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Feel Like Yourself Again in a Way That You Never Thought Possible

The word cannabis was once equivalent to a four-letter word to some people. For years, anything associated with cannabis was wrong and bad for the human body. However, times have changed, and people have learned about the physical and mental health benefits of cannabis. No longer is the word considered taboo in the world of health products. However, there is still somewhat of a stigma surrounding cannabis or even cannabidiol (CBD), which is a compound of cannabis. In this new year, Cross Country Wellness is proving to people around the world just how effective CBD is for not only human beings but even pets. People are changing both their lives and their pet’s lives for the better with the help of CBD-based products. It’s up to you to join in on the movement so you can provide just as much help to yourself and your pets if you have any.


As mentioned, CBD is a component of cannabis or marijuana. Unlike marijuana, CBD does not impair the mind or cause what people call “a high.” It is essential to take the time to learn about the different ways that CBD can benefit others.

Benefits of CBD for People

Helps With Pain Relief

When CBD is used in topical creams from Cross Country Wellness, it can help soothe the pain that the body succumbs to daily. People reach a certain point in their lives where their joints and tendons start to feel the effects of the wind and grind of life. It is understandable because we live in such a fast-paced world that it is easy for one’s body to start to feel aches and pains over time. Some people work jobs that require significant amounts of manual labor that eventually cause a great deal of wear and tear on the body parts. Athletes, whether high school, college, or professional, are constantly exerting their bodies to the nth degree. High-contact sports such as football and hockey are very hard on the bones. If the pain that people succumb to, either in life or in sports, is not adequately attended to, it can result in even further health problems. Luckily, with the help of CBD in certain creams, this pain can be alleviated. Studies have shown that CBD has a unique ability to manipulate the receptors of the nervous system to help the body manage pain better. People who have acute forms of arthritis and joint pain can significantly benefit from CBD.

Helps Treat Anxiety

Arguably, one of the most well-known benefits of anything having to do with cannabis, more specifically CBD, involves helping treat anxiety. Millions of people across the world suffer from anxiety. There are different factors for why so many people have anxiety issues, as well as different forms of anxiety. Like the body succumbing to pain, the mind is accustomed to becoming anxious due to the vast number of responsibilities one must conquer on any given day. Many people’s jobs have specific deadlines that one must adhere to. Meeting these deadlines is undoubtedly easier said than done. Regardless of whether one has an office job, which generally requires a lot of thinking, or a job with many manual labor-related duties, one is going to experience job-related anxiety to a certain degree. Some people handle it better than others, though. What makes this anxiety even more pronounced is when one works and must take care of a family. Raising children, no matter what age, while a blessing, is highly stressful and requires a great deal of time and patience. Those who must sacrifice their time at both work and home can undoubtedly experience some of the most significant anxiety possible. CBD, whether ingested or absorbed through the skin via a topical cream, can help fight the problems associated with various kinds of anxiety that people suffer from. Like how CBD can influence one’s nervous system to help ease pain, it can help lessen anxiety and, therefore, assist people in tackling their responsibilities with the best feeling and attitude imaginable.

Helps Treat Insomnia

How CBD helps ease anxiety is one of the primary ways it is an excellent ingredient for people who suffer from insomnia to get a good and full night’s sleep. Like food and water, sleep is an essential part of living. It provides us with the energy needed to go about living. However, many people have problems falling asleep at night or whatever time of day their body retires. The reasons for this vary. Like how some people react to stress differently, specific individuals are just generally high-strung, which makes it very difficult for one’s body to shut down at bedtime. Others tend to overdo it when it comes to coffee and caffeinated beverages throughout the day, which keeps the body wired and jittery, even at the time one is supposed to go to sleep. For these reasons, many people require a helping hand in getting a whole night’s sleep. The problem is that many people have gone about helping them sleep the wrong way. For years, expensive, over-the-counter sleeping pills have been used to try to help the body rest. Unfortunately, not only are these very dangerous, but they are also very addictive, not to mention draining on one’s bank account. It takes something natural, scientifically proven, and at a reasonable price to help one get the best night’s sleep they’ve had in years. CBD is something that I speak of.

Helps Treat Depression

Like anxiety, depression is another mental condition that affects millions of people around the world and is caused by a variety of factors. Some of these factors might be environmental, while others are hereditary. Regardless of the cause, the key is to try to alleviate the symptoms of depression in the best way possible; however, like treating anxiety and insomnia, many people have gone about addressing the symptoms of depression the wrong way. Some people choose to overeat or overindulge in unhealthy foods. Even worse, many drink alcohol to excess or abuse illegal drugs. Even though many people used to associate anything having to do with cannabis as bad, the use of CBD is a safe, legal, and healthy way to help lessen the problems associated with depression. CBD can alter serotonin levels in the brain, which helps fight a depressed state.

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Helps People’s Skin

One of the most overlooked benefits of CBD has to do with how it helps people’s skin. For one thing, it helps people’s skin stay hydrated. The body naturally produces a certain degree of moisturization. Unfortunately, when a person reaches a certain age, their body does not grow as much as it once did. This results in the aged look of the skin with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. However, with the help of CBD, one can keep the hydration of their skin going and help themselves maintain a healthy, youthful look. It is also important to note that CBD helps calm inflammation, which is a significant factor in the prevention and healing of certain skin conditions. Acne is a skin condition that is a problem for millions of people. While it generally affects teenagers and young adults the most, it can be an issue for anyone at any age. When CBD is used in a topical cream from Cross Country Wellness, its anti-inflammatory properties can help offset the problems associated with skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

How CBD Helps Pets

The CBD products from Cross Country Wellness do more than just help people; they help people’s pets.

Helps Pets Fight Joint and Muscle Pain

If pain can accumulate in the bodies of human beings, it can build up in the anatomy of dogs and cats, too. Certain types of dogs and cats tend to be hyperactive or bred for sport. The constant motion that these animals exhibit starts to take its toll after a while. Unfortunately, dogs and cats don’t live as long as human beings, so these issues begin to rear their head at an early stage for most pets. That’s why people need to help make the lives of dogs and cats as easy as possible with the help of CBD oil. When animals start experiencing less pain, even at a young age, they can continue exercising as much as they would like. They need exercise just as much as people to keep off excess weight and maintain a positive frame of mind.

Helps Pets Fight Anxiety Associated with Fireworks

Whether it’s New Year’s or the Fourth of July, fireworks displays are always a fun occasion. They are beautiful and spectacular looking. Unfortunately, they are also very loud. This is a problem for dogs and cats, and other mammals for that matter, as their ears are susceptible. When pets must endure constant loud noises, such as fireworks, for a continuous amount of time, it can cause them to experience anxiety. Like with people, acute anxiety can cause problems for pets, not only physically but mentally. CBD helps calm their nervous system and, therefore, ease anxiety and make fireworks displays more bearable for pets during certain times of the year.

Helps Pets Sleep Better

Since the ease of anxiety caused by CBD helps human beings sleep better, it can also do the same to people’s dogs and cats. Our pets need to sleep just as much as we do. Since our pets are such an essential part of our lives, and we often regard them as our family, we must consider their specific needs. Unfortunately, people have gone about trying to help their pets in just as unhealthy methods as they do to support themselves. It takes something natural and healthy. Using CBD-based products from Cross Country Wellness is the natural way to keep both people and pets always calm and, therefore, get a better night’s sleep.

Cross Country Wellness

Cross Country Wellness was started with one thing in mind. That one thing is providing the highest quality CBD products to their customers. Cross Country Wellness does this by working with one of the best suppliers and extraction companies in Nevada and the USA. All their products are lab-tested, and their CBD is made from USA-grown hemp.

Full Spectrum Hemp-Delivered CBD Topical Cream

  • Helps Ease Chronic Pain
  • Helps Ease Anxiety and Fight Depression
  • Helps Fight Insomnia
  • Helps One’s Skin
  • Contains Industrial Hemp CBD, Camphor, Menthol, Peppermint, Clove Oil and other useful ingredients

1000mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil for Pets

  • Helps Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain in Dogs and Cats.
  • Helps Relieve Anxiety for Pets associated with Fireworks.
  • Contains CBD Blend

Start Helping Yourself in a Way That Can Be Felt Across the Country

Isn’t it time you finally decided to be yourself again but do it the right way? You have just learned that the right way is a way you may have never previously thought possible. It’s the way of CBD. Now that you know that CBD is not only completely safe but helpful, shouldn’t you take it upon yourself to not miss out on its outstanding benefits for yourself or even your pets? CBD gives you everything from less anxiety to better skin, and it doesn’t leave you with the harmful effects of cannabis, which CBD comes from.

If you’re looking to help yourself, your pets, and even the whole world around you, then look no further. It’s a new year full of new beginnings. Why not make 2024 the year that you take a route that, while previously thought of as unconventional, is now becoming a mainstream phenomenon? With the help of powerful products from Cross Country Wellness, you can help yourself and your pets in a way that can be felt across the country. It is a part of the significant movement that is proving to the world that CBD is the way to be!









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