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Freedom of Movement

In a day and age where life is monopolized by work, stress, rushing from one engagement to another, and filling up on processed foods, it seems that we have forgotten about keeping our health in tip top shape. It is simply a sign of the times that we choose convenience over proper care for our bodies. What we don’t really spare a thought for, is how the stress and constant rush that we surround ourselves with wreaks havoc on your immune system, and your health.

This is where Pro-Cor steps in as your saving grace. This is not just any old supplement provider, they are a team of professionals who take health and wellness extremely seriously, and they strive to deliver what they believe to be the best possible products of their kind on the market.

Pro-Cor has its foundations in a casual discussion surrounding the number of dud supplementary products on the market. The three friends holding this discussion would go on to create Pro-Cor Labs in 2007. The three founding members are more than qualified in field with a combined more than 60 years  of medical business, product sales, and nutritional or dietary supplement formulation and production experience under their belts. Their aim was to ensure that what they put out was always the best product possible.

Their ethos lies around one simple question: ”Why should anyone have to settle for anything less than the best?”

They are on a mission to to change the face of nutrition for always. Their plight is on that they are dedicated to achieving, the results of which are products that are pure, effective and favorably flavored, more so than any other on the market. All their products are thoroughly tested for safety and every ingredient must be approved by a Board Certified Physician appointed by the company.

Pro-Cor Labs only produces products for you that they themselves would use or give to their family and friends with absolute confidence in both safety and efficacy.

ProForce 21 Protein

ProForce21 is made using a high standard of  grass-fed whey. It offers 21 grams of protein per serving. It’s a complete protein packed with essential and non-essential amino acids. ProForce 21 Protein is the ideal solution to promote muscle healing, improve growth, and increase energy.

For a quick, energy and vitality boosting nutritious smoothie, blend your ProForce 21 Protein with fruit, Greek yogurt, a few ice cubes, and milk or water to reduce hunger pangs and promote health. 


Everybody has heard about probiotics, but many are still unsure on what they are and what they do. The Pro-Cor Labs product, CorBiotics, is an exceptionally strong blend of ‘good’bacteria focused on promoting a healthy digestive system  in both the small and large intestines. These ‘good’ bacteria play an integral role in the absorption of nutrients.

CorBiotics doesn’t stop there, the product goes above and beyond and offers you extra goes a step further by providing additional support in preventing lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivities, and infections. Pro-Cor Labs has meticulously chosen 8 strains specifically designed to combat stomach acids with the help of Bio-Enhanced Acid Resistant Strains technology, and eradicating the need for enteric coating. Over and above that, Pro-Cor Labs patented poly-matrix preservation system mean the strains don’t have to be kept in the fridge to maintain their stability.

A healthy digestive system has a profound effect on your health and subsequently your well-being. Youe digestive system is the mechanism that provides your body with useful nutrients by breaking down your food into minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates which are absorbed into the blood.  Your body requires these nutrients to grow, repair, and of course, produce the energy your  body needs to carry out basic functions and allow you to function every day.

Your health is kept in check by your immune system. A huge part of your immune system is found in your gut. It is extremely important that your gut contains a balance of ‘good” bacteria so that your immune system can work at effectively defending your body against any harmful microorganisms and to help your body produce antibodies against infections.

Maintaining a regular bowel movement routine is fundamental in preventing constipation, and making sure that your gastrointestinal health is always on top form. If your digestive system is healthy, your body will easily be able to process and metabolize your food efficiently and effectively. A healthy digestive system is also a valuable tool for weight management, and in the war against obesity.

A healthy digestive systems equates to optimal energy levels, alertness, focus, and to a large degree, increased productivity.

A healthy gut will reveal itself through your skin, leaving you radiant.

Wellness Magazine Master Club


There is nothing worse than the feeling of pain associated with stiff joint and the frustration associated with the inability to move when you want to, or how you want to. Whether your joint issue is diet related, the results of rheumatism, or simply a little too much excercise, JoinForce can get your on the road to flexibility and ease of movement.

Let’s take a look at what could possible be the underlying cause for your stiff or sore joints.

Arthritis is one of the most common causes of inflammation of the joints and the associated stiffness. Osteoarthritis is a affliction that happens over time through wear and tear. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition. It can cause your immune system to actually start attacking the joints. Depending on the severity, it can seriously impede your movement. Rheumatic Fever is also know to damage the heart valves. Gout is quite common, and can be extremely painful. It is caused by uric acid crystal that build up in your joints. Psoriasis of the skin is often associated with inflammatory arthritis called psoriatic arthritis. Septic arthritis is caused by bacterial infection that causes swelling, stiffness, and pain in your joints.

Injuries like sprains, and fractures can cause limited movement, swelling, joint inflammation, and stiffness.

There are lots of things that can affects the health of your joints;  your age, your weight if you are prone to being on the heavy side or obese , metabolic disorders, and your genetic make-up can all affect the health of your joints and have an impact on the possibility of you experiencing joint-related inflammation, stiffness, and pain.

If you are suffering from stiffness, inflammation, or joint pain, it is vital that you move more to reduce stiffness and pain in your joints. If stiffness, inflamation, and pain are impeding your movements, don’t resort to prescription drugs that just cover up the problem. Instead, try JointForce, the natural solution to help you achieve your active lifestyle again.

JointForce is made up of a number of different ingredients that work synergistically towards a common goal, protecting your joints and preventing inflammation, stiffness, and pain.  Gluscosamine, Chrondroitin, MSM, mineral, and enzymes all play a support role for your joints. They support the functions of cartilage or tissue repair, and also reduces the instances of stiffness or pain. Joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness are further targeted by the inclusion of anti-inflammatories, and herbals.

Don’t allow joint pain to limit you.

Healthy joints mean smooth, pain-free movement, leaving you ready and able to exercise, and go about your daily routine without the awful discomfort and pain. If your joints are inflammation and pain-free, you will be less likely to injure yourelf during physical activities because of your joint flexibility.Regularly exercising releases endorphins that help to improve your moood and reduce stress levels.

Believe it or not so many different areas of your well-being are affected by joint health. Your balance and stability rely heavily on your joint health. By properly treating your joint pain or inflammation with JointForce, you positively affect your quality of life, and even how you manage your weight,

All these factors encourage mental health, and overall happiness.

As life progresses, the instances of sore, stiff, and inflamed joints can happen at the drop of a hat. The older you get, the harder it is to manage and overcome the symptoms and associated pain. It is safe to say that taking the necessary precautions and care for your body from a young age will work in your favor as age takes hold of you. Your health and well-being are largely reliant on your behavior throughout life; you diet, whether you drank excessive alcohol, used tobacco products, led an active lifestyle, took the necessary precautions to prevent future joint issues, and if you took supplements to support joint health all play a vital role.

Start off on the right foot and ensure your joint health in the future with JointForce from Pro-Cor Labs!









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