch marks. And it can provide long-term benefits with consistent use such as reduced muscle spasms and improved blood circulation.

By helping improve blood circulation, it can keep skin rejuvenated with a youthful glow. This can also alleviate rheumatism and arthritis. This is great to use all over the body, except for the face and genitals.

Soothe Your Skin and Your Spirit With the Lavender, Aloe, & Pineapple Body Scrub

Equipped with the skin and well-being-enhancing base formula along with additional great benefits of lavender oil, aloe vera oil, and pineapple fragrance, the Lavender, Aloe, & Pineapple Body Scrub is another one of Faded Kisses’ best-selling body scrubs. Its soothing scent of lavender and sweet pineapple makes for a relaxing, delightful body scrub routine, which is one of its characteristics that make it loved by their customers, but that’s just the start.

Thanks to the lavender oil, this body scrub can work wonders for people with anxiety and insomnia, as it can induce calmness and bring you into a restful slumber. The lavender oil can also combat oily skin & acne. Meanwhile, aloe vera comes as a soothing and healing reinforcement that can soothe sunburns and remedy minor wounds, rashes, and insect bites.

And the addition of lavender and aloe vera into the base formula makes this body scrub a powerful concoction that can provide several other body scrub benefits. It can reduce dark marks and stretch marks, lighten hyperpigmentation, soothe dry skin and eczema, and treat psoriasis & rosacea. Overall, it’s a fantastic product for the skin and well-being, but it’s not for use on the face and genitals.

Reveal Your Beautiful Glow From Within With Faded Kisses Miracle Scrubs

Faded Kisses’ Mandarin Oil, Honey, & Mango Body Scrub and Lavender, Aloe, & Pineapple Body Scrub definitely live up to their alias “Miracle Scrubs”. They truly are some of the best body scrubs ever that do miracles for the skin and well-being with their holistic approach to beauty, allowing customers to also get the best healing benefits while achieving their glow goals.

Not only do these body scrub products improve your complexion, but they also take good care of your skin’s health with their abundance of nutrients and mental well-being with their aromatherapy. These awesome body scrubs sell out fast, so go buy yours now through the respective product link/s provided above.









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