This article is all about chocolate and a chocolate factory owner – and no, we are not talking about Willy Wonka here! We will start off this article by emphasizing how simple and straightforward it is to take in a balanced diet, except the sweet aspect of it – the dessert. We will then introduce FINE & RAW Chocolate, along with its owner’s origin story. From there, we will go into the two most popular products: The Truffle Gift Set and The 6 Bar Gift Set. We will conclude by listing the benefits of eating chocolate.


Living a healthy lifestyle is all about finding balance. There are so many things that we could incorporate into our routines that will allow us to feel healthy and well. For instance, exercising is a great way to feel energized and help you look and feel great. Gym memberships are available everywhere, group Pilates classes can easily be found through a quick Google search, and park and recreation centers have included durable machines to make exercising more accessible than ever. Also, when you go to a grocery store, you will encounter a wide variety of things to add to your health routine, such as vitamins, protein powder, and food.

Now, selecting the type of food that you should be eating on a daily basis requires basic effort. For instance, you can look up the types of recipes that you would like online (and social media is of great help as well), purchase the ingredients and make the meals to your liking. Healthy meals may be easy to make and prepare a batch for a couple of days, but what about dessert?

Finding healthy dessert recipes online can be easy, but making them can be quite difficult, since baking requires quite the precision. Also, making a “healthy” version of a dessert can be quite tedious and most times, does not taste all that great. Even if you order a dessert that for instance has less sugar, you are still not receiving the nutritional value that you were aiming to get. This is due to mixing a variety of ingredients. For example, did you know that chocolate in its raw form serves as a superfood? It has tons of nutritional value, but people do not receive that value since there are so many added sugars, flavoring, etc. So, can we really have a sweet treat while getting healthy benefits? With FINE & RAW Chocolate, the answer is yes!


FINE & RAW Chocolate (F&R) produces the highest quality chocolate with thoughtful and creative chocolate making techniques. The company is always experimental and curious about new flavors and experiences. Their ultimate mission is to save the world through silliness and chocolate. Before we dive into F&R’s most popular products, we have to learn more about the Founder.


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Daniel Sklaar grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and dreamed of moving to New York. In fact, he had a picture of a Katz’s deli pastrami sandwich on his inspiration board. After he graduated from university, he spent a year in India going from sweet shop to sweet shop – talk about a sweet tooth! He eventually moved to New York to be a Financial Analyst, and to ultimately fulfill his lifelong dream of living in the big apple.

As he began to work at a boutique finance house in Manhattan, he was reminded that he wanted to take a more creative path. Even though his parents had similar professional backgrounds in finance, Sklaar knew that it just was not for him. He ended up quitting and went in search of a career where he could expand his mind, connect his imagination to a craft, and contribute and uplift his community in a positive manner.

While living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (which at that time was an industrial wasteland and young artists’ mecca), Sklaar became deeply immersed in the world of yoga. Unfortunately, that did not bring him sufficient income, and he ended up spending a lot of time in his apartment’s kitchen cooking and ended up developing a passion for the practice. He previously spent so much time eating around the world, and brought that same energy to New York, trying all of the different restaurants that the city has to offer. He was involved in the underground supper club scene in Brooklyn, specializing in raw food catering.

Since he was an absolute sweet tooth, Sklaar ended up making tons of chocolate at home. There even came a point where he was selling the homemade chocolate from his loft, and found so much joy feeding his family and friends with the morsels that he made. They even convinced Sklaar to fully commit to making chocolate for a living. His first official account was with Bedford Cheese Shop. One of his friends went to Bedford Cheese Shop to get their opinion on what cheese to pair the chocolate with for a dinner party. After trying the chocolate and falling in love with it, Bedford Cheese sent a message to Sklaar asking if they could stock his confections. Sklaar also sold chocolate at the Brooklyn Flea market for five years and after that, opened up his first factory. Now, 16 years later, he is opening the second chocolate factory. Since then, Sklaar was awarded the Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America, an achievement made all the more sweet as the fine chocolate industry generally frowns upon raw chocolate as a cruder version of chocolate confections.


Wellness Magazine Master Club

The love and success with chocolate mixed with a passion for creativity has allowed FINE & RAW Chocolate to continuously expand. In fact, upon visiting the website, visitors are shown a variety of chocolate types to choose from including truffles, bars, and even subscription options. The most popular options on the chocolate-filled website are the Truffle Gift Set and the Brooklyn Boone Collection.

The Truffle Gift Set is chocolate enlightenment at its finest! It includes 24 handcrafted truffles, coated in 70% dark chocolate, which happens to be coconut sugar based. This is chocolate at its most decadent and creamy, where every bite is a journey through dreamy delight. The truffle flavors vary with availability and they can include classic bonbon, hazelnut, sea salt, and a selection of the chocolatier’s choice. The Truffle Gift Set is suitable for those seeking casual and creamy delights, full chocolatey enlightenment and chocolate aficionados. Also, one of the best parts is that all the truffles are vegan friendly.

Ingredients (vary based on chocolatier’s selection) may include ALL ORGANIC:

  • Cacao bean
  • Cacao powder
  • Cacao butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Coconut sugar
  • Agave
  • Olive oil
  • Hazelnuts
  • Orange extract
  • Espresso bean
  • Cinnamon
  • Sea salt

The 6 Bar Gift Set is a part of their Signature Collection. This is perfect for anyone looking to try F&R’s most popular chocolates in 1 oz sizes. These flavors include Sea Salt, Raspberry, Cashew Butter, Lucuma Vanilla, Mesquite, and 83%. There is also the option to choose a black or white floral decoration with this set, which is great for gift giving.

The clean ingredients in these products are such a crowd-pleaser. They are plant-based and are sweetened with coconut sugar. Also, ordering food can sometimes be a hassle, considering the fact that it could potentially get damaged on the way. Luckily, F&R has a melt-free guarantee, which ensures a quick and secure delivery, so your chocolate will not melt. The chocolate is also responsibly sourced. The cacao farmers in Belize and Ecuador are paid higher trade wages.

If you cannot get enough of the chocolate goodness, there is also the option for a monthly subscription. Please note that these require a 3-month minimum.

If that was not enough, the reviews on the website are absolutely raving! Venessa says, “Fantastic product! Sooo yummy, I’ll buy again!” about the 6 Bar Gift Set. Colin raves about the Truffle Gift Set by saying, “For Mother’s Day/Saint Patrick’s Day, my mom is celebrating her history and her work. She’s raised a son who will reward her excellence with the best chocolate truffles anyone knows about. Thank you Fine & Raw. You’ve made my Mom go nuts in celebrations.”

Reading about all of this creamy chocolate may make you hungry, but what benefit does chocolate have for your body? Chocolate, in its rawest form, possesses nutrients and compounds that classify it as a superfood. Raw cocoa, which comes from a cocoa bean, is packed with antioxidants that help with stress and reducing inflammation in the body. It also has essential minerals, such as magnesium, iron, and potassium. These minerals are great for many bodily functions including heart health, muscle function, and energy production. Chocolate also contains neurotransmitter precursors that enhance your mood and health with overall well-being. F&R wants to make sure that their customers get the most benefits when they consume their chocolate. This is why their ingredients are organic and plant-based.


FINE & RAW is a chocolate company like no other. Unlike many sweet or dessert-based brands that include sugars and artificial flavors, F&R wants you to get the most out of the cacao you consume. Daniel Sklaar is a major foodie who spent years perfecting the craft of his chocolate. His years abroad trying different flavors and years finding himself, have all led to create this amazing brand! Chocolate is such a great superfood that has so many benefits. It seems like there is a way to have a healthy dessert after all!

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