ShapeGet pumped up

Get pumped up

The race is on. All across America, people are getting ready. They are getting up early or staying up late.

These people are striving for different goals. However, there is a commonality. They want to get in shape. Summer is coming. That means beach bodies are on the ready. And if you’re not prepared, it’s time to try.

There are many things a person can do to get in and keep themselves in shape. You may decide that a cardio-intense workout is proper for you, with plenty of running, cycling, swimming, or jogging. Getting the blood flowing and burning calories may be your goal.

Others are focused on building muscle mass. Whether that is for increased strength overall or if you plan to show off bulging or flexing biceps at a show.

Whatever the reason, building and maintaining muscle can be difficult for even the most committed to the cause.

Have you ever looked at those in the gym around you? The ones with their arms bulging and large leg muscles pumping as they perform squats. When you see very fit individuals in the gym with large muscles, you must realize that not a single person was born that way.

Nobody woke up one day, and BOOM – large muscles began popping from their arms, legs and chest. The core of their body sculpting lies at the heart of everything that a person may want to attain… hard work.

You see these folks with mythical god-like bodies and think, “I could never look like that.” This is partly because most don’t understand the amount of dedication and effort into forming a body like this. Rest assured; no one reached “pumped” or “ripped” status by watching some videos.

They were not couch surfing and daydreaming about having a great body. No, people with optimal muscle mass that maintain top fitness did not reach that status by seeing what was on Netflix. They formed a plan, stuck with it, adjusted as they went along – and most of all – they kept after it.

Get the body you want in 30 days.

Ok, that’s a joke. It’s downright laughable. And completely unrealistic. Seriously though, this kind of stuff is peddled all the time.

And the worst part is that many people fall for it. That’s because it’s human nature to desire the “easy button.” We all want an easy, quick fix, but there is none. There are things you can do to help your chances. There are routines you can follow that have been proven more effective.

But all-in-all, it requires the needed, often overlooked hard work, determination, and consistency. Here are a few proven things you can do to increase your muscle mass, gain strength, or bulk up like the guy next to you at the bench press station.

Hire a trainer.

There are so many exercises that a person can do. And there are so many ways a person can injure themselves trying to perform these for the first time. Even if it’s only for a few sessions, the small price you pay upfront will pay off significantly. If you perform exercises incorrectly, you not only increase your chance of injury, but you can also lose much of the workout’s effectiveness.

A professional trainer can get you started by showing you the proper form and range of exercises. This reduces your chance of energy and increases your chance of seeing gains a little faster. Plus, it’s nice to have someone at your side, motivating you and telling you that you can do just one more rep.

Find a workout buddy.

A friend or acquaintance to enjoy your workouts with will help you change the game. The benefits of not going it alone should be obvious. However, the main one is – accountability. Let’s say you decide to sleep in and skip a workout. Well nothing wrong with that, right?

Maybe not. However, when you get that phone call waking you up, and it’s your workout partner standing at the gym, waiting for YOU to start their day, it’s not all about you suddenly. There is someone else holding you accountable and relying on you. And having others depend on you is a huge motivator.

You can keep each other in check and help track each other’s progress.

Eating right.

It would be best to have a meal plan depending on your workout goal. For instance, if you want to slim down and generally get in shape, you may consider a diet with plenty of lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, if you want to “bulk up” and build visible solid muscle, you may consider more calories and higher amounts of carbs and protein. This is also something a personal trainer can help you get laid out. However, eating right for your intended goals is very important.

Choosing supplements wisely.

So, this one’s tricky.

Walk down any health aisle in a store, and suddenly you’re overwhelmed. There are supplements for “cut” or muscle definition. There are protein supplements. And there seems to be a supplement for every reasonable goal you may have.

Over the many decades of workout science, there have only been a few supplements considered generally safe and effective. Creatine is one of the most widely studied supplements to consider if you want to bulk up and build muscle.

Is creatine suitable for your workout plan?

Creatine has been used for decades by the bodybuilding and workout community. And lately, it’s making a social media splash. Influencers are touting it as the perfect supplement. Is it so, and could it be right for you?

What is creatine, and how does it work?

Creatine is a molecule made from amino acids, which are the building block of protein. Your body uses creatine as energy for muscle contractions. It helps your body produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a molecule that gives you power and can help exercise performance.

Our body only makes so much ATP; as you exercise, you can run out of ATP. If your body has creatine stored within your muscular system, it helps delay your body from losing ATP. This means you can work out for more extended periods.

Your body typically makes 1 – 2 grams of creatine a day. And that generally comes from animal proteins. Those who follow a typical omnivorous diet normally intake enough creatine for day-to-day function. If you wish to get another few grams of creatine from your diet alone, you must consume a bunch of animal protein.

Do you need a creatine supplement?

If you are a casual workout person, hitting the gym one or two days a week, creatine may not be necessary. This is where creatine shines. There’s no harm in taking it, but it benefits those generally looking to build muscle and those who regularly engage in high-intensity interval or strength training.

If you want a true athletic enhancement in your workout, creatine could be a great idea. It can help those in this type of workout get those extra reps and a few more pumps in. It could also benefit those without animal protein, such as vegetarians.

The benefits of creatine supplements.

  • Improves fitness performance – Creatine expands your workout capacity by fueling your muscles with energy. Research shows that supplementing with creatine can get you those extra reps or help you sprint further.
  • Increase muscle mass and strength – your muscle fibers break down as you work out. Creatine aids in repairing those muscle fibers, leading to more extensive and stronger muscles over time.
  • Speeds muscle recovery – Research shows that taking a creatine supplement is a great way to reduce soreness and cramping from a workout. This makes getting back to the gym easier after a tough session.

So, if you’re looking at building muscle and extending your workouts to push yourself to the max, creatine could be a good choice.

Until now, the most common way to get creatine for your muscle-building routine was in powders that you mix and drink. For some, this is an inconvenient way to get their creatine; it’s messy and generally unpleasant.

Now, from the workout gurus at Swoly, there is a convenient way to get a total dose of creatine. And it tastes great also.

Creatine Mono Gummies

Each little gummy bear is packed with a whopping 4 grams of creatine—enough to fuel your most challenging workout in a tasty new form.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

These potent creatine gummies are designed to be bloat-free and easily digestible. Getting the creatine you need to get pumped has never been easier.

These little gummy bears are:

  • Low in sugar
  • Gluten-Free
  • Gelatin-free

And the easiest and tastiest way to ensure you’re getting your creatine.

Here’s a great review of this revolutionary product:

Better than powders!

These are great! Fun flavor, and more importantly, these do not bother my stomach like some powders do. I highly recommend!

This is the product for you if you want to build muscle, gain strength and want a supplement that will help you conveniently and in a delicious way.

Summer is fast approaching, and if you want to build that beach body, there’s no better time to start. And there’s no better creatine supplement to help get you there. Click the link above and read over 140 excellent customer reviews about this exciting new product.

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