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Get Your Body’s Oil Changed

Essential oils in aromatherapy have been sweeping the world as a popular trend. Applying certain oils to particular parts of the body and the very scent of these oils can contribute to the treatment of various physical and mental conditions. Some use them to assist with treating pain and inflammation associated with injuries to multiple body parts. Even just a simple wound can benefit from applying them. For people who have issues directly related to their mental health, evidence has shown that even the scent of many of these essential oils can help with anxiety, depression, and even disturbances to one’s sleep. Even as this worldwide trend has been building, there is still a dilemma that many people are faced with. This dilemma is the problem of finding the right supplements with specific types of essential oils, which can also address specific physical and mental issues. Some people might need a particular oil to help with physical pain, while others might need assistance with depression. The challenge is not only trying to find the right oil to help with the problem but even finding a product with the combination of all the oils needed to give one the best results ever. Luckily, Fusion Essentials has the right supplements with just the correct oils. Even the most private needs can be met with the help of Fusion Essentials’ extraordinary items.

 Besides some of the most general physical and mental ailments that essential oils can adequately assist with, there are even gender-specific problems that can be helped. Women experience menopause at a certain point in their lives. Accompanied by the various stages of menopause are hot flashes. Certain essential oils can even help with this as well. No matter what circumstances warrant the helping hand of aromatherapy, it is vital to first learn about all the physical and mental ailments essential oils can assist with and which ones are the most appropriate for each. The number of things that they can help with is outstanding!

Helping Relieve Pain

Pain is a word that most people don’t like to hear. Unfortunately, experiencing pain is a part of life. As people age, their bones and muscles show signs of wear and tear, accompanied by everyday body aches and strains. People who have played professional or collegiate sports experience damage to their muscles and joints. Some jobs require people to exert their muscles constantly. No matter how much physical therapy one subjects themselves to, people often need something a bit more to help ease the constant pain. Sadly, there are many instances where people have dealt with pain the wrong way. A lot of people have abused addictive over-the-counter painkillers over the years. People need something more natural and down-to-earth. Roman chamomile oil is extracted from the Roman chamomile plant native to Morocco and Europe. Supplementing oneself with Roman chamomile oil helps with arthritis, joint pain, and other body aches and strains. In addition to Roman chamomile, cypress, clary sage, marjoram, and ginger oil also help reduce pain, tension, and swelling. Even peppermint oil has been shown to help cool down sore muscles.

Helping Relieve Inflammation

Related to the pain many people feel in their bodies are the rates of inflammation. The higher the rates of inflammation, the more pain one can feel. Also, when one develops a wound or infection, the higher the amount of inflammation in the body, the longer it will take for wounds and infections to heal. Ginger and peppermint are two essential oils associated with not only helping ease the pain of the body but also helping lower inflammation. Clove bud oil contains a specific ingredient that helps lower inflammation, thereby helping ease the pain. People do their bodies a lot of favors by helping themselves heal quicker from pain, wounds, and infections.

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Helping Maintain Great Gut Health

Having a healthy digestive system is very beneficial to various aspects of one’s physical and mental health. Excellent gut health affects how well one’s immune system works. One’s immune system helps protect them from various sicknesses and illnesses. In addition, when one is digesting their food correctly, they generally feel better physically and mentally. It’s been said that there is a connection between the gut and the brain. When the stomach is adequately maintained, a positive message is sent to the brain that helps one be in a better mood. To achieve the most excellent gut health possible, certain types of essential oils can help do the trick. Ginger oil, which is extracted from ginger plants, in addition to helping with proper digestion, helps treat an upset stomach and nausea. Lemon oil also helps with great digestion as well as helping with other stomach problems like constipation. Other essential oils that help one maintain excellent gut health include peppermint, clove bud, and marjoram.

Helping with Anxiety and Depression

As mentioned, essential oils can help the digestive system, positively affecting mood. However, some oils can specifically help with these ailments affecting millions worldwide. There are so many people today that suffer from anxiety and depression. Just like with many aspects of physical health, a healthy diet and exercise can be very beneficial in treating anxiety and depression. However, it takes something more than this for most people to tackle the root problems of these mental ailments. Unfortunately, just like with treating physical pain, people have often resorted to addictive over-the-counter medication or, worse, alcohol and illegal drugs to treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Supplementing with Roman chamomile and clary sage seed oil can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Helping with Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of living. Without sleep, one cannot function daily. Adequate amounts of rest are needed to perform both physical and mental tasks. When the body is rested, it can exert itself better. The same goes for the mind, as the brain gets just as tired as the rest of the body. Everyone is different. Not every single person can fall asleep as quickly as others. One could argue that some essential oils that help with anxiety can contribute to a better night’s sleep. The body can wind down and relax better. Even items that help with depression can also contribute to positive sleep patterns. The way that clary sage seed oil helps quiet the mind of depressing thoughts can contribute to a relaxed feeling in the mind and body, which, therefore, can help one fall asleep quicker. Sweet marjoram contains a fragrance that can help one stay asleep. While there are those essential oils that assist directly with falling asleep, it’s just as much a challenge for many people to stay asleep. With sweet marjoram, the mere odor is enough to keep the body at ease and in deep slumber.

Helping with Hormonal Issues

Both women and men suffer from various hormonal issues throughout their lives. In women’s cases, significant hormonal problems are associated with the time of their life in which they experience menopause. Even the periods before and after menopause are associated with drastic changes to the female body. During the transition to menopause, many women experience hot flashes, in which parts of their upper body are clouded with feelings of intense heat. Here is a list of essential oils that can help tackle the symptoms associated with hot flashes: peppermint, clary sage, sweet almond, cypress leaf, and lemon. Regarding the problems related to menopause, it’s also important to mention that a lot of physical pain comes with this life-changing occurrence in a woman’s life. Some essential oils that help with physical pain, like clary sage, can work wonders regarding menopausal discomfort.

Fusion Essentials

Fusion Essentials’ primary mission is to provide high-quality, unadulterated essential oil blend products for community-based self-care needs. Fusion Essentials provides various self-care products such as ageless beauty lotions and serums, hormonal imbalance oil blends, and oils, salves, and balms that help with physical ailments. Clients are more than welcome to request customized blends as well.

Many products are available from Fusion Essentials that help with many specific things regarding beauty, hormonal imbalance, and physical ailments. Some of the physical problems that can be assisted with include warts, age spots, or enlarged veins. Others can help with specific issues that affect one’s mental status, such as worrying, grieving, or even just being overall depressed. When it comes to relieving pain and fighting hormonal issues, Hip-Ease Love and Hot Flashes certainly provide a helping hand to people all over the world.

Hot Flashes

  • Helps Women going Through Pre-Menopausal, Menopausal, and Post-Menopausal Stages
  • Helps to Promote Emotional Wellness
  • Helps Hormonally Balance the Body Into Alignment
  • It Contains the following essential oils: Peppermint, Spearmint, Clary Sage, Sweet Almond, Cypress Leaf, and Lemon

Hip-Ease Love

  • Helps Relieve Pain and Inflammation.
  • Helps Improve Circulation and Aching Muscles.
  • Helps Promote Balance and Well-Being
  • It Contains the following essential oils: Ginger, Roman Chamomile, Sweet Marjoram, wildcrafted Clove Bud, and Sweet Almond.

Make Essential Oils Essential to Your Life

You show so much concern for changing the oil in your car, as well as you should. However, you often forget that certain oils are essential to the body. In the same way that you get your oil changed in your car to keep it running smoothly, you should pay attention to the specific types of oils that go into your body. There are so many essential oils out there that your body and mind have missed. A huge trend has occurred among people coast to coast, finally allowing these oils to enter their bodies and help with various aspects of their overall health. From helping ease one’s pain to better skin health, essential oils can help with anything. Even the most specific issues, such as worry, depression, and guilt, can be alleviated with their assistance. The pain relief and help to certain hormonal imbalances provided by specific essential oils could be considered second to none.

Are you ready to start attacking that knowing pain that has been nagging you for so long? Isn’t it time that you killed several birds with one stone with the simple help of essential oils? Those drastic changes in your life that negatively affect your hormones can now be managed better. Whether you are already experiencing them or anticipate them eventually happening, it’s much better to address the problem with powerful ingredients rather than risk your health with dangerous over-the-counter substances. With the help of Hip-Ease Love and Hot Flashes from Fusion Essentials, one can start providing their body with essentials that offer a helping hand with how it functions. You don’t want to miss out on this fabulous trend that has only begun gaining steam. People have a new lease on life with the assistance of those extraordinary things they have been missing all this time. Don’t be the one to miss out on what you’ve been missing too!! Take action now!!









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